The Way of The Eidolon, Ep. II - Eidolon/Lancer in Action

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  1. Erendil

    My second installment of "The Way of the Eidolon" is now ready for viewing. Episode II - The Eidolon/Lancer in Action, or "Sneaky Sneaky, Shooty Shooty...."

    If you haven't seen it yet, my first episode can be found in the Engineer Forum here:

    This second video focuses on the importance of flanking, using suppressed weapons, and taking advantage of the cover of night to get in close enough to the enemy to pick them off one-by-one with relative impunity.

    In it you'll see me go 30/2 in 13 minutes as I defend the outside perimeter of Crimson Bluff Tower from a gang of unruly NC. The purpose of this video is not to show off my 1337 skillz with a Battle Rifle, but rather to illustrate how I use it in a typical scenario.

    All of the fighting is outdoors, although there's still a surprising amount of CQC in there. I'm also playing HA, and the benefits of having an AV weapon and an OverShield are both clearly demonstrated.
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  2. St NickelStew

    Thanks for posting!

    I wonder if you would be so kind as to let us know the rest of your loadout (armor, shield, etc.) Additionally, what attachments were you using and why did you change mid-fight.

    Thanks again!
  3. RasFW

    I used to run this setup a while ago. Was a lot of fun, but could quickly become a pain in the *** having to take your sweet time making the shots. I found that with the Lancer, munitions pouch is 100% necessary, just as is always firing under maximum charge.
  4. Erendil

    Lessee, if memory serves, it was Nano5 + Adren Shield + AV grenade + Medkits.

    My Eidolon initially had the OG-4 4x scope, Suppressor, and Foregrip.

    I had just arrived at that tower at the start of the video, and since the NC were attacking from Rust Mesa to the South-Southwest my intention was to run up the east hill and do hit-and-runs from medium range on their eastern flank.

    I didn't expect them to fall back so soon though, and once combat shifted to the west side of the facility, the fight was turning out to be at a lot closer range than I'd originally anticipated. I shifted my objective to clear out those rocks and hold our west flank to prevent the NC from pushing north there, but in order to do so I knew there'd be more CQC fighting amongst those rocks. So once I died I swapped out my Foregrip for a Laser Sight.

    I love this setup. I use the Eidolon/Lancer about 80% of the time when I'm HA (the rest is either Orion/Deci or Flare/Deci). I don't have any issues w/ the steady semi-auto plinking you have to do though (other than it not firing fast enough for me LOL) since I've used it so much it's just instinctual now.

    And yeah, I find munitions pouch to be silly on the Lancer. If I need that much long range firepower I'll just switch to a dual-Vortex MAX. :D
  5. Erendil

    Slight correction. I forgot I only have Nano4 and Adren4 on the char in this video (ErendilVS). I haven't been able to afford the last level in either one yet.
  6. Nakar

    I can understand the 4x logic given the circumstances at that base, but is there any reason you'd use the 3.4x Chevron over a 2x Reflex in a Bio Lab like in the first video? It seems like it wouldn't be all that different (it's what I use at those sorts of ranges) but give better situational awareness.
  7. Erendil

    Well part of it is personal preference. I'm more used to the scoped mouse sensitivity on the 3.4x so I can zero in on headshots faster than the 2x.

    But for the Eidolon specifically I prefer the added precision the 3.4x provides me over the increased peripheral vision of the 2x.

    I always try to maximize the advantage of the Eidolon's superior precision over the enemies' automatic weapons, by engaging at longer ranges, firing at targets who think they're safe behind cover, etc. :D So I'm usually firing from further back, through trees or cracks in the walls/fences, where precision is more important. The difference between the two optics is more pronounced when used in this manner to the point where sometimes the 2x just doesn't cut it.

    For example, at 6:35 in the first vid you see me kill an Engie on a turret @60m that was setup by their teleporter. Nailing that guy's head through the turret shield w/ a 2x would've been a much tougher shot due to the large red dot on the 2x which blocks your view (it's larger than a man's head at 60m).

    Or at 10:10, where I kill 2 Medics standing by the air pad from by back our spawn room @60m. With the 2x I wouldn't have even seen the 2nd Medic hiding behind the canisters at the entrance.
  8. Nakar

    I pop turret engineers all the time with the BRs and it's not too hard using just a 2x, or even a 1x/IRNV. I may be a bit odd in doing that, but I really like the visibility advantage a Reflex scope grants.

    I can and have used a 4x as well though, so I won't say it's not a good idea. I just would only use it outside.
  9. Erendil

    I have no doubt that what you say is true. IMO both the 2x and 3.4x are viable choices inside a Bio Lab. There's a lot of range overlap between the two so the choice really comes down to personal preference. Do you want more magnification or more peripheral vision?

    I chose the 3.4x w/ the Eidolon since a lot of the time I was hanging back and taking longer range precision shots which increased the need for more magnification while decreasing the already-dome-limited angles from which the enemy could attack me (and thus the need for more visibility).

    But then, when choosing between two similarly-viable sights I almost always go with the higher magnification one, so I rarely use the 1x/2x sights unless the fight's going to be pure CQC.. It means I need to be a little more aware of my surroundings and take a little greater risk whenever I ADS, But I find it worth it since I can always get better visibility than the 2x simply by unscoping, but you can't get any better magnification than what your sights give you. :cool: