The True Infiltrator Build.

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  1. Daejin

    Great little guide and tips here. Needs a video to showcase some of it. Unfortunately, I lack the certs needed, but I am goin' to work on a compilation video of successful infiltration. Wether it be hacking turrets and laying waste to tank lines, or simply turning a base on its head or and outpost inside out.
  2. Breasley

    Well this was a great guide until gunshooter CoD kiddo got here. Such a shame a madbro had to come... ='/
  3. gunshooter

    Your are wrong.
  4. Athix

    Woke up and saw the thread had become a flame war. Wtf guys. We're Infiltrators, show some reason. I don't really care about who's right or wrong, clearly both of you have differing playstyles, which is totally fine. Both of you showed childish behavior at some point but people tend to do that when they rage, it's fine.

    Now I am really dependant on this thread and I need the information on the "Infiltrator" build, because so far I've only been playing a pure sniper and this build or something close to it will be my next CERT investment.
  5. ghnurbles

    I didn't play much Infiltrator in the beta, because I can't stand sniping gameplay. I gave the Artemis (the VS automatic scout rifle) a go, but it didn't do much for me.

    The last 3 days, I have been playing Infiltrator heavily, using the Nyx (the VS semi-auto scout rifle). It was a lot of work to get the hang of, especially having played very little Infiltrator, but it was fantastic once I did. I've found it most effective with the following attachments:
    • 1x Reflex sight. The slow projectile speed relative to sniper rifles makes this gun better for short range usage. I initially used the 2x to pick off a few more distant targets, but it wasn't worth those few targets because the slower ADS turn rate ***** you in closer ranges.
    • Suppressor. While this gun is meant for shorter ranges, you still need to avoid direct fire-fights if you can, which means avoiding as much attention as possible. Fire off a few shots, stealth when they turn to fire back, then finish them off from a different position or when they've turned away.
    • Forward grip. This is the difference between winning and losing a *lot* of fire-fights, because without it you will miss many of your shots due to the varying horizontal recoil when you're firing at full speed. I don't find the laser dot necessary, because if you use the 1x reflex and ADS you don't need to hip-fire in the range in which the laser dot is useful.
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  6. SteelNutz

    I've been playing this style a lot recently, very much enjoying it.

    @ghnurbles - I'm running with 2x reflex, red dot 1 and suppressor. Am finding the sup really helps avoid confrontation too - recommended. Interesting about your choice of the 1x, will give it a go.
    Does the forward grip help? I was under the impression it only affected full auto fire?
    Still unsure of the red dot, concerned it makes me a bit too visable but I like the accuracy increase when hip fire ing from close range.

    Good thread but less qq moar pewpew plx
  7. ghnurbles

    I would definitely recommend giving the 1x a go, as keeping your crosshair on a moving target in closer ranges becomes very difficult/often impossible with the 2x. ADS with the 1x is better than hip-firing in most cases.

    I was running the laser dot earlier today, and was missing a frustrating number of shots at closer and medium ranges when firing ADS at full speed. It took me a while to realise it was because of the horizontal recoil, but once I switched to the forward grip it made a world of difference. If you're working in close/medium range then you often need to be firing at full speed to kill your target before they turn and kill you, and the grip increases the number of shots you land/improves your TTK in those ranges.
  8. BrB Stove Exploded

    Well im glad this thread got cleaned up. No more CoD kiddies plz =)

    p.s. Silencers do not reduce bullet damage. Just because it was like that in CoD doesnt mean this one has it too. CoD fanboi's please see: CoD.
  9. BrB Stove Exploded

    This guide was made, played, and tested by the 666 Devil Dog Shadow Squad. I believe a couple of them stream at times. If you guys want to see how to run a shadow squad come join the 666 on Connery. If your on another server just come over for a night and see what the play style is like so you can better understand it.

