There are people who spent 900 certs extra on Decoy Flares due to your typo. Where is the refund?

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  1. Birkin

    I agree this is weak. Cant believe its that hard to do!? Mistakes get made sh*t happens but this is such an obvious one they should just correct it instead of creating so much unnecessary bad feeling.

    I'm Vanu and I dont have flares and its still ******* me off
  2. Axxm

    Seriously? I'm not even apart of this percentage but that's really lame. YOU (SOE) Were the ones to mess it up, yet they have to pay for it with their certs? That's lame. Definitely agree with this post and believe it should be corrected immediately.

    You guys should definitely try tweeting Smedley about that, he definitely needs to fix that, would be really unfair otherwise.
  3. HerpTheDerp

    This thread in a nutshell:
    SOE: *pulls out a dick move*
    Everyone: *rage*
    Everyone: *Still gives SOE hundreds of dollars on triple SC day*

    Put your money where your mouth is and vote with your wallet. Angry words mean nothing.
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  4. Cikk

    Double XP for 2 weeks or so.

    There's your pay back.

    Quit crying your eyes out little guy, get over it.
  5. Birdrock

    That makes no sense. You are a just a ***** and clearly don't play NC. New proposal. All new TR and VS weapons cost 2x the NC cost.
  6. Mobius One

    You, an NC player, give the rest of us a bad name.

    The last patch we got an Infantry wide buff, the TR got an Infantry wide nerf. Our MBT is the only MBT to overpower the Magrider, and once our Reaver is fixed, we'll be a force to be reckoned with in the skies.

    The people behind the faction you hate so much, are people just like yourself. Except the Vanu, they're a bunch of pony loving hippies. Quit calling for nerfs against your content, or they'll just leave. Key point being, your content won't exist.
  7. Rothnang

    No compensation should be given.

    If they gave compensation for lowering a cert cost they would also have to hit you with a cert-debt that you have to work off if they ever raise the cert cost on something.

    Also it's unfair to everyone who was holding off on buying something expensive if the price goes down and everyone who had the item already and got to use it for the entire time gets their certs back.
  8. AlesTwo

    One of the reasons I stopped playing this game until it is out of beta. Similar things happened to me several times already, and I won't spend any hard earned certs or SC on something that completely changes next week anymore.
  9. DrStrangeLug

    Totally untrue, they wanted the same factions that were in PS1.

    There were rumours around PS1 that they had two sides, the NC and TR prior to launch . Then somebody in management insisted on a third side and the VS were born. But these were only rumours.
  10. DrStrangeLug

    Regarding the cert refund issue, I'm of the opinion that there's two reasons why there hasnt been one.

    1. There's no code to do it yet. It's been very clear from the start that the cert tree was a one way investment - there isnt going to be any way to recover your certs back.
    2. People getting a sudden lump of certs back can spend those certs on weapons . SOE wants SC spent on weapons instead.

    IMHO they should just refund the certs. If that costs them money then fine. Losing money seems to be great motivator for companies not to make the same mistake twice.
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  11. Mansen

    Entirely irrelevant - what you are forgetting to add to the calculation is the fact that a single faction has paid more for the exact same item than the other two. Had the flares been different in mechanics for each faction then we could start discussing the concept of "no compensation" - but this was clearly a typo price, which they admitted to.

    Compensation is due.
  12. MexelVanMexelen

    Way to go with customer service, eh?
    Another unhappy set of customers, who'd have thought? Is this the first time the fly-boys have felt the short end of the stick?

    Have to say it's bad form to not refund certs to players who overpaid due to an error on SOE's part.
  13. HerpTheDerp

    It wasn't an infantry-wide buff. Some weapons got buffed, but some got nerfed. And TR was mostly brought in line as far as moving and shooting goes; it was technically a nerf, sure, but they have absolutely nothing to cry about. In the end, the TR weapons are, generally, still better when fired on the move than NC ones, or made equal.

    Second place out of three, yay. Allow me to restrain my enthiusiasm.

    If the Reaver is fixed.

    Obviously his comment was an exaggeration to say the least, but people who preach that "I played NC today I shot a dude and he died, STOP WHINING" are no better.
  14. Mobius One

    Except the VS weapons were on par with pre-nerf TR weapons, and alas - they stand unmolested.

    Talk to the TR, they'd kill for your second place.

    Really? "If"? You really believe that the Reaver will stay the way it is? I can respect a degree of cynicism, but you're a depressing soul.
  15. forkyar

    to bad cry some more
  16. Braken

    It's amazing how heartless some of these commenters are...

    Seriously, SOE messed up, and yet they're making the victims of the mix-up pay for it? That's not right AT ALL.

    Think about the damn players for once, instead of $. Besides, happy customers = more $ anyway.
  17. Flarestar

    This is not a valid reason, as it would involve a fairly simple SQL statement on the back end.

    People need to stop acting like what's being requested is unreasonable. This isn't a situation where they wanted a refund because they don't like it, or want a refund because it went on sale. They want a refund because SOE screwed up on the price, and let it go on that way for weeks without any indication that they felt it was a bug. People who don't play multiple factions or read the forums (lots) would have no way of knowing that it was, in fact, a bug. Now the bug is reversed, and they have an absurd amount of certs invested into something everyone else paid far, far less for.

    That's not unreasonable. That's called good customer service. When you fix a bug of this nature, you make the fix retroactive. That is like rule one of good game development.
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  18. Daedrick

    Very professionnal once again from SOE very competent developers.
  19. Badgered

    NC should get refunds. I say this as a VS player. That's ****** up.
  20. Gary

    The prices were clearly labelled. They chose to buy the certification and were not forced to. I do not see the problem... Its not like you even need flares anyway with the state of Lock on weapons, Slowing down and floating slowly forwards seems to make 8/10 missiles miss you anyways ;)