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  1. Alexander Chadwick

    This might be an unpopular idea (due to it's endgame requirements and many other reasons), but I thought I'd post it anyway to see what people think.

    Is the concept of a Directive using Directive weapons a good idea?

    There are currently 9 main weapon archetypes, Submachine guns, Snipers, Sidearms, Shotguns, Scout Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Carbines, Rocket Launchers and Assault Rifles. (I'm not counting heavy weapons or knives because they are slightly more specialised and don't quite fit into what I'm suggesting).

    Each weapon archetype has a directive linked to it, with a special shiny new weapon as a reward. I suggest creating a new Directive which requires the player to Auraxium each directive weapon to complete.

    This would take a painful amount of time, but would create incentive to grind towards, and use, Directive weapons. Some people don't like using certain weapon types. For example, I've never touched a Scout Rifle in my entire playthough, and I have no reason to, because getting kills on 5 Scout Rifles, with another Scout rifle as a reward is not worth it.

    However, if I knew that I could show off some kind of ridiculous achievement, it would be a lot more tempting.

    What would the reward for this Directive be? After getting to that point, you've basically "won" Planetside anyway, so a new gun would be lacklustre. Titles are an option, but very lazy and might make the Directive feel like an afterthought if it were to ever be made a reality. My best idea is to create some sort of very noticeable and/or glowy camo which would make the user very easy to spot, but also let everyone nearby know that they are an absolute killing machine with any weapon. Other suggestions would ne fun to read.

    (Full transparency, I have unlocked the Directives for Assault Rifles, Carbines and Light Machine Guns. I'm about to unlock Shotguns as well. I am not willing to attempt other Directives (well, maybe SMG), so I thought this would be a good idea for me.

    What do you guys think?
  2. TR5L4Y3R

    i would mind such a directive, don´t realy care either ... if you like to give completionists something new be my guest ....

    for me: i just wish they´d make directives with an alt option for damage dealt instead of kills ....
    1000 kills or 1000000 damage ... simple ...
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  3. TR5L4Y3R

    wouldn´t *
  4. Tunashamed

    More directive achievements is always fun, but it would be silly to have another directive weapon at the end. New players don't want to find out they need 30k kills to get the weapon they just got killed by.
  5. TR5L4Y3R

    what matters i that the directive weapon isn´t just wastly supperior to the default or certable options ..
    i mean new players already will find out they´ll have to invest 4000 certs and 4000 kills in order to get 1 directive weapon ...

    the weapon could be again something similar to or a mix of default weapons, just with more shiny and chrome and some flexingeffects like the C4 Arx detonationeffect that was also given to the Krakenlauncher ... stuff like that ....

    however what should be a thing is for directive weapons to be testable in VR