[Suggestion] The Ultimate Thread Dedicated to Refurbishing TR as a Faction

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  1. GhostAvatar

    I am glad you said that. NC and VS highest RoF carbines are 143 damage @ 845 rpm. TR highest RoF carbine is 143 damage @ 800 rpm. Now tell me what is broken, TR or NC/VS?
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  2. EliteEskimo

    1. Oh I gotcha, that makes sense. Well I always felt the Orion was way more accurate than the Carv, and had the ability to dominant outside in courtyards of amp stations and the like. I always felt that the vanu having very low to no recoil and a fast reload was their advantage. Wouldn't the Orion still be deadly if it just fired somewhat slower but was still super accurate as it is now?

    2. I gotta go eat, I haven't eaten in like 11 hours, but I'll be back lol
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  3. HadesR

    You know what I mean which is the point :p

    But does seem SOE balance a lot of high RoF weapons by giving them a higher dmg drop off .. So maybe a lower but more consistent damage would suit TR's trait better.
  4. EliteEskimo

    I appreciate you offering incite Ghost, but lets try to refrain from using terms like broken, OP, nerf, and the like as it typically brings in the trolls which I really don't want in this thread and certainly don't want them picking a fight with you within it.:)
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  5. Liquid23

    the problem is most people calculate TTK without taking into account anything BUT RoF and Damage... they ignore CoF, recoil and the like which play a big part in the actual TTK you will experience in game as apposed to what it says on their spreadsheet... not to mention most of the time the difference between two weapons isn't even enough to require an extra bullet so the practical difference is nothing in game on that front and then ONLY the other factors people don't use to calculate TTK matter

    just because on paper you calculated the TTK of two weapons does not mean it will ever actually happen like that in game... not unless two players stand at point blank and just unload into each others chest after a shared countdown... so no for the most part the TTKs people post don't mean jack
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  6. HadesR

    Well did suggest swapping the stats between the guns to give the TR the 845rpm ..

    But was more aimed at those guns where TR already hold the highest RoF and it would be difficult to just increase it , such as the Orion / Carv
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  7. EliteEskimo

    "Terran Republic weapons have the fastest firing rates, largest ammo capacities, and are generally designed to allow for maximum sustainable damage.”

    So yes consistent and reliable damage would work the best. Our guns are supposed to be reliable, accurate, shoot fast, but pack a somewhat smaller punch than the NC so the user that handles their vertical recoil should net the kill ideally.
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  8. TheBloodEagle

    I'll clarify my post a bit more. I like the TMG-50 because it is the only TR weapon that does 167 @ 10, 143 @ 75m and that was the most important factor for me. It's the equivalent of 5.56×45mm (M16) versus 7.62×39mm (AK47). I've been playing since beta and got the TMG-50 earlier on and it made a big difference to my playstyle. I do engage people out of close range very very often. That extra damage per bullet is a big difference. But, I agree with you, it's hilarious how higher BR TR use the TMG-50 but the NC for MONTHS complained about their weapons when they have 4 equivalents, not to mention the SAW. In fact, many people even disregarded what the damage models meant or even the fact that min damage at max range meant anything. Everyone just spewed DPS, TTK stuff over and over. I love the Gauss Saw, Gauss Saw S & EM6 but I did not go NC because I couldn't stand how they were on the forums & I didn't enjoy their aesthetics (guns, sounds and models) & lore.
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  9. GhostAvatar

    Unfortunately I was not the first to use the term broken. Merely suggesting that other factions already have our trait in cases we do not, but they still retain the same damage values. To state that increasing the TR RoF while retaining the damage would break a weapon is just plain false. Unless of course the other factions are stating that their weapons are broken themselves.
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  10. WalrusJones

    Well, Its been consistently proven that burst damage is about all that matters at range, in this game.

    Thus, If I was designing TR Weaponry for range, I would make their long range guns primarily reverse-logic guns, with very flashy tracers/hit effects (To put emphasis on their suppressing fire ability,)

    A 400 RPM semi auto sniper, with absurdly high recoil down (Which makes it so its first crosses the original point of aiming at 300 RPM, jumps slightly off target if you miss this 300 RPM mark, dropping you down to 220 RPM if you wait for the gun to totally settle,) which does 167 damage at close range, 235 damage at 40 meters, and has accelerating bullets starting at 625 Meters per second.
    - Bullets generate a black puff of smoke on impact.
    - Due to the absurdly high recoil down attribute, manual compensation would be nigh impossible.
    - Would have abnormally good hipfire accuracy, to compensate for its short mag (14 rounds, probably,) and long time to kill in comparison to other snipers.
    -- Most flexible sniper, and arguably one of the best for counter sniping.

    A 952 rifle, with higher then average base spreads, 112-125 damage, but virtually no bloom, and short reload times: A tool of unparalleled suppressing fire capability.

