The Warden Battle Rifle [NC]

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by hamflap, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. hamflap

    So I recently unlocked the Warden Battle Rifle. I liked the idea of playing as a more mid-range capable HA since most of the HA in outfit are LMG users and we typically only roll with 1 inf per squad.
    The issue I have is that it is a pointless weapon. It's totally useless at mid-range because the low damage, shot velocity and bullet drop, while being semi-auto means it's almost redundant in CQC.
    If you look at some of the data:
    You can clearly see that the Warden consistently under performs in most categories compared to all the other options open to NC HA. If you look at the damage (bars), the Warden comes in at 10 bars of damage. However, the Gauss SAW for example, comes in at 8 bars per shot and has just under double the ROF.
    Of course, the trade-off is the increased effective range of the weapon, I hear you say. I agree, but surely the damage output should be equally proportionate with it being a 'side-grade', meaning it should have slightly less than double the damage (bars) to compensate for the halved ROF.
    I understandably appreciate the dev team will be trying to avoid a situation where HA are running around with sniper rifles. I would suggest taking the higher magnification scopes away from the battle rifles so that this is not a possibility, as 4x is enough for mid-range engagements.
    The Battle Rifle is a great idea to open up the tactical spectrum for HA but something needs to be done to make them a viable option.
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  2. Hyllan

    Just curious, are you the author of that spreadsheet?
  3. BobFromMarketing

    Use the crap out of my Warden for medium to long range as none of our other HA weapons work at that range.
  4. Deathcapt


    GD-22s is better than the warden at everything, which sucks because I really prefer battle rifle style weapons, was a big fan of the FAL in COD. But the warden is trash when every gun is super effective at burst firing. With the GD-22s I consistently outperform the warden at ALL ranges, all the way out to shooting at infils who are trying to snipe at me.

    Warden needs a buff, be it, ROF/Bullet dmg/ or COF while on the move. I think it should have 0 COF while ADS even on the move.
  5. hamflap

    Unfortunately not sir. It's one of many weapon comparison datasheets lurking around the forums/reddit. I used this one because for whatever reason most of the datasheets don't include the Warden or any other battle rifles.

    Yeah I also have the GD and it outperforms the Warden at everything. There is currently no situation where I think, "If I had the Warden equipped that would have worked better". Controlled fire of the GD-22s performs better at mid-long range than the Warden, and you don't have the trade-off of being useless in CQC. I just think for this being a higher cert side-grade with an apparently longer effective range, it is ridiculous that you are better off using even the default Gauss-SAW in controlled bursts.
  6. TheBloodEagle

  7. Deathcapt

    Right, so the Warden is an engineer gun, it's like the common pool shotgun, it's o.k. if that's what you like, but it isn't as powerful as the heavy specific guns like the jackhammer, or the LMGs.
  8. MintiFresh

    I made a post about battle rifles a while back too, didn't seem to get any attention from anyone that could do anything and it's sunk into the mess on the forums by now. They really do need some hardcore buffs, or at the very least a massive price drop to reflect its current effectiveness in applicable situations.
  9. Cavadus

    I'm an avid user of the AMR-66 and roll with it constantly. It needs two, maybe three things:

    1. RoF needs to be as fast as I can pull the trigger;
    2. Damage drop-off at range is excessive especially considering this is supposed to be the mid-long range option; and
    3. MAYBE rather than buffing the gun outright they can just throw in HV ammo like the Medic's BRs get. Maybe it needs the buff and HV ammo but that might be overkill.

    For those of you familiar with the Mass Effects, the HAs' battle rifles need to function like the M96 Mattock.
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  10. Bosjem

    I agree with this post. I have the AMR and the Eidolon (VS battle rifle) and as far as i know the Warden is not very different from those 2. A little buff might be needed but right now i don't think that battle rifles are heavily under powered.
    I'm not sure if HA is the right class to use these weapon. I think that HA should be the front line of the attack/defence so a long range weapon doesn't suit that role so well. I've always used my 2 battle rifles (both with 4x scopes and nothing else so far) with the engi and it worked really well for me: stay behind the first line of attack, take out some foe and follow the main line to drop ammo to keep the attack going. Move from cover to cover and get a good amount of kills taking your time to get those headshots.
    It might not be a playstyle for everybody but it works rather well for me.
  11. Juni

    Just throwing in my support for Battle Rifle buffs.
    I have used nothing else basicly since I first found it in my cert bar and I am serious when I say the Battle Rifles needs the following.
    More damage! - 5 shots to kill anything unless you get a lucky headshot? Not really fair, as by the time you pull off the thrid shot you are already dead if the enemy shooter has any idea what he is doing.
    Less damage drop off! - This is a battle rifle, it is supposed to kill you at range, however, all it does it tiggle you.
    Less Recoil! - A lot less recoil, it is a battle rifle, it is supposed to kill you at range, and it fails to do this because of the high vertical recoil, it needs to be reduced by a lot!

    Yes, I am 100% serious, and anyone who have used these rifles for more than 30 minutes will agree on some point of this (Or so I would hope)=)
  12. Obscura

    Agreed, the recoil and damage drop off is so bad it's hard to use any of the higher magnified scopes to make it actually work medium range. Even with compensator and a foregrip it's difficult to effectively hit targets beyond 80m
  13. Juni

    I have also found that the x2 scope is the best choice for the Battle Rifle, which is odd since it is supposed to be long range, not short range.
  14. hamflap

    Yeah, same.
    I've been using reflex sight on an apparently long range gun because the recoil is so severe unless the 1st or 2nd shot kills the target you'll struggle to get a 3rd using a higher magnification scope.
  15. Zaik

    Wrong, slap a 6x on your SAW and it'll do everything your warden does except with a 100 round magazine.
  16. TheBloodEagle

    CARV-S with High Velocity rounds wins out for me. Spent 350+ cert upgrades on my AMR-66 (TR battle rifle) but my CARV-S still fits more situations better. The 6x scope on the battle rifle is the best in my opinion with flash suppressor when I'm attacking vertical bases & infiltrators.
  17. BobFromMarketing

    And a much much lower refire rate with any decent level of accuracy.
  18. TheBloodEagle

  19. BobFromMarketing

    Double the damage of the Gauss Rifle at long range. Definitely has a role.
  20. ChaosEngine

    Yeh 250 dmg per bullet is quite weak, and it's funny to see that the Eidolon (VS battle rifle) has the exact same stats as the NC Warden, except it has 0 bullet drop !

    Each faction should have a specific bonus : VS already has 0 bullet drop, NC and TR should have some distinctive bonus aswell.

    Overall I also think all battle rifles need a slight damage buff, should gain access to HV ammo, have a lot less horizontal recoil and maybe a little less vertical recoil.

    PS: I mostly use the Warden with my engineer, but depending on the situations I like to use it with the HA

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