[Suggestion] The upcoming MAX update.

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  1. Clonecenter-resident

    Dear developers,

    The last we heard you were planning on providing new factional abilities for MAX units in the update and had decided on giving the NC a shield and the TR a lockdown ability which sounded like they would function similarly to the way they did in planetside.

    When it came to the topic of the VS max the response was "we're not sure, we don't want to give them jumpjets like ps1" Probably because it would impose on the LA's ability to be the only class that can fly.

    If you have not come to a decision for an ability yet I have one I would like to suggest to you.

    Working title: "Disco party" (the name is a joke, but everything else is serious)

    In keeping with the factional theme of long range and low recoil (and light shows) I believe the VS max should be able to enter a "supercharged" state whereupon its weapons fire at their normal rate but have a greatly reduced (or possibly none, I think it would work best with none) cone of fire and increase the projectile speed greatlly. A 100% increase (double normal values) would put their anti-infantry weapons at 800 or 900 speed (depending on weapon). We know the engine can handle these speeds because of the new lancer. If you allow the TR lockdown ability to buff the rate of fire of their AA and AV weapons then you should also consider allowing this ability to increase the projectile speed of the same weapons. (comets are horribly slow and extremely visible, this is a bad combination)

    I suggest that this effect should have an accompanying drawback, after all, TR will have to root themselves to get their benefit and NC's will only have a short duration. My proposed drawback is visibility. Engaging or turning this ability on should produce a glow around the max (similar to HA's) with small electrical arcs jumping around within it like a small electrical field, this would be visual only, no actual damage done from this.

    Additionally the weapons themselves should produce a tracer effect similar to the lancer's, smaller and with less duration, but similar.

    Optionally, a small mechanical assembly on the back of the max (backpack size when folded) that unfolds like wings (butterfly, not bird) and exposes radiators or solar panels or some other such sci-fi gadgets.

    This would provide the VS with an ability that is both functional, and useful; reinforce their faction traits of low recoil and long range (and light shows) and would finally give the VS max a role to fill.
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  2. Clonecenter-resident

    Well, I guess no one liked that idea, here is an alternate idea then.

    NC have a factional trait of shotguns, they get a shotgun for their HA, a shotgun for their mbt, and a shotgun for their esf.
    TR have a factional trait of chaingun/rotary weapons. They get one for their HA, MBT, and ESF.
    VS have a factional trait of plasma balls (?) They get one for their HA (lasher) MBT (proton II PPA) and ESF (ppa something?)

    The NC and TR maxes share those factional traits by having shotguns and chainguns for their AI weapons (respectively) Allow the VS trait to turn their AI weapons into a more factional weapon by having it add a small aoe when it contacts something.

    Functionally it would work the same as the lasher except with aoe damage proportional to the bullet damage.
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  3. BeefySleet

    Nerf NC MAX's.
  4. Clonecenter-resident

    What on earth does that have to do with the (admittedly one sided) conversation?
  5. BeefySleet

  6. Terrarion

    this was mentioned somewhere, give vs max ability to teleport to where they point their mouse (max distance 25m). since these abilities take up ability slot (where charge is currently at) its practically upgrade of charge with fitting technology in line with vanu philosophy (superior tech trait specializing in mobility) it is also unique from la since the ability is usable once in a while and allow horizontal warp at great speed. nothing gamebreaking but certainly adds new level of strategy and depth.
  7. Lampenfieber

    I hope, thos fanboys who always want to nerf everything forget to visit this forum for at least 1 month
  8. FreelancePanic

    Only if it is accompanied by Vanu techno which is broadcast to all nearby players regardless of faction.
  9. Maer

    I feel like the idea is too similar to the TR max idea. Providing similar effects in a different manner.

    The Vanu ability should just be large amounts of mobility.

    Think "Magburner" in any held direction with a longer duration and shorter recast. The other two max abilities follow suit with the tanks of that faction. Ours should be no different. Yes, flight would be a little absurd (and not ideal, really) but a Maxburner wouldn't bother me at all. Maybe damage immunity while burning around as well, if it turns out to be underpowered.
  10. FreelancePanic

    MAX charge is already a stock option for all factions. It's pretty much Magburner for MAXes.
  11. Clonecenter-resident

    But all maxes already have that ability, how would you make this better?
  12. Maer

    Max charge is nothing like what I described.

    Max charge is a hugely unwieldy sprint in one direction. This would be much more functional and actually serve the purpose. Faster strafe, fast movement in ANY direction.

    Just be aware.. these aren't meant to have any effect on max BALANCE. That is being done separately.
  13. Clonecenter-resident

    If that is what you are talking about then it is nothing like magburner either. Have you actually used both of those before?
  14. Pikachu

  15. hansgrosse

    IMO, best bet's to just make MAX charge unavailable to NC and TR MAXes and make VS MAXes cert into it. Superior VS mobility achieved.
  16. Rown

    Best suggestion I've read is to give Vanu maxes a shadowstep similar to what fades have in Natural Selection 2 (the short, instantáneous one, not the other ability called Blink that allows you to fly). It'd be cool, useful, alien, and wouldn't increase directly the max's offensive or defensive power.
  17. Syphers

    No way this mobility would boost both offensive and defensive power , MAXs are powerful they're not meant to be extremely mobile juggernauts
  18. Rown

    I don't mean the exact same ability but adjusted in how frequently can you use it to be comparable to the other max's special skills (or Charge)

    I realize an ability like this would make the max more powerful, but that's the point. If it's not going to have any use, why take or even implement it in the first place? An ability like shadowstep wouldn't increase the maxes passively as more fire rate or a shield would do, but instead depend on the user's skill.
  19. TeknoBug

    Devralis is the ONLY NC MAX that's been able to kill me post GU6, every other NC MAX I've faced failed to kill me.
  20. carbonite

    I like your suggestion it is akin to an Overdrive state - which I think would be fitting for the VS MAX. If I think of something else, I will be sure to come back and post it.