The Vindicators (VS) are recruiting

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by TheBTron, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Negator

  2. TheBTron

    Dzire, lots of fun during FNO recording!
  3. Negator

    still recruiting
  4. BrandoMG

    Had a blast teaming up with you guys on Friday evening. Also ran into you guys on the opposition afterwards. One of the best VS crews out there. If you make the unfortunate choice of joining the VS then I highly recommend these guys :)

    Run by active duty and former service military, so they're organized and they know how to implement the tactical elements most outfits are simply "simulating." Definitely an outfit worth considering if you favor the purple spandex!
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  5. footjam

    We appreciate the good words.

    We are open to all who wish to be respectful and mostly mature. We want to have a good time playing a game and don't tolerate rampant asshatism. We have a wide range of members from age 13 to 61, all skill levels, and we are able to work together as a solid team. We are more than an outfit, we are a community that is coming up on our 12th year. Founded during the PS1 Beta, the outfit has grown to include members from 5 continents.

    We welcome all new members and will let you step into platoon/squad leadership if you express the interest. If you have no desire to lead, then feel free to kick back, stay with the group and have fun. No pressure, no requirements, Just Fun!
  6. footjam

    Whose logo was front and center during the Road Map panel at SOE Live? Thanks Devs!

    That is right, these guys.
  7. Vindicore

    We had a bunch of Vindicators showing the colours at SOE Live this year, some of which took part in the Squad Showdown, winning their match. Check out the official SOE pictures and spot us!
  8. Vindicore

    Last night we filmed a battle between ourselves and Validus Gamers (TR) for the MLG War report which should be shown on Sunday.

    Went really well, with only a little interference from other players. Good game VG!
  9. Cloudslinger

    We're still recruiting! Join us in our daily platoons and check out our OPS Night every Tuesday and Thursday!
  10. Jaamaw

    Some of the best leadership on Mattherson resides here. Excellent choice for team players.
  11. Vindicore

    Thanks for the compliment Jaamaw!

    Here is some footage of our ops nights this week:

  12. Cloudslinger

    Here is this weeks ops! Still recruiting!

  13. Negator

    Previous ops night, a fast redeploy and resecure of Dahaka West with Ravens 2 and 3 against 25-48 TR.

  14. Raalvin

    Enjoying every Ops night. Also looking for more air pilots for our air squad!
  15. Cloudslinger

    More stuff! Watch, join!
  16. Raalvin

    Still recruiting and smashing opponents while we wait for O:MGF. If your interested send us a message ingame or apply on the forums and say hi.
  17. Aeflic

    Not sure if you guys had something organized last night around 10 pm eastern, but I saw a hunch of you guys in that tug of war battle against VCO at Briggs labs and east canyon check point. Shout out to your crew and the other VS there. We had a lot of fun. You guys kept the pressure on us for over an hour and a half.
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  18. Negator

    Still goin strong.
  19. Forlorn Hope

    You should change your name to "Air Fun Negator" :). I wanted to TB you so bad at A. Firearms on Amerish 2 nights ago but there was so much flak, only got a couple of shots into you.
  20. Negator

    If "tb" is a sexual euphemism im all ears man.

    Otherwise, it was super hard to hide my skyguard/skywhale from that herd of blue flyers