There are people who spent 900 certs extra on Decoy Flares due to your typo. Where is the refund?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Azurewind, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Ghostick

    My respect for SOE, as minimal as it's been over the course of release, has disappeared. While this hasn't affected me at all, as OP says it's a precedent for future problems in the game.

    I predict SOE will realise they've priced things too high in cert and SC cost and will drop the cost eventually (however incrementally). As we see here though, anyone who has purchased their weapons beforehand will get no refund or recompense.

    I can't recommend anything to prospective new players to this game. while PS2 itself feels solid enough for me to enjoy it, bad business practice makes we want to protect my own friends' wallets and time invested. As much as I find World of Tanks developers WarGaming money-grubbing tight-holes as well, at least any mistakes or oversights are repaid in full, including premium time lost due to server outages (even planned ones), or replaced or obsoleted tanks/equipment.

    What this smells of to me is SOE realising the mistake, but having no plans or redundancies to track who had what certed before the fix and thus refuse to admit their oversight, instead planning on just pretending this isn't 48 hours+ of wasted time for the players who did get it.