The ZOE needs a revamp far more than the Striker

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  1. Mxiter

    Striker revamp is a long dateemergency.

    The unability to TR HA to hit reliably MAXes at range is completely broken compared to VS/NC ESRL.

    Sriker was mostly OP because of fire and forget + bug that made rockets going trought textures.

    Since, you have too keep the LOS, Rockets physics have been debugged and its range have been nerfed.

    Annhilator (wich is already situational an common pool) is vastly superior in 95% of cases.

    ZoE is slightly worse than meh Aegis & lockdown utility.

    The striker have also been nerfed since longer.

    Finally, i'm ok to make ZoE as meh than aegis & lockdown when marauder/Caniser and PPA will be as well performing. :D

    Don't worry, VS still have them OP'd farming toys.
  2. EliteEskimo

    Sounds about right, btw if I were you I'd argue for all max abilities to get revamped before the striker since that sounds less selfish and more universally orineted. Lock down is way to situational to be useful outside of AA or camping a doorway. Aegis is the most useful by a long shot still is vulnerable to splash damage on the feet and needs to be optimized so it is more effective regardless if clientside thinks the shield is up. ZOE isn't worth pulling at all which is obvious. All max abilities are inferior to charge atm.
  3. Flag

    You being TR, I wouldn't expect you to know what it was like in the dark days of strikertopolis.
    Honestly though, don't sink to that level.

    You don't have to cite DPS, I'm well aware. But what do you do when one salvo is all you get? Then suddenly the faster follow-up of an annihilator or the other launchers doesn't matter.
    It's a bit the same as with the descimator. It has worse DPS, but it has it's perks and advantages.
    As far as sniper bait, that's true for all 3 ESAI launchers, in one way or another. Hardly a unique drawback of the striker.
    And at the end of the day... Sometimes you really don't have an option of hiding regardless of which continent you're on. With the notable exception being Hossin.

    Basis? No.
    Anecdote? Yes.
  4. OldMaster80

    Striker issue is they nerfed lock on capabilities of a weapon that has NO DUMB FIRE. Hitting with all the rockets is almost impossible and lock on is easy to counter... not acceptable for a weapon that cannot hit infantry nor turrets.

    Said that yeah I also think zoe has been overnerfed.
  5. Ztiller

    I have seen tons of posts from TR asking for buffs to the Marauder/Vulcan/Striker/Fractures/Lockdown/Mosquito/Prowler etc.

    I have not ONCE seen a TR include in his post that the VS/NC should get some buffs aswell. There are posts about the Marauder and Striker on the front page of reddit every week, and the only mention of the ZOE comes from a VS who usually gets downvoted for it.

    Why do you expect me to do something that you never do yourselves? You always expected me to be polite to you, even when you told me to go kill myself or told me to get cancer.

    You should be very well aware of what i feel for the TR, and trust me i have on numerous occasions tried to advocate for TR buffs. But you guys always ignore it or forget it, so why should i bother?
    You don't care that we get worthless ES-abilities, or weapons or that we have 23% population.

    I focus on the Vanu, and i don't care what you guys think about it, because you guys never gave any ***** about the VS yourselves, except when it comes to asking for nerfs.
  6. Vearo

    The difference between your request and those made by the TR is that your request appears to state that ZoE changes are more important than the striker, while the TR threads simply asked.

    It is the wording/mentality of "Do me first" instead of "Me too!" that annoys people. Logically both need changes, but the Striker is getting looked at probably because the devs will want to evaluate MAX ES abilities as a whole instead of individually.
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  7. BiggggBRIM

    Anecdote: a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person.

