The Ultimate Combined Arms Thread (Tanks vs Infantry)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EliteEskimo, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. deggy

    Vehicles don't have any appreciable splash damage anymore, it takes two shots minimum to kill an enemy with splash since the changes to HE rounds. And since infantry are revivable, the stacking is still horrible. One enemy unit left alive means the entire group survives. On the collision note, anyone else notice dead bodies being collidable objects lately?

    The problem I'm seeing is that a lot of the infantry AV is basically a tank without the armor. That means it's just as good, if not better, in terrain that's friendly to tanks. Think of the area between Indar Excavation and Quartz Ridge, or, as I've been known to call it, the place where armor goes to die. Once the Phalanx Turrets on each side are gone, you'd expect armor to dominate that fight, but infantry with lock-ons, Lancers, and AV turrets still kill most of the armor that rolls out.

    That kind of open-field fight is where infantry shouldn't be advancing without armor cover. A tank column in that fight should be the deciding factor, but that means it has to live long enough to make a difference.
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  2. hostilechild

    I am not a tanker, but there really needs to be a huge difference in HE and AP rounds. You farm infantry or you farm tanks. Right now the difference isn't big enough to make much of a difference. HE should be super effective against infantry maybe double what it is now but less versus armor. But at same time AP should be double against armor and less versus infantry.

    People yell all the time how HA can do it all and how they shouldn't have 1 load out or 1 AV to do it all yet tanks have pretty much had this for ever. Its better now but there still needs to be more seperation between AI and AV rounds. This alone would fix a huge amount of the infantry complaints.
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  3. Flapatax

    DA already proved what it needed to to BWC. 6-2.

    Because tanks are boring. In tank versus tank it's who gets the first shot in, and everything else is a farm.

    You see, we've seen what BWC does with tanks on Indar. Since the last game update never before have I seen a group of people jump on a glitch like you guys did with the explosive damage through the spawn. Deploying to an Indar Ex defense (normally one of the only fun fights on Indar) that BWC has had time to set up on is miserable--I start taking damage before I even leave the spawn tube room.
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  4. Tristan

    Lies and slander! BWC has too much honor to engage in such behavior!
  5. Sock

    DA doesn't pull tanks because open field engagements are pointless. Why fight over open land when we can just redeploy/fly to the next base where the cap points are? Granted, this is a huge issue in game design, but you're SOL if you expect to see a DA armor column any time soon.

    If open field tank battles are what you enjoy, by all means, do it. It's a game, have fun. Just don't expect to see us rolling around in magriders at a blistering 47 KPH.

    ps nerf AV turrets
  6. Cpmartins

    "Because tanks are boring. In tank versus tank it's who gets the first shot in, and everything else is a farm."

    Sigh, ok, let's do this.
    Tank versus tank engagement, when the forces are about equal in skill and certing, are some of the most brutally long and tactically interesting battles in planetside 2 now. It is NEVER, and I mean NEVER about the first shot, unless you get taken from behind and, in that case, the skill level was off to begin with.
    There are usually 8-14 people on any given op when rampage gets activated, and that means out group will never be taken completely by surprise by a tank. Harassers are another story.
    Alpha strikes are exchanged, no tanks die. They never do, unless it was one piece of armor by itself.
    Now the tango begins. Armor gets hulled down and provide support fire while others move between cover to try and find a more advantageous targeting solution.
    All that while considering infantry positions, possible flanking scenarios and air cover(that's usually my job). Thinking is not optional and, whomever rushes forward without support gets shredded.
    After between 2 to 8 minutes of attrition a victory/defeat scenario begins to form. Reevaluation of our position in case of the latter is taken.
    Reform in case of defeat, reposition to support infantry otherwise.
    So, like I said at the beginning, Nope.
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  7. deggy

    Tanks are one of the best separation-of-loadout examples in the game. AP has almost zero splash damage, so it's awful against infantry, and HE is an auto-lose against anything running AP. Shooting someone in rear armor (which is weaker) with HE is about the same as shooting them in front armor with AP. That's a huge difference.

