The World Ghostcapping Series is back

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ChickenCurrys, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. ChickenCurrys

    Maybe not across all servers, but on servers like Woodman it is still a problem. Just because for example the Miller VS pop is extremly high at night and the Woodman NC pop is high at night, doesn't mean your system is automatically balanced, especially since the "all server faction" competition is not more then a fancy number anymore.

    Woodman today 8 AM and pretty much every night/morning:
    You can find this high of a overpop pretty much every morning/night, so it is not a one time case.

    It doesen't work to take data "all across the servers" to balance the WDS. You also need to look on specific servers. My suggestion would be to balance the score population wise on each server again, at least when it comes to the overall faction server score for the weekly XP boost. You can still be able to get full points for the rewards when ghostcapping as individual player.

    If the WDS stays like this, the scores will just show who ghostcaps with overpop during night/day the most, you really want that SOE?
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  2. huller

    waaaait, A woodman VS complaining about another faction being overpop?

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  3. vsae

    Lmao, ChickenCurrys! Who cares about WDS?
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  4. Hibiki54

    Well, they gave players an incentive to actually participate in the WDS instead of just ignoring it.
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  5. Umrtvovacz

    Is this a joke? I can not believe my own eyes, ChickenCurrys, the leader of KOTV, the biggest zergfit on Woodman, which puts 150+ people in a fight to be sure to win it, is complaining about population? HA! I wish it was true, but Vanu are still steamrolling other factions on Woodman. If somebody doesn't have a reason to complain, it is Vanu, especially KOTV, and even more so their leader.

    You know what, ChickenCurrys? Maybe you should split your forces from time to time, stop spawncamping 75/25 bases like a zerg you are, apply some strategy and there will be no ghost capping. You have enough people to prevent it, but You are too scared to split your people, as every time you did that FFS, RBR or FHM kicked your a*s out of the base. What a cowardly chickens you all are.

    This just reflects the sad state of Woodman. Vanu KOTV are outnumbering everyone, they zerg mindlessly, boast about their "strategy" and now they whine on forums how there is too much NC on Indar in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Truly pathetic - and this comes from their leader - an accurate representation of KOTV. Even the name fits; the KOTV is outfit full of headless chickens.

    "Booohooo, all the bases we took by sheer numbers, zerging and spawn camping as much as possible (this is called "skill" in KOTV) get taken away from us in the middle of a night, when we don't have 150+ people so we can not do anything with it! Imagine we would have to go into a fair fight! What a terrible idea. We need to outnumber our enemies 3 to 1 to win, which we can't do in the night! This is unfair, nerf NC, nerf WDS, give us free points and free victory as we deserve it, we bring skill to fights! (skill=150+ people zerg)"

    You, sir, represent what is wrong with PS2, the population and big zergfits. You have single handedly ruined all non-KOTV outfits on Vanu side, made TR and NC disgusted in alerts and in fighting KOTV, and proved you can ruin any fight you wish just by sheer numbers. Kudos.
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  6. ChickenCurrys

    I appreciate your need to express the negative emotions you feel due to getting stomped by my outfit(like you do in any other thread opened by one of the members of my outfit, no matter what thread topic or position they have in the outfit), but this has pretty much nothing to do with the topic itself. ;P
  7. vsae

    Woah woah, Stop it right there fella. How did he manage to do that? I'm not sure its possible... Anyway in what way all non-KOTV outfits are ruined anyway?
  8. StepAsideSon

    Umrtvovacz, so basically you cry about the fact that the entire server of woodman cannot match the work of one guy who is playing by the rules?
    How much people are there in prime time alerts? like 800 of each faction more or less? thats 2400 guys who cannot do anything?
    Facts are that the populations are VERY balanced in this server, but you guys cannot bring the MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER into the MMO game and that makes you really mad so you cry all the time and hate much.
    Instead of complaining start thinking about what you do wrong and how can you win the alerts, about how you lose when you overpop the server most of the time and not the VS. (Yeah that is correct and there is API to prove it)
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  9. Pyrode

    Interesting, when i'm playing with KOTV the platoon is regularly split across two bases to counter enemy action. Sure when it's needed multiple platoons will gal drop, or spawn at a particular base to defend or attack it but usually that's just to ensure a fast victory (as opposed to just a victory).
    But as it is alpha and bravo regularly go to one place and charlie and delta will go somewhere else entirely, especially when dealing with satellites. It's not our fault if you just assume that because we regularly have 3 or 4 full platoons that we don't split them for lack of stuff to do, we do.
    I think the TR are still sore about last night where they ended the power rush with no amp stations, despite spending two hours constantly attacking Zurvan and failing to a single platoon of KOTV ( a lot of the time you were losing to only two squads when you were losing fights at network and pumpstation...). In fact out of the entire two hours the furthest the platoon i was in "zerged" was to crimson bluff so it wasn't even like we were dropping out of no where....

    But overall i'm surprised at the number of people on this forum that complain about zerging in the ONLY fps that's actually capable of it. You know it's kinda like one of the things they advertise MASSIVE BATTLES and 2000 players to a map, so it should be obvious that there are going to be LOTS OF PLAYERS and for the few very organised outfits LOTS OF PLAYERS OUT OF NOWHERE.

