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  1. Haba

    ...and VS has bullet drop in those weapons.

    This is a nerf, nothing else.
  2. Scythan

    You people have jobs and things you really care about right? I posted a question. I am met with overwhelming hostility. About a game.

    A game.

    There are more important things in the world.

    I figure this is my last post because this is no community at all, just know-it-alls. Saying point and click makes me stupid, alright, sure. So I'll
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  3. TeknoBug

    How is minimum damage 143 or 125 @ 65-75m compared to 100-112 @ 125m a nerf.
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  4. Oreo202

    People are answering your question. It is a nerf in medium ranges, there question answered.
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  5. FnkyTwn

    This isn't the community's fault really. There is practically zero feedback
    from the Devs on their own forum. You're much more likely to get your
    questions answered over on Reddit or on Twitter, and that creates a void
    here where the lack of information rules the day.

    Personally I blame Higby and Smedley for whatever dumb forum policy
    they've instituted. It's just poor management overall and eventually, when
    only the morons are left on this forum as the ambassadors of this game,
    then it'll be the final nail in PS2s coffin.

    When simple things like Resist Shields are broken for months with zero
    feedback from any dev ever.. what message does that send to customers?

    How long did we endure the LAs Jetpack bug? Poor leadership at SOE.
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  6. DG-MOD-02

    I am going to close this down now. Please remember that posts should be constructive and respectful per the SOE Forum guidelines.
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