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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Carter, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Carter

    I consider myself a decent enough guy to feel guilty when i shoot people who sound like prepubescent boys.

    Options are the most greatest things in MMOs.

    Can we get choices on how our characters sound when speaking, please?
  2. Keifomofutu

    NC voices are the worst though. Our guys sound 16 theirs sound at best 12. Especially the NC women. If I hear one of them using the spot button I hunt them down and kill them till they stop.

    Could we get some non teeny bopper voices for the tough NC army ladies SOE?

    Oddly enough the purple tights brigade probably has the most mature sounding voice actors.
  3. omega4

    LOL So true, so true.
  4. MexelVanMexelen

    The one that gets me is the female shriek when I down a TR. Luckily most of them use CARV's so it doesn't happen too often :)
  5. CobraBoss

    Make asian models speak like jackie chan , and give the black models a barry white voice would be awesome !
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  6. omega4

    Only if the white models speak like Ahnuld "The Terminatuh".

    Get to tha choppa!!!!!
  7. Noshious

    and the way they voiced the "thanks" voice command is so weak all the voice commands should be yelled!
  8. CobraBoss

    Yeah and more voice emotes would be cool , like i'll be back or Asta la vista baby for your worst is my best.
  9. omega4

    Now that would be nice.
  10. Jac70

    I truly hate the NC voices - sounds like some 13yr old who didn't get his XBOX for Christmas.

    "aaww, mooom. I waaannid nn eeeexxBoooxxxx"

    The Terrans and Vanu are OK. The Vanu girls sound the most like soldiers whereas the other factions girls sounds like high schoolers - makes me feel bad shooting them.
  11. Sparks

    I'd pay 1000SC just to get the ps1 voices back as an optional thing. TR voices sound nothing like the experienced and well trained military force they are supposed to be :(.

    I also miss the old voice macro system I want my V-V-H back!

    I do sympathize with the NC, they have it really bad in the audio department. I usually make it to the first terminal resupply and then that stupid guitar kicks in and I log off it's that bad.
  12. Otsu

    GOD YES!
  13. Otsu

    On second thought.. Company might get sued for racism and stereotyping :p
  14. Reaper

    Thank you, I agree that guitar sound gets on my nerves sometimes.
    As for the voice macro's they are a joke. They seem to try and simplify everything from the original, kick themselves and say wait there was a reason it was that way and implement what was there to begin with. This has shined true with the AMS and sanctuaries. They wanted to reinvent the wheel but they fail because they are SOE
  15. Bardock-Sama

    Ughh, yeah the NC women sound incredibly whiny! >_< This is war, let us have some real women fighting along side us, not these prepubescent girlies.
  16. Carter

    It's fine that we only get...what, 2 head choices? No one sees the heads anyways. 90% of the population has full-cover helmets...but when EVERYONE spams Spot for the 10 experience...It's no wonder that there are so many damn team killers.

    Planetside 1 and Tribes both had great systems. V-V-H. It's hardly different than what we use now.

    SOE: if people aren't buying your skins and ugly pointy hats, I promise you they will be buying the voices.
  17. QuantumMechanic

    I am sure they will sell alternate voice-packs on the item shop someday. Some day.

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