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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Jawarisin

    So I was reading that thread about being nice to newbies. And then it just made me think of the worst moment ever. I was wondering what's yours? As far as mine is concerned, when I'm in an ESF and I do pod-farming (shooting down drop pods in the air). And I kill a BR1, one who probably just instant-action'd. Never even landed...

    Lucky me, I don't have recursion. If when I did that I saw the "Ragequit" I think I'd feel awfull for the rest of the day.
  2. Goldmonk

    When I was sniping on Indar a few months ago and I had a guy start running at me from the front. Not shooting, just running at me. He was about 150-200 meters out, so I popped him. Turned out he was a BR 2, so I felt bad and sent him a tell saying "Welcome to Planetside, buddy." Expecting not to see him for a while, I was surprised to see him again......doing the exact same thing. I killed him again and sent him a tell to attack snipers from the flank instead of head on. Well, he did the same thing six more times :(. I basically made a challenge out of it, I began shooting at him with my Commish. I didn't see him after that, hope he didn't quit.
  3. johnway

    The time when i felt guilty was during a biodome defence and kept hitting this one particular low BR soldier. Everytime i pointing in the same direction he was there and i dropped him. Every time someone revived him, i shot him dead. Every time i fired my launcher through the door, he was there.

    Got a domination in very short order. In the end i switched to engineer/medic and did a support role instead.
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  4. JobiWan

    Mine - I was sitting in my Sundy waiting for a base cap to finish, and an enemy LA (he'd killed me previously by sneaking up on me repairing the Sundy) pops up on the wall, shooting at my shielded Sundy with a carbine. I hopped on the thermal optic Fury and blew him away, only then did I realise he was a BR2.

    I sent him a tell with a tip not to shoot at vehicles with a rifle, but he didn't answer. I still feel bad now :(
  5. breeje

    i read that a lot of people send a tell to the newbies only for them not to reply to it
    now you all must understand that the newbie dos not know how to, if he even sees the tell
    i stopped sending tells to them now i only feel bad if i kill them
  6. Killuminati C

    This has occurred to me so I usually send them the tip followed by an explanation as to how to respond afterwards. It's worked a couple of times but I have to wonder how often they reply in /say chat with "/r etc" as I sometimes forget to mention deleting /say first...
  7. IcEzEbRa

    Was trying to aurax the AH, but did have recursion running when the BR2 player quit...I did feel badly. I will often send a tell to try and help, like "cloak before you leave spawnroom" etc.
  8. DrPapaPenguin

    My worst moment was from my own team. Some time ago my buddy and I were Harassin', when a low BR player tried to get in, and find our jeep locked. He then proceeded to fire a rocket at us, so I turned my halberd around and killed him. Turns out he was BR 4, and he proceeded to swear and threaten me, to which I replied "bring it". He then went on a tirade about how he will not be "bringing it", but "taking it" and by it he meant the jeep, my toon and my account because he had me reported. Of course, by the time he was finished we were several hexes away, but that still left a sour aftertaste.
  9. Clay

    Funny, that is the greatest part of the stattracker in my opinion :D So much success. I must be a bad person.
    Honestly, I always thought of this more as a joke. And you can be sure most "ragequits" arent real ragequits, that player just logged off. I often log off when I just died because i wanted to go anyway and in that situation I remembered it or its just a good reason to go because the fight is over. Dont take it soo serious (and you can turn it off in the settings)

    Of course you kill someone who is shooting at you on purpose. I wouldnt waste one more second thinking about this jerk (or troll him even more in /tell )
  10. Magma52

    I feel lame when my allies destroy an enemy deployed Sunderer during off peak at 01:00am when there are only a few fights. What's the point in killing off the only fight? They're like "Woop, we got their what?".
    It's usually some *** hat in an ESF spamming with Pods. He then flies away, realises there is nothing to do and then logs out. Genius.

    I also don't like it when a group of <BR 10s get their Sunderer destroyed. They went to the effort of bringing one out and it gets whooped by a couple of heroes who pulled a Battle Tank specifically to kill the fight quickly.

    Having said that, I don't care about these things if it happens during peak hours or if the server is just generally busy. They can just go fight somewhere else.
  11. Abraham with Cheese

    In a tech plant once, I was a light assault defending the point, covering the entrances with my shotgun. Eventually, I ran out of bullets and decided to go out with my knife in a blaze of glory.

    I ran across to the next building (next to the shield generator) and found literally five enemy heavies all facing away from me.

    I knifed each one without the rest knowing what happened. After that, I got killed by a heavy assault, and looking back, all of those guys were either BR 1 or 2, likely just standing by their generator, wondering what to do.

    I felt bad.

    The worst, however, is when I saw a cluster of enemy standing around one of the corners leading into a bio-lab. I flew out (without being shot at somehow) and dropped a C4 into their midst. Five kills, all BR 1 and 2 again.

    I've since made it my mission to get a better PC so that I can lead squads of my own and mentor new players to the best of my ability.
  12. Clay

    I think its because everyone want the XP and points, and they know if they are not going to do it someone else will do it, so they try to be first to get that cert pinata.
  13. Magma52

    Probably true. I guess it's just one of those things, but I still feel bad (in a sense) when it happens.

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