    Not an anecdote since you completely made that story up. Link your TR alt so I can see how little you've actually used the striker, or if you even have it at all.
  8. Flag!/5428010618038344129/
    That's the character I used.
    Completely solo, used once every few months.
  9. Crayv

    TR have never liked the Striker since it has been released. Back then they were okay with it because it was an upgraded Annihilator and it was effective but they still would have rather had ESRL that had something unique about it.
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  10. Takara

    Shield is not strictly defensive. I can't tell you how often I've seen a SCAT max rush a room unload it's shells and then use his sheild durning reload so he can then continue his offense with out tanking much if any damage. Basically...there isn't really a reason NOT to have the shield as a NC is pretty useful. The TR lockdown has it's places .... but it isn't a 'must have' ability. ZOE...however no one has one uses it. I ask you when was the last time you saw a glowing ZoE max? You don't...not ever. You still see strikers in the field. You do NOT see ZoE in the field ever.
  11. \m/SLAYER\m/

    few hours ago
    and please, stop comparing with NC MAX, because NC MAX can suppress infantry.
  12. Nexus545

    Last time I saw one was yesterday. The last time I saw one used to get the drop on people was the day before. I haven't seen a lockdown TR MAX in months though.

    The NC AEGIS does have the reload thing (which I honestly thought would have been patched by now) but if you want to avoid damage when not in a MAX crash then it's much better to use Charge to escape enemy fire since a Decimator will cut straight through the shield and people with half a brain can aim around the shield. A MAX crash with AEGIS MAXs is effective but so is a MAX crash with ZOE, if everything dies fast due to the additional fire power of multiple MAXs then you'll clear the room faster.

    I only use the shield when part of a MAX crash or when taking on enemy air since blocking a few lolpods will help you survive if you get seen.
  13. IberianHusky

    ES crap? Try telling that to your Orions, PPAs, Lancers, strafing tanks, free night camo, and better camo coverage.

    VS needs the nerfs. They're widely regarded as the most annoying faction to fight for a reason...

    ZOE could use a slight buff, but not before the Striker buff and further nerfs to PPA.
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  14. Takara

    I have to just shake my head...I'm sorry for the guy using ZoE that you saw but as someone who plays regularly on a rather evenly popped VS server...I NEVER see it...and I'm around Vanu maxes alot...I'm an Engi I repair ****.

    That said I wasn't comparing the max...I was comparing the abilities. I was stating that the shield isn't a completely defensive as this person was saying. Now simmer down now this is a discussion about MAX abilities...I was on topic So please don't come here with the idea you are some kind of ADMIN to tell me what to say. Kay thanks.
  15. Saber15

    By the time the Striker's missiles are hitting the target, you could already have another Annihilator in the air. The Striker locks slowly and fires slowly, so you're unlikely to get all the missiles into the air with snap-shots; you might get them all in the air, but if the enemy is only briefly visible the missiles are going to lose their lock mid-flight and fly straight up (WHY do they do this, SOE). If you had an Annihilator or an AA launcher, you could pop one rocket in the air and start reloading immediately.

    The other ES launcher that I could really argue as being sniper bait is the Phoenix, but you don't need to actually even see the enemy to use the Phoenix. You can hide behind a rock or be a spawn room hero. The Lancer can be charged (IIRC) without ADSing allow you to zip back and forth as your laser is charging.
    The Striker requires you to ADS in the open - preferably on a hill so you can track the enemy as they flee - and maintain the ADS for far longer than any other missile.
  16. Halcyon

    You already sunk there saying the last two striker missiles are the "perk" of the weapon.
    Give me a break.
  17. Ztiller

    I saw a lockon MAX today. And yesterday. It doesn't matter.

    The ZOE doesn't kill anything faster, so nothing dies faster. It's a complete misconception that i thought we would have ironed out after posting about it for months.
  18. Flag

    In no way am I saying the striker is a perfect weapon, far from it. It has it's problems, but to call it useless like ZOE is atm is being overly dramatic. The striker works, and does a job. As opposed to the zealot overdrive, which does more harm than good for the user.

    Yes I did call it a perk.
    Just like how the phoenix can be steered by camera, but has limited range and steering capabilities.
    Whoever said a perks come for free? I certainly didn't.
  19. iller

    Striker ... then Phaseshift ... then VS's new awful Pistol (w/e the **** it's called). ... then maybe Zoe but ONLY if SOE finally fixes how easily it is for infantry rockets to clip through the Vs MAX's hitbox without actually colliding like it should. That crap has been broken since day one and I've seen it happen over 40 times but never once saw it happen against other infantry.
  20. Ztiller

    I'd rather have the ZOE before Phaseshift and Spiker. ZOE is by far more broken and worthless.