The Vindicators (VS) are recruiting

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  1. TheBTron

    The Vindicators are recruiting.


    Who are we?
    We fought for the Vanu Sovereignty on the US East - Emerald server, although we had members from all around the world.

    In late 2002 DviddLef (aka Vindicore) founded The Vindicators outfit in preparation for the original Planetside and started recruiting people from the official forums as all he saw was an abundance of specialised outfits dedicated to being pure cloakers or snipers (or both); something he saw as being near useless with the grand battles PS promised. We quickly gained members as the months leading up to beta ticked away, ending up with about 120. When beta finally started we recruited a lot of people, finding among them great leaders who have stuck with us and led chapters for the community in other games.


    When Planetside was in its prime we often had a full platoon working together with separate armour, air and infantry squads coordinating some pretty impressive feats. In particular there was a 5 hour defence of Tore, Cyssor, and a time when we turned the tide of a battle that had been raging for three days around a single base. We were a member of the Vanu Round Table Alliance, which organised large raids for over a year until various outfits left the game. We also participated in the outfit wars, winning the majority of our matches.

    Over the years we have had successful MMO chapters in World of Warcraft, Voyage Century Online, Darkfall, Age of Conan and Guild Wars. However Planetside has always been the game that we started in and Planetside 2 has seen us return in style.

    Why would you want to join?
    The Vindicators have always been proud of the friendly, almost family like atmosphere that we have between our members. We developed this from the nature of our first game Planetside and the interdependence that it fostered between our members as we sent Magrider columns and Galaxy drops into enemy territory.


    Since beta we have dedicated ourselves to making us a decisive force on the battlefield once again and to do this we need both quality and quantity of troops. Quantity is simply a matter of recruitment; while quality is something we expect of and will also train in our members.

    We expect our squads to be mobile, responsive and aggressive, taking the fight to the enemy on their turf and not playing to farm the enemy or certs.

    We run operations on Tuesday and Thursday nights that run between 9PM - 11:30PM EST, during which we typically boast a full platoon of Vindicators. We are also looking at expanding this to other nights throughout the week. During operations we run specific yet flexible squad compositions that focus on Heavy Assault, Medic and Engineer to give our squads maximum strength and staying power.

    Our hierarchy is based purely around merit; if you want to lead you will get the chance and if you can handle the responsibility of a squad or platoon then we will promote you and expect you to take on the role.

    To help with quality we have put together a tactics website to help guide our members to play together as effectively as possible. Our platoon aims to be the most coordinated in the game, using our 100 slot Teamspeak to organise combined arms assaults on the enemy using the tactics and strategies described on the site.
    What do we expect?
    Our community was and always will be open to all players who were interested in working as a coordinated team and we continue this in Planetside 2, expecting all our members to use Teamspeak to aid coordination. We do expect our players to act maturely, with a (mental) age of at least 16. We do not accept any form of cheating or exploiting of bugs an offence which warrants immediate removal.

    Although we play on the North American servers we have a large number of players from elsewhere including a large number from Europe.

    If you are interested in joining up head to our website at or simply join one of our public squads in game that run throughout the day.

    You may also be interested in checking out our leaders Upgrade Project site for the game.

    By Dviddleff/Vindicore
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  2. Ralek

    Friendly bumps for a great outfit. Always a pleasure fighting alongside you guys.

    - R
    HAYABUSA for life!
  3. TheBTron

    Thanks Ralek,

    Fell free to jump in out of the Vindy Squads any time.
  4. POC

    Remember we regularly have people on during the day as well...plenty of guys from over if you are tired of getting zerged hit us up for coordinated ops during the day as well.
  5. neostatic2009

    Do ya'll have a livestream channel?
  6. footjam

    We have members that stream but we do not have an official outfit stream.
  7. footjam

    7 days later and still looking for quality people. We have ops tonight 12/27 so hop on and enjoy PS2 beyond the endless assault on Indar.
  8. Helmet

    What a great outfit this is.. Fun group of players that can show results.
  9. Negator

  10. ozziewolf

    I joined The Vindicators roughly 8 years ago and have always enjoyed the friendly atmosphere they provide. We're a solid group of players who are for the most part very good at shooters. In Planetside 1 our outfit was ranked #6 on the leaderboard with half the players the other outfits in the top 10 had.

    It's a laid back friendly atmosphere where you're not treated like some rookie who doesn't know how to play a shooter. We don't run "training" ops where we teach you to run around in lines and pretty formations like it's some kind of real world fighting.
    We play the game and if some one asks for help fellow members volunteer and help in anyway we can.
    We understand there are times when you have 30 minutes and just want to relax solo before you log off. While we would prefer and like to encourage you play with us we won't chastise you for getting what enjoyment you can when you can.

    We have nights where we act semi-serious and keep Team Speak disciplined. During down time we're okay idle chit chat as long as some one isn't constantly talking for the sake of talking. If you're some one who feels the need to always be talking to the exclusion of those around you then we might not be the best fit for you.
    We're all here to have fun and if you're looking for a relaxed friendly atmosphere where the focus is on having fun then I welcome you to come check us out.
  11. PalinRMA

    I joined the Vindicators in Dec 2004. I came over from the BattleTech community when MechWar 4 starting growing old. I played with a few Outfits before Vinds in PS1 and none of them could come close to the Vindicators. Some of my MechWarrior friends were like you have to join the Vindicators so I did and 8 year later still I am a member.

    We game together, go to convention together, go out drinking together, and help out each other with PC parts when needed. It's hard to find another community like the Vindicators around. We try to make sure everyone is having fun and not take are self to seriously.
  12. WoOpin

    You can always see us on Buzzcuts live stream normally referred to them ******** with V in their names shortly followed by rage.

    I would also like to thanks Buzz personally for getting us a bunch of recruits off his livestream we have quite a few from who have joined because of them.
  13. Wolf

    Thanks Buzz
  14. Negator

    Badasses of Matherson.
  15. Wolf

    And a shout out from Higby. I'd have to rewatch it to confirm this buuuut......We got the only shout out!
  16. Negator

  17. Negator

    Ladies and Gents, we run ops Tues, Thurs, and Sat at 9pm EST. Feel free to hop in our TS and join the fun; it's listed in our application forum.
  18. Negator

    Not only are we conducting standard recruiting operations, but we are especially keen on increasing the number of euro players in our ranks. We currently have 10-15 (including our outfit leader) but would love to see a full platoon fielded during prime time GMT, paving the way for our north american players to carry on the fight.
  19. Negator

    bump for science
  20. Crazytrain

    Choosy moms choose Vindicators.

    Bumped on behalf of mothers everywhere.