The Truth why Connery NC has always been pressed this hard?

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  1. SuperMinghaha

    Neither because of the weapons nor the vehicles, but the intellectual deficiency of most NC players! In another word, RETARxEd! Yes, you hear right!

    If you have played NC long enough, surely you will come to realize that there exists these two kinds of mental disabilities called "GSGS" and "1sts", for which they share a same property - they'er both contagious! Here are some symptoms that by which you can easily identify whether a player is a Carrier or not.

    1. Have more than one full platoon push on one TR(VS) point for Hours (Amazingly! they still can't take it!!) while VS(TR) has taken most of NC's territories and is taking their last step to Gate the NC. However, GSGS are so "persistent" that they can still attentively push on that single f@king stronghold to the last man. (Probably their Commander does not know how to read the MAP) - Result: NC got slaped.

    2. Have more than one full platoon ghost-cap Esamir or Amerish, while massive attacks are on Indar and NC is in desperate need of reinforcement. - Result: NC got slaped.

    3. Have more than one full platoon pull out from an intense fight against the TR to the east, and thus launch an invasion on VS to the north, while VS and TR are fighting near Rashnu area. - Result - VS turns round and push NC all the way back to the warpgate. Meanwhile, TR has already pushed to the NC warpgate area. - So, NC got slaped.

    4. Have a bunch of ppl cap behind enemy lines, leaving capped areas for the TR(VS) to retake in a min or 2, since they can't spare any ppl to defend that certain area. So why the hell are they doing so from the beginning? If you can get the answer, then you must be a Carrier. - Result: They got slaped.

    ----------------------To be continued--------------------
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  2. WaitShift

    (and it's slapped)
  3. jjruh

    I know the feels, for the longest time when the Vanu held the south eastern warp gate. I could tell you the cycle that would happen every single time i played the game. for the entire time the VS held the southeast gate.
    1. Vanu starts from nothing, having been warpgated.
    2. Vanu takes Rashnu and Twarich.
    3. Vanu takes zurvan, crown, howling pass.
    4. Vanu fights at allatum and mao tech
    5. Vanu looses twarich, crown, and rashnu
    6. Vanu gets warpgated.
    7. Cycle repeats.
    And thus was the existence of the vanu from GU2 to GU4.
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  4. ikillyou1990

    Read the first line and I already agree with you..I have logged out more then one due to the incompetence of the Connery NC. Really sad how the VS can just walk into the crown with about a half dozen people and take it with no resistance, same with any base that should be a large fight..Makes me facepalm at how idiotic half the Connery NC are.
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  5. WalrusJones

    The Helios NC haven't been much better: They have been getting beaten back despite outnumbering everyone.... Outside of alerts, mind you.
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  6. jjruh

    Its funny, because the NC didnt use to be that way. When SOE took away their Instakill Phoenixes did all the NC players just go into shock or something and forget how to play the game?
    Or did SOE secretly nerf the ability for the NC to have squads now, so they are forced to fight solo and as such only go to where large battles are, thus creating a catch 22 of large battles.
  7. WalrusJones

    They were like this since GU03, on Helios.

    The fact that they outnumbered their opponents two to one has probably just dulled their senses..... I mean, We had them warpgated and had almost taken indar back in the end of February on Helios, As the TR.
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  8. Rudette

    *fixed, with legit truth!

    Because this is all the Connery NC know how to do!
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  9. ArcMinuteLight

    And they STILL didn't win the first one, somehow.;)
    Oh SOE, your quality control/bug-detecting teams be funny.:rolleyes:
  10. Rogueghost

    I feel the same way about Connery TR sometimes.
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  11. Scorponok

    it seems like NC is the same on most servers lol..and thats scary...and that picture made me hungry...gotta find something in the freezer to eat lol..
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  12. Bill Hicks

    Well get ready for some real stupid when Connery merges with Helios. The NC here are real winners.
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  13. Edgar Allan Bro

    Almost positive that not all the NC players on Connery know how to produce Spam meat.
  14. Brutal

    Most nc outfits are lolol,they do have a few small outfits that are great.I have respect for the "HT" guys they put up a great fun fight.
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  15. Rudette

    Maybe not all of them :p
  16. Eugenitor

    >get on Connery
    >fight for Lord Vanu for three hours
    >come to the forums
    >see this

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  17. HadesR

    Replace the NC with TR or VS and your post can cover a lot of outfits on Connery .. Only ever seen 2 good TR outfits on the server
  18. Morpholine

    First: The 40%+ population is "pressed hard"?

    Second: There are Connery NC that aren't under the 666 tag? Who knew? ;)
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  19. Laraso

    Our pheonix was overpowered for less than a week. Get real.
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  20. Scorponok

    thats one long week it still feels strong as hell