    If you're complaining because AP OHKO's infantry on a direct hit, I don't know what to tell you... Don't take an AP round to the face, maybe :p

    Infantry loadouts are actually the ones that can do everything too well. And tanks can't change loadout once spawned, they're locked into it.

    My Maggie goes 63... Racer is a wonderful thing, and when you combine it with maxed Magburner you can keep up with a stock Lightning :D

    So for 2500 certs you can keep up with a stock vehicle... Yeah. It's sad. Why is the Mag slower than the Vanguard, again?
  8. EliteEskimo

    What bias BS. You find tanks boring because like DA you probably almost never use them. In a tank fight it is also not who gets the first shot in because whether the next shots hit or miss after the first shot counts too, and your use of cover and hulling down in the fight can make all the difference. That statement right there is how I know you don't tank, because you don't even know how tank battles play out. If I get the first shot on a Vanguard and then he pops shield and I don't have cover then what? He'll probably win if he and his gunner land his shots.

    Furthermore when BWC came into that match against DA expecting that we could use MBT's, and we had 2-3 of our players in that fight against DA as dedicated tankers who we picked to tank. Right before the match we found out they couldn't pull Prowlers and had them try to play infantry against DA instead. So how the heck is it even a comparison on how Rampage could do against DA in MBT's if MBT's weren't even allowed to be pulled in our match against them?:rolleyes:

    Rampage has no training on how to glitch spawn and I've never seen us purposely do it, I don't know how to do it after 250+ hours in my Prowler, and also considering we always run both HEAT/AP and never HE I also find your claim unlikely. It's too bad the game sometimes doesn't work, but just because you got dominated by our tanks and assumed we use exploits to do what we do is a lie at worst and an exaggeration at best.
  9. Sock

    I think I speak for all of us when I say we would gladly accept a rematch where you use any many prowlers as you want.
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  10. Flapatax

    DA expected you to be able to use prowlers. In fact, we saw your roster and were counting on it. The fact that the first match ended before you would've been able to drive them there doesn't matter though, I guess.

    I have a lot of certs into magrider, and I wish I could take them back. Peeking, farming a few kills or grinding down an enemy tank before going back to cover and repairing is like the slow, inbred cousin version of an infantry fight. I might actually enjoy a lightning, but I'm not wasting certs on that for now.

    I like the idea of having three branches of combat. Most of your changes, however, shoe horn tanks into fights where they shouldn't be. Being able to shoot at people going to a point quickly becomes shooting into a point building.

    Also every time I've been killed by C4 in my mag I've felt like an idiot, not like the guy quick enough to get up on my steel death machine should be nerfed.

    True facts though, the AV turret is broken.

    Finally, getting killed inside the spawn room in a tower (as in, not even near a shield) is not what I would qualify as getting "rolled". I don't think you all seek out exploits, but I don't think you look to closely when you start getting kills for shooting at a wall when there are no Q-spotted enemies in sight, either. You're right, the game is broken. Wallsamir makes it a little more tolerable.
  11. Mannylol

    Cries of lancer OP and AV turrets2stronk would be in order as the prowlers wouldn't get anywhere close to the base.
  12. Tristan

    What you really mean is that BWC didn't bother to understand the rules correctly, because two days ahead of time the rules said 'You can pull tanks from the warpgate'. Additionally, that round would have been even easier if you had sent 2-3 people off to pull tanks that wouldn't have gotten there in time, so it's probably a good thing for BWC that they didn't.
  13. Aesir

    Yes the Vanguard was faster than Prowlers in PS1 and a bit slower than Lightnings. But it took forever to reach said speed and it's traverse was the worse, though still not as worse as right now in PS2 were Tanks have literally jelly on their tracks.

    PS1 stats:

    Lightning 75kmph
    Magrider 65kmph(67-68 if strafing at full speed)
    Vanguard 60kmph
    Prowler 57kmph

    Compare that to the fastest ground Vehicles of PS1 ...

    Wraith ATV 88kmph
    Harasser 85kmph
    Skyguard 80kmph

    Tanks were by no means slow in PS1 ... Most ground Vehicles that didn't relied on hit and run were pretty much as fast as Tanks ...

