The Unbalanced Breakfast (TUBB)

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by kaptinkrunch88, May 22, 2013.

  1. kaptinkrunch88

    The most important meal of the day has come to Connery. We are now accepting new members. We have our new "Meals on Wheels" program and we are feeding the VS and TR a steady diet of humble pie. Bon apatite b*tches.

    I know I posted this on your Helios post, but well... **** it :

    The UnBalanced Breakfast - Caution : Choking Hazard, May also be Nuts.

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  3. desdicardo

    What TUBB lacks in size they make up for in spirit, and if it that were a stat, TUBB would be at the top of the leaderboard.
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  4. kaptinkrunch88

    Thank you my frenemy. I hope to see you and your troops often. You guys are the best training we can get!
  5. kaptinkrunch88

    We've added a couple more troops. The Chihuahuas are getting deep. Who let the dogs out? I may have to learn how to run a squad....damn it.

    I can learn ya some if ya want buddy. I train up Officers all the time one more ain't gonna make much of a difference.
  7. kaptinkrunch88

    The Unbalanced Breakfast. Want some? Get some!
  8. ArcKnight

    I have a shiny new NC toon on Vonnerery and frankly he's lonely cause my main NC is on Waterson
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    TUBB - Almost like our little brothers on Connery, and like any little brother, you **** with them, we will ******* **** you.
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  10. kaptinkrunch88

    Add me on Connery and you are welcome to run with us.
  11. Killuminati C

    Every time I find myself on Amerish I know that TUBB isn't too far away, watching my back.
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  12. kaptinkrunch88

    If you see that lone Lib with the Amerish camo screaming into the fight you know it's TUBB. The meals on wheels sundy out on a road rage road trip means TUBB is serving a cold breakfast. We're always glad to have your back brother.
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    Bump for the Chihuahuas of Amerish.
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    Response bump from my thread!

    Don't let TUBB's outward appearance fool you! These guys are packing heat (in more ways than one) :eek:
  15. x Syntax x

    Where can I apply?
  16. kaptinkrunch88

    We are very informal Syntax. Just add me or sulaco99 in game and we'll send you an invite. We're on most week nights after 5pm pacific time and weekends we're on various times throughout the day.
  17. kaptinkrunch88

    TUBB had a bit of fun in the snow last night. We gave a little better than we got and we had fun. Mission accomplished! Anyone interested in a casual small outfit feel free to add me or sulaco99 in game and we'd be glad to take you for a test drive. All skill levels welcome. We are noob friendly and our only requirement is no pr*cks. It's a game and if it's more to you than that, then TUBB is not for you.
  18. Sulaco99

    Our specialty is Lib runs, but we'll pull anything and roll anything.
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    Rolled a three man squad with TUBB member Jango and one of my officers yesterday. Coincidentally, we were playing "Django" at the time. Rules were as follows:
    1. Commissioner as primary.
    2. Iron sight bolt action of pump action with slugs as secondary.
    3. "Traps" (Betties, AT mines, etc.) allowed.
    4. "Horses and Carriages" only: Flash, Harasser.

    lots and lots of lolz :p
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  20. Blarg20011

    I just crafted a nice NC alt on Connery the other day, sign me up! Kaptin, your IGN is the same as your forum name correct?
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