    Also it's not like it's just KOTV, other VS outfits work with KOTV (and visa versa) where smaller squads of above average players can do plenty of damage in a quiet way (like fighting toward enemy amp/bio/tech against smaller resistance). As well as being able to call in the KOTV main crusade platoons if things aren't going well for them.

    The simple fact is, KOTV and more importantly the VS on Woodman in general, are organised and complement each other. Whereas the other two factions.... Well let me reiterate, the TR lost to a single platoon of KOTV who were defending the only amp station that the TR had a chance of taking, they tried this for 2 hours and the closest they got was taking network complex and the pump station a couple of times.

    Where were you guys? You literally had no where else to be and zero excuse to not zerg towards Zurvan yourself...
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  10. HadesR

    Since personal contribution gives better rewards than either a weekly or season win I'm not going to overly bust a gut worrying about 4am Ghost cappers ..
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  11. Dethleffs

    So, yesterday on woodman we were fighting an amp station alert, we (Vanu) needed reinforcements on Amerish with [OOTS]. There was a 60% NC pop on Amerish and 60% Vanu pop on Esamir.

    When asked why everyone was on Esamir and if they could help, Vanu guys in leader channel said: "we like snow."
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  12. Radian12

    Why do you care about ghost capping ? If some people enjoy it sure . What the hell ? I really don´t like such a elitist aproach. And yeah ghost capping can be enjoyable.
  13. Ogedai

    It is balanced by KOTV taking more points during Primetime. And if you don't like NC overpop in the moring, then tell your outfit not to switch to NC in the morning.
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  14. ChickenCurrys

    What's your point?
  15. Dethleffs

    Point is that both sides have numbers and are equally moronic and tactically inept, ghostcapping hexes with no tactical significance to the alert.
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  16. Ogedai

    Not just A woodman VS, but THE woodman VS.
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  17. ChickenCurrys

    Stop the random hate, play as a team.
  18. Umrtvovacz

    I have to agree with you there. TR and NC are not capable of countering KOTV. But I don't hate KOTV, we had some great fights in the past, when they did actually split their forces. But as soon as they start losing, they funnel their main zerg to the base and ruin the fight for both Vanu there and the opposition.

    TR are in a very bad position right now. There is only one outfit I recall which is doing some organized stuff (CORE) but the TR masses are as unorganized as it comes...

    That's TR in a nutshell.

    We have ORBS and GODS on NC side who would really like to be KOTV, but they fail at it miserably. They have neither the numbers, nor the organization (if what KOTV players say is true) of KOTV. Our own outfit has a platoon of active people at most. When we go into a fair fight against Vanu or a KOTV platoon, we usually win, unless you funnel more people into the fight. When that happens, we get outnumbered, but our own zergfits are unable to respond as they are taking their 15 minutes galaxy loading times at warpgates.

    A strong outfit like KOTV should not be cowardly like you are. You should split and fight multiple fair fights at multiple places. Instead you opt-in for the boring camp room spawning in a base with 75%+ Vanu pop. What a shame, you could be creating a lots of fun fights for everyone, including KOTV, instead you just go the easiest way and just outnumber everyone. What a bore, what a waste.

    ChickenCurrys, you should be trying to create a fun fights for people in your outfit, while also not trying to ruin the server. You have the power, all you need to do is split your forces into multiple fair fights. I don't know if you are afraid of losing (take the whole TR vs two KOTV squads example - spliting can work for you) or if you just enjoy the boring spawn room camping steam rolls you do so often. Those battles are not fun for either side, which could end up in players leaving because the game seems boring to them. This is damaging to the whole server, all factions, and KOTV as well.

    Please members of KOTV, note that I don't hate you, and I am glad my (intentionally offensive) post got some replies. I admire the organization you apparently have, which neither TR or NC have. But with great power comes great responsibility, you need to consider the power of your enemies, remember this is just a game and if you keep stomping NC and TR like this, it could potentially destroy the server in the long run. If you, ChickenCurrys, cared to create more fair fights (you can still outnumber us to ensure victory, just make sure there is some fight in there) you could single-handedly create one of the most fun server in the whole game. Please don't opt to do otherwise.

    I know it is hard to not stomp your enemy if you can, but the fights itself is the fun in this game, not the "base captured" popup...

    If SOE can not create balanced fights, it's up to Outfit leaders. I hope you don't disregard this post as "NC whining" (which it technically is) and I hope you at least give a thought to this post.
    Respect, Umrtvovacz.
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  19. Ogedai

    Ohh the irony!
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  20. maxkeiser

    This. Populations on Woodman are even for the most part. Vanu (and KOTV) can't be blamed if they are the only ones capable of organising massive numbers of troops. It sounds like people are whining again about teamwork being overpowered.

    And to add something else, whatever else people say, KOTV is a great outfit. It's fun to play with them and in their platoons. They are a good bunch (I've never enountered any issues with them) and there are far more tactics and coordination than some people give them credit for.

    PS2 is ALL ABOUT massive troop movements, coordination, large battles - and KOTV is pretty much the best place to find this.

    If I want to play an arena shooter I can play BF4 or counterstrike. In PS2 I want to see 60 magriders steaming over the ridge, 50 galaxies flying towards a target, 100 infantry storming a base etc etc.
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