    One possible reason for the speed change is the fact that the PS2 Magrider is as solid as a Prowler, while in PS1 the Magrider was way more fragile than both the Prowler and the Vanguard ...

    Here some charts ...
  14. Ender

    I just want to clarify a few things. I have 3 days played in the mag with 46% accuracy and 301 SPM. This isn't the same amount of time relatively compared to your tank time/overall time, but it's quite a bit. Add the 2 1/2 days in my lightning and i'm not clueless when it comes to tanks, I just don't prefer all.

    This is a LIE. I'm not sure why casuals told you guys that, because that rule wasn't changed until ROUND 3. I was in the same conversation as him and left thinking, "yeah, they're going to get he prowlers and lock-down at 300m". Sounds like a fun 12v12. This doesn't surprise me though because you guys also weren't able to read the rules correctly and then tried to say, "we didn't know pulling sunderer's was allowed." Come on, you had days to read these rules and no one got this right?


    1) Attackers will start with 2 sunderers

    a) Hard Spawn Sunderer (See Sunderers Rules below)

    b) Mobile Sunderer (See Sunderers Rules below)


    1) Do not use interfering sunderers

    a) Interfering Sunderers are those that brought into the match zone by players not participating in the match

    2) Hard Spawn Sunderer

    a) Do not destroy the Hard Spawn Sunderer*

    b) Immediately call out hard spawn destruction so the hosts can confirm if it was a participating player or not

    c) Location is designated by ReachCast Referee

    4) Mobile Sunderer

    a) Can be destroyed

    b) Can be deployed anywhere

    c) Starting location is determined by ReachCast Referee


    1) Abiding by the Redeploy Rules in Starting Positions, spawning vehicles from other locations is permitted

    2) MBTs may only be spawned from the Warp Gate (Refer to Redeploy Rules)

    3) Air vehicles are not permitted in 12v12 or smaller matchups.

    4) No other vehicles can be pulled before round start other than the previously listed sunderers

    5) Other than the explicitly listed situations, spawning vehicles are permitted

    a) Spawning vehicles falls under Redeployment rules regarding Warp Gates

    Please tell me where, anywhere, it says that pulling sunderers is not allowed. It doesn't. I know MBT's were allowed in the first round because the conversation went something like - casuals: can we pull mbts - ender: it was up to reachcast to dis-allow it if the base was much farther from one warpgate than the other, which wasn't the case and i'm pretty sure torkz said yeah if you want to go back and pull them that's fine. So why he came back and told you you COULDN'T is beyond me, because they were definitely allowed for Round 1,2. Not that it would matter, because it would have taken you guys 3+ minutes to get them back to The Traverse, at which point.. they'd be arriving just as we captured the base.

    You guys also brought players such as Harvester along. Harvester is a great pilot, but I even asked why you brought Harvester if air wasn't allowed to which I got the reply, "because he's a good infantry player." Oh? Ok, gotcha. 16% infantry accuracy seems helpful.

    I suggest NOT looking at my twitch VODs from this week or last if you think there aren't several BWC members abusing the **** out of this. Did we report them or make a big deal? No, we just redeployed. Your definition of dominated should probably be re-evaluated if you think killing people in the spawns is legit though.
  15. Herby20

    > "Ultimate Combined Arms Thread"
    > No mention of aircraft in opening post at all.

    You make me sad Eskimo.:(
  16. deggy

    Not participating in this argument, just pointing out that anyone who spends any time in vehicles is going to have very low infantry accuracy due to Repair Guns.

    Except for the part at the end where it says (Tanks vs. Infantry) :p
  17. Herby20

    Then it should have a different title! That is like a steakhouse that doesn't serve steak. Ridiculous!
  18. deggy

    It's like a Vegan Steakhouse that doesn't serve steak... It's right there in the title ;)
  19. jak

    Ender's not lying. I've seen it a few times, though it's hard to tell if they're doing it intentionally since they're usually 200m or so away. Died to one a couple times before I figured out it was bugged. Again, I'm not saying they're doing it intentionally...maybe they think they're killing guys that run out of the spawn?
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  20. jak

    301? Up your game, son. 482 here - you must be doing something silly like shooting vehicles...
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