    ETC. ETC.

    Naturally, Incredibly strict utility-based all-rounder weapons like the SABR are also a good feel for TR long range.
  11. GhostAvatar

    In the classes where TR already hold the highest RoF with no equal, then TR should not be increased.

    What should be happening is that TR should have the highest RoF with no equal in every automatic class. Just like the NC has the highest damage with no equal in those classes and VS has no bullet drop with no equal in those classes.
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  12. HadesR

    What about Carbines for example ?

    As per my example above with Swapping Lynx stats with the GD
    The GD would become a 800rpm weapon with dmg of 143 @ 10m and 100 @ 60m
    The Lynx would become a 845rpm with 143 @ 10m and 100@ 60m

    If that happened would changing the Lynx's dmg to 125 @ 10m and 125 @ 60m be a viable change for TR ?
    It would make it TR's highest RoF carbine
    Not the best TR carbine in CQC but the best at longer range.

    ( numbers are just examples ofc )

    Would it open more options ?
  13. Sweet Jackal

    This pretty much hits the nail on the head. As a complete faction the TR is floundering about on the design table, either getting designs that do not match the direction statement for the faction or having such gear handed off to the other factions.
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  14. WalrusJones

    The Mercy treatment might work....

    But we have 4 more models for every class of weapon, we may as well use them instead if are going to make big side-grade changes to a weapon.

    As much as I see it, all of the current weaponry, aside from the vanu, follow standardized logic patterns...
    They are common pattern.

    Each faction should have a second series of 3-4 weapons that reverse the logic of generic weaponry in some way, doing something irrational in a way that makes them more in line with faction traits.

    VS weapons with high damage falloff, that lash at all falloff ranges.

    TR weapons that speed up, and do more damage at range.

    NC weapons that have a different kind of select fire... Instead of changing fire mode, it adjusts the recoil/damage/rof ratio of the weapon in some way.
  15. HadesR

    Totally understand that and not going to find much argument from me .. Since I post as a player who wants a balanced game rather than as an NC just looking out for X faction.
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  16. EliteEskimo

    Ya I completely agree. I'm also hoping this very accurate spread sheet I used, which I found thanks to an Australian TR Player:cool:, will be used in the future so people can use accurate statistics and not SPH or something less useful like that.
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  17. Felixbz

    I completely agree with the original post, the TR need to have highly accurate (absolutely NO horizontal recoil, or barely noticable at worst) with medium recoil (more than the Vanu, less than the NC) and the HIGHEST RATE OF FIRE, give us atleast 100 RPM advantage with LMG's and assault rifles over other factions, the reason i joined the TR was so i could have high ROF guns with good accuracy and large ammo magazines, what do i get? some mediocre faction that is neglected by all of the developers because they're either biased ******* or because they generally have no ******* idea what the hell they're doing to the TR with all these ****** updates, i'm literally about to stop playing the game because of it, seven of my friends already have because they ****** us over so bad.
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  18. Dingus148

    What if NC were given a COF bloom reduction but given more horizontal recoil, while TR weapons were given vert recoil? It would make NC weapons all about burst fire and TR weapons all about dakka. Obviously, a lot of numbers would need to change, but to me this seems to be more in line with factional theme. I can see a lot of NC weapons needing additional damage to compensate, and a possible bullet velocity buff would not be unfair. Besides, NC have a lot of adv. grip weapons, yet TR has all the horizontal recoil. It's like the factions were designed to be that way/

    My thinking is as follows: NC have heavy-hitting weapons, heavy hitting weapons jump around a lot. TR have smaller calibre bullet hoses, eventually (regardless of skill) you're gonna end up spraying like an ork...but until then they're gonna be managable. Thoughts? Particularly interested in what NC players would make of this.
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  19. EliteEskimo

    Lets keep this thread alive and noticed like my past thread which got developer attention. Remember, there's no quit in a TR! [IMG]
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  20. EliteEskimo

    1. I'm not sure if giving the NC significantly more horizontal recoil would be a good idea. I think the Gauss saw could handle it because you can put like 400-600 certs into it and make it a beast but how would the other NC guns react? I want to balance TR guns, but af the same time don't want to hit another faction with a ton of horizontal recoil unless they have proper attachments to handle it.

    2. I think TR needs just under medium vertical recoil- to medium recoil. TR guns don't get that many cool attachments, which I think makes no sense as they are a professional army, which is another reason why TR should have little to absolutely no horizontal recoil. TR picked the most reliable guns they could find after hundreds of years, you really think they would keep the ones with horizontal recoil? lol

    3. I think NC guns hit plenty hard already and wouldn't need a damage buff, that being said a projectile velocity buff only makes sense on your Gauss type weapons. Gauss weapons use magnets to shoot out projectiles at super high velocities. I'm all for faction uniqueness in that case.
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