    Seeing it in a video is one thing, but actually playing with us is another ;) . Its a very, very, fast paced moving squad with excellent leadership. The job is to get to an enemy base and secure it/prep it before the Hammer/Stitch Platoons arrive. It gets pretty interesting.
  10. gunshooter

    You still can't comprehend sentences written in your native language and ignore all evidence. This is like arguing with a creationist who only knows 10 english words.

    I'm surprised someone like you talks about hating CoD, pretty sure YOU'RE the stereotypical CoD player, with your broken english, "u mad brah" and refusing to admit when you're clearly wrong.
  11. BrB Stove Exploded

    Case and point. Now who is man enough to admit when they are wrong? See the facts? No reduction in bullet damage.

    And btw everyone here see's you as the CoD guy...just sayin...
  12. BrB Stove Exploded

    I like these tips. I will have to try the x1 Reflex on the Shadow and see if i get the same results.

    However i do not believe the Foregrip/Compensator effect Semi-automatic weapons. Even with sustained fire. They effect automatic weapons, but for semi auto they really seem to serve little purpose.
  13. Lakora

    Alright just to set this straight. Silencer does NOT lower bullet damage UNLESS you're VANU

    For both TR n NC a Silencer increases Bullet Drop.
    For Vanu who LACK Bullet Drop damage degeneration kicks in at a shorter range hence less damage.
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  14. wtfhax

    I run with the same weapon, but my style is a bit different
    Front grip
    3.4x scope

    I know a lot of people are recommending the scopes with lower zoom, but I would recommend the 3.4x scopes as well. But of course this is just personal preference - though I feel it is much easier to use 3.4x zoom for most scenarios.
    I will go ahead and cert for the 1x scope just to try it out, but I prefer the 3.4x scope over 2x so I think I know the outcome already.
  15. Rasui

    I wish we didn't have bullet drop. Right now we have both drop and degradation on our rifles.
  16. Lakora

    Wait, wait wait... You got bullet drop all of a sudden? Vanu didn't during the beta at least not with the weapons I was using. :S
  17. Balindrum

    On the scout rifles, and sniper rifles. The other Vanu weapons still have the no-drop-damage-reduction feature, but the Infiltrator weapons all have both bullet drop and damage reduction to flight time.

    Of course, if you're using the guns properly it really isn't an issue. Admittedly, the default rifle is rather weedy, especially in comparison to the NC Bolt Driver, for example, but the V10 with a x12 scope on it is an absolute monster from long range - it can and does drop HA's with their shield up with a single headshot out to about 200m. The bullet drop on it isn't too severe, either, thanks to its stupendous projectile velocity.

    I can't speak for the Nyx's performance, as I am yet to try it out. (Thanks to the OP, that will be very soon). However, if you're going to be using it as a CQC weapon, neither bullet drop, nor damage reduction over flight are going to be an issue. You won't be able to snipe with it, true, but if you want to be sniping, the Nyx isn't the gun you should be using; the V10 does an awesome job of that.

    Thanks, OP, the build looks like a great deal of fun. I shall be definitely be trying it out, as I've been wanting to do something else with the Infiltrator besides purely sniping for a little while now. Wrecking havoc behind enemy lines (at least after countless deaths trying to work out how to do so), definitely seems like a nice alternative.
  18. ghnurbles

    That was pretty much my thinking when test-firing the gun at the Warpgate, because the gun doesn't have huge horizontal recoil. In a combat scenario, however, both you and your opponent are moving horizontally - that small recoil turns out to be the difference between landing and missing quite a few shots. I would definitely recommend combat-testing the forward grip.
  19. BrB Stove Exploded

    I have the compensator and the foregrip for the Battle Rifle(warden). I can tell you i have the same results with them and with out in combat and testing. Like i said, they work for automatic weapons, but are useless on semi-auto.
  20. Lurid

    Hey Stove,i think you made a great guide,i am also running around as a CQC Infiltrator,flanking and all that,i've gotton some nice streaks,especially with gernades,i'd love to roll with you guys some time.

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