The Vindicators (VS) are recruiting

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by TheBTron, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Negator

    First page again!
  2. geekrider

    Hey there guys!
    I was planning on making a VS account on here. I usually play TR on Waterson. (Stats-
    BR36 on Waterson. As you can see, I've got my fair share of experience. I usually log on on weekends and was planning to play either LA or Infil. Also the times I do log on are
    10.30pm Friday - 11.30am Saturday EST
    10.30pm Saturday - 11.30am Sunday EST
    Just wanted to know if you have squads running at these times.

    PS: If you think those times are a little weird, that's because I live in India.
  3. Cloudslinger

    If you are looking for a good team, we are still recruiting!
  4. Hasteras

    A few nights ago I personally witnessed The Vindicators take Zurvan Network Complex from the NC with only 40% of the population in the hex. One of the more impressive stunts I've seen in awhile. Anytime I see them on the battlefield (especially if Negator is around) I know we're in for a fight because these guys just don't ever quit. Just when you think you've won all of a sudden they'll have three Sunderers in position and they've capped the point behind you.

    Amongst the plethora of talented Vanu outfits on Mattherson, [V] doesn't get nearly enough credit for the degree of impact they have on the battlefield. If I were to reroll as Vanu, The Vindicators would be the first outfit I'd try out with.
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  5. TheBTron

    Thanks Hasteras! We try hard to put up a good fight!
  6. Jaamaw

    [V] has AMAZING leadership and dominates the field because of this. I strongly suggest if some one is going to join a larger group to check these guys out!
  7. Raalvin

    Thanks Jaamaw :) Flipping your upside-down lib in the warpgate pays off!

    Everything is going great for The Vindicators, lots of new potential leadership, Vindicore is coming up with some amazing proposals over on Reddit and seems to be a hit on the top of the front page often.

    Squad lead training has started and the air ops on Saturday nights have been a great success! Tuesday and Thursday night ops have been going strong with 5+ squads and solid leadership. And our new Friday night social/fun night has been good times as well.

    If your interested in a solid family, positive play environment, tactical or social play, please try us out!
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  8. Seviander

    Vindicators, should they be around, bring more dakka cause tough fight be over yonder!. Only got respect for these guys, they bring the good fight, both frontal and...well, yeah you get it ;)

    Seviander, Black Widow Company, TR, Mattherson.
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  9. Cloudslinger

    We're still recruiting! Join our platoons and come hang with us in TS!
  10. Negator

    sure thing man
  11. Negator

    Tuesday night ops tonight, 9EST as always! Open to the public pending youre in our teamspeak.
  12. MrMacGyverr

    CML(NC) is always impressed by the tactics The Vindicators employ on the battlefield. Solid coordination and great leadership.
  13. Negator

    Much appreciated. Know that any trash talk you guys see on the battlefield is meant with the utmost respect.
  14. TheBTron

    Bump. We are still recruiting come join one of are ops Tuesday and Thursday 9-11 EST.
  15. freespace303

    I just wanna say I've been with these guys for a while now, and their OPS nights have been some of the most fun I've had in this game. Real awesome group of guys/gals to play with. Leadership and coordination is top notch.

    Yours truly - DonivanVS
  16. Negator

    did you play freespace?
  17. TheBTron

    Bump, are next ops in Tuesday night 9pm est, grab are TS info off are site and check us out!
  18. Crazytrain

    do you own a .303?
  19. FireclawX

    Bumping for upcoming ops. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9PM EST, join us folks!
  20. Negator


    Also, i think im going to change our recruiting thread to just "The Vindicators-The Outfit Negator is in".

    That should be all we need, i think.