[BUG] The VS are the biggest FAILURE in PS2's History!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AllRoundGoodGuy, Apr 12, 2023.

  1. AllRoundGoodGuy

    The Vanu Sovereignty has been the biggest failure and blight in planetside's history. From day 1 till now, the VS have been unfairly treated and nerfed. Given useless weapons and mechanics, and as a faction overall have been treated as a family's pet cat that nobody likes.

    Weapons: F-Tier
    • Objectively the worst lmgs in the game, who cares about no bullet drop when your guns always do less base damage then their NC counterparts?
    • Phaseshift? More like the Phase****. Every gun is systemically worse then TR/NC upper class gear, has been this way for years, and until the planetside 2 society starts to recognize this issue the problem will only get worse.
    Vehicles: F-Tier
    • Magrider: Yey I can use boost only to run into a vanny with an IWINBUTTON, or an anchored prowler. 0 chance of counter play.
    • Can't rotate turret, forcing you to fully engage, exposing yourself to more rear shots then any other MBT.
    • Sauron is stupid weak, can't do any damage with it, insanely hard to hit anything, should bring back it's original release version, at least it could do something then, same with the PPA (which is a JOKE now.)
    • All the ES weapon weaknesses are only amplified on the harasser, which is why most opt for the Halberd as at least that weapon wasn't nerfed due to tie's to the VS.
    Players: S++Tier
    • Honestly, VS players are just higher skilled, there really isn't any other way to explain how we somehow manage to win most alerts and have the highest preforming LMG/MBT. It's a testament to the VS's fighting spirit and dauntless courage in the face of insurmountable odds.
    • Time and time again I have seen better coordination between squadmates/platoons on VS vs other factions
    • I think it's just that the VS naturally draws in players who have an IQ above 80, rather than some random hillbilly whining about his "freedom." As a result, the VS are the minority of players, but due to natural superiorities are able to perform better.
    • I believe the critical issue here is that we as the VS need to be recognized and not ostracized, we are players too (better then you though) looking for a slightly better life.
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  2. ohmikkie

    I take it this is sarcasm lol!
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  3. Redfeather1975

    I only have a VS character but I use all Nanite Systems equipment. :(
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  4. 23rd enigma

    Is this the vanu sovereignty ministry of truth? Or else This has to be joke. All those things would be True IF your were talking about the NSO faction. But your talking about VS which have really good guns in every category. Their tanks ES top guns are not worse than TRs and the other factions tanks can't strafe . Magriders are also the best at facing off against rocket heavies since you can dodge there slow rockets. VS have the best 334 Damage rifle, the Obelisk. They have the best 577rpm Carbine. They have a good GD7F variant the serpent which is meta in cqc. The VS have standout weapons in their arsenal that would go up against any of the best guns from tr and nc
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  5. RRRIV

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  6. Liewec123

    its satire, Ministry of BS made a post complaining about Perihellion.
    (the weapon that 2 taps vehicles from render range with no drop)
    and saying how OP and perfect JGX was (despite JGX being the worst of the 3)

    a parody was bound to happen,
    people are sick of VS with their incredible toys COMPLAINING about their toys being underpowerered
    (like magrider, the best performing MBT) and calling for nerfs on stuff that underperforms
    (like vanguard, the worst performing MBT.)
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  7. Kentucky Windage

    Random Hillbillies must be a thing?
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  8. Hersiphar

    You jealous about NSO
    and I understand, we have the best in each categories.
    On top of this, we have the Holy Javelin.

    Join NSO today.
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  9. UberNoob1337101

    The only good thing about VS

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  10. waystin2

    Papa Vanu is pleased.
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  11. AllRoundGoodGuy

    You know it brother. Now don't mind me as I guzzle a 2 liter of Mtn Dew.
  12. Kentucky Windage

    Lol. Don't forget to eat your pinto beans and corn bread as a compliment to the Dew. Throw some garden onions in for good measure or maybe a Ramp if your adventuress. Don't forget to chase everything down with some savory spirits from the still out back and then go four wheelin down by the creek. Yeehaw
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  13. 23rd enigma

    Holly ****.:oops: No wonder they nerfed this character model. Now the butt is less fat but looks more firm
  14. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Amen. The VS Race is superior to ever other one. The other inferior races have been given weapons and toys that are simply better in order to compensate, no question about it. The TR/NC are doing their best to suppress the VS race with their propaganda/lies/deceit, and this team leader guy has clearly bought into it.
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  15. JibbaJabba

    This is pretty common on the competitive scene.

    During any sort of Jaeger scrims or contest where people choose factions they won't choose VS.
  16. RRRIV

    just curious, whey ever explain why?
  17. 23rd enigma

    VS A2G being weaker (light ppa worse ai nosegun) is probably a big reason for many I would think. NC max being the best in CQC pointhold is also another reason.
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  18. Demigan

    Sigh. “But during a limited competitive fight with a specific subset of people there are a few reasons why my faction isn’t used, reasons which don’t actually change the unbalance in the actual live game”.

    We should under no circumstances change the live game for the limited competitive scene. The competitive changes have already facked up the live game with changes that encourage cheese for “teamplay” or the points to get access to the competitive selections.

    There is plenty of proof that there are OP toys on VS.
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  19. 23rd enigma

    The competitive gameplay can expose balance flaws in the in live game play since players with the most experience playing planetside often compete in it. These players will take advantage of the best weapons and tactics to win the game. Also, these players make up a good portion of the player base in real live gameplay so the competitive scene should absolutely be used to think about future updates.

    This is pretty common in other games where the competitive scene is responsible for balance changes.

  20. Demigan

    It is pretty common for competitive changes to ruin the live game, because they are different settings.

    Also if you look at the veterans in this game they are often with the most entrenched biases. Like “oh noes my Betel that gets 1,5 to 3 times more kills than the next best thing per player using it is definitely just a bad weapon, not as good as other weapons of course!”

    Veterans and competitive play are not the gold standard. Not if you want a fun and balanced game at least.