The Valkyrie is Unplayable

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  1. Klabauter8

    This vehicle requires too much teamplay for this playerbase. You can not find any people for it who understand how to play in it. This game totally needs something to make it easier to find people for vehicles, otherwise you just have an unplayable vehicle in this game.

    You could as well just remove the Valkyrie then and only let it be for MLG matches or whatever. Either make it easier to find passengers (who know what they are doing), or just completely remove the rumble seats and give the Valkyrie weapons for the pilot.
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  2. HadesR

    Make friends > Group up > Teach them > Profit ...

    Ofc that requires teamplay and teamwork to ... So kinda need to make the effort
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  3. Leftconsin

    What server are you on? The IvI game has gotten boring to me. I'd love to do a lot more vehicle play with people.
  4. Klabauter8

    I already have a bunch of people on my friendslist, but noone is really interested in Valkyries enough to really learn how to use them, or they are already part of bigger outfits, or just from another faction.

    Last time I grouped up with people on my friendslist, half of them were already leaving when I tried to explain our tactics, and the other half didn't even understand me, or were totally unable to follow our tactics.

    I already tried everything... Making friends with my gunners and other Valk pilots, using region chat, posting on the forum, joining larger outfits, making an own outfit and inviting people, looking on reddit for Valk pilots and befriending them, etc etc.... It all didn't help at all. I already fly the Valkyrie for hundrets of hours now, constantly search for people, and I still don't have a single person I can fly with.
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  5. Klabauter8

    I'm on Miller.
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  6. Leftconsin

    Aw, thats too bad. I'm only on Connery and Emerald.
  7. 0fly0

    Agree with that, it's a teamplay vehicule and it's a very good one, just need to know how to play with your squad:
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  8. Yuki10

    2 engies with utility pouches + tank mines + archers
    2 heavies with lockons and battle-rifles or LMGs+C4+Anti-Tank granades

    = angry tells and wrecked armor

    Favorite strategy to fly behind enemy lines and drop tank mines in front of vehicle pads or on top of deployed sundies, then redeploy into valk to resupply with mines. Rinse, repeat.
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  9. OldMaster80

    I'm surprised, because a few weeks ago when I was telling the same you answered you got your best killstreaks on the Valkyrie. Either you were lying or you suffer a bad amnesia...

    Don't misunderstand: I'm in the same situation as you. Everyone knows the Valkyries problems. The main reason why the Valkyrie is unpopular is it requires a lot of skill and coordination to do things that are bloody easy with a Galaxy. It's just not worth.
    Comparing Galaxy and Valkyrie, the second has:

    * Same speed
    - Less armor
    - Less hp
    - Effectivness is strongly connected to the crew composition (which is the biggest problem imho. In fact most of suggestions to get the best from the Valkyrie concern carrying Engineers or HA with lock launchers)
    - No safe drop by default (aka utility slot not available for Flares or Fire Suppression)
    - Very limited firing angle (this is also a huge limitation that has no reason to stay)
    - Passengers can be killed by enemy fire
    - Very vulnerable to aircraft
    - Considered it can only carry 6 footsoldiers, it cost more resources to move the same amount of players because you need 2 Valkyries.
    + It's a smaller target

    It doesn't take Albert Einstein: given the facts above no sane player would chose the Valkyrie.
    The problem is in how the Valkyrie has been designed: it's a cheap troop transport in a game that does not require players logistic, because there are so many cheaper / safer / more powerful alternatives at every corner you just do not need that flying coffin.
    It's supposed to provide support to ground troops but it doesn't have the weapons, nor the utilities of the Galaxy.

    And as Malorn wrote on Reddit, the Valkyrie also has the big drawback that it's not available at every terminal. So in most of cases when it's about to relocate soldiers it's faster and safer for players to get a Sunderer, which is also very well armored and if offers a lot of flexibility with weapons. Kalabauter, you also wrote in another thread: organized outfits ignore the Valkyrie completely, this is no surprise: it gives no real advantage.

    TLDR: nothing new to read here, we've been telling the same old things for 1 year but at this point I don't think devs got it completely.
    * Either they add an additional turret or they need to give main weapons a 360° turning radius.
    * Some weapons still need a buff (CAS anyone?).
    * Repairing must be tweaked, so that 1-2 Engineers can provide all the regeneration needed without making the vehicle invincible.
    * Safe drop by default is a must.

    When this will be done don't be afraid you'll manage to do much better with the Valkyrie.
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  10. Klabauter8

    Listen you little idiot, I am saying this the whole time already, that this vehicle requires too much teamplay for this playerbase. You are the one who constantly acts like it's underpowerd, which is just complete bullsh*t. Just f*ck off with your r3tardation.

    Yes, i have my biggest killstreaks with it , by far, because it is excellent to farm infantry with if you have a good gunner. This doesn't mean that I can find any people for it though. Get a brain ffs. For a Valk you need a whole crew actually and not just a gunner.

    People like you are the main reason why it is so unpopular and noone wants to use it, because you do not understand how to play it and then just act like the vehicle is underpowered. The problem isn't the Valk, but this playerbase and how difficult it is to find people for it.
  11. sebastian oscar post

    "teamwork" you say hehe well this animation should sum up the air game; complete idiots everyone is!
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  12. Meeka

    Join a competent outfit, you will always have people willing to Valk with you.
  13. Kristan

    People in competent outfits don't want to fly in Valks. They get Galaxies. They pull Valks only for sh!ts and giggles.
  14. Navron

    False. Outfits are kinda irrelevant but if you have a squad of 6 or less and one happens to be a very good pilot, you can do more with it than a Galaxy. The only major problem with the Valk is that people don't want to take the time to learn to use it. There are only a few people in my outfit that are amazing Valk pilots (that I know of) but people enjoy flying with them.
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  15. Kristan

    False. Lot of my people who spent many hours in Valk still say that it is crap. Most of times it get pulled only when we have a half of squad just to make a single drop, that's all. They are pretty aware how fragile Valk is and they don't want to get themselves killed that way.

    And we used to use Galaxies as gunship, destroying both air and ground while being far more tanked than Valk. Besides Gal actually able to use fire suppression.

    The only time when Valk actually fulfilled its role is public squad. When random people realised how useful this aircraft as small flying spawn point and able to carry troops at places where sunderers are slow and terrible, like Hossin.
  16. Navron

    Dunno... Air lockons are nearly impossible to avoid but you should still be able to avoid ESF and Galaxy fire. Libs are tougher because of how ridiculously fast they can be. Keeping in mind that the Valk is simply a transport vehicle, a good pilot should be able to maintain it for a significant amount of time before it inevitably goes down.
  17. OldMaster80

    I came to the conclusion that's the role devs had in mind for the Valkyrie: it must go down. It's not mean to chase vehicles or infantry, or provide A2G support: you just fly to the target as fast as possible, drop your soldiers, and fly away or let it die if. It might happen, sometimes, by case, that the gunner manages to kill something. But it's a mere question of luck (or skill in case you are Khall95).

    The role of transport vehicle would be perfect for the Valkyrie. If only players didn't have such a wide choice of cheap and powerful vehicles to move from A to B.
  18. Klabauter8

    I wouldn't say that it is only a transport vehicle. Even with just a good gunner, you can kill infantry with it really well, and when you have a really organized crew for it, you can be extremely effective with it. All you need is just engies with high explosives in the back, and you can kill everything on the ground within seconds. And you don't even have to jump out for this, but also just can throw the explosives out of the rumble seats, mostly. This just takes some practice to master, but it is totally doable.

    I think that's one of the major mistakes people make about this vehicle. They only see it as some kind of cheap air-taxi for the poor, although you actually can do so much more with it. To me, it is more of a unique specialist vehicle, rather than just a mere transport vehicle to get people from A to B. Sadly, this just seems impossible to do for me with this playerbase. All you can do is just giving randoms a cheap taxi ride.
  19. Meeka

    That's why I said competant outfits... as only competent outfits know how to use a Valk to its full advantage. :)
  20. Ginjix

    Only thing I don't understand is why Valks don't have squad spawn by default rather than taking up what could be a useful utility slot.
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