The True Infiltrator Build.

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  1. gunshooter

    Don't use a silencer imo, it just isn't worth it. Also, for true infiltrating, I still think Shield Regen is best. Reason being, you can't regen your shield while cloaked, so you'll want it to start regen ASAP so that you can cloak ASAP. Also you can't beat HA's close quarters if they pop their shield. It just isn't mathematically possible. You can outplay them often, but you will die more often than not to a HA with Resist Shield and half decent aim.

    And to TR players, yeah claymores are easy to see, you just need to be tricky. Drop them to the side of a door, for example. As long as an enemy steps over the green light, the claymore will trigger. If I drop claymores in a place with activity, they ALWAYS get me a kill.
  2. medbot544

    Agree with gunshooter, suppressors have to many disadvantages. HuD tells you which direction you are being hit from thus negates the no show perk which is the only thing good about them. Less dmg/accuracy past med range is not a good thing especially with scout rifles. Cloak is the way to get around showin on map anyways.

    I personally go with RDS x2; the red dot is nice and small unlike the x1 version which is huge. Do NOT get the x1. Then I use front grip and no barrel mod. Tried dot laser but I found it is more meant for LMGs or machine guns that have large clips, imo. Plus no matter if you turn it on or off; it will show a red light saber sticking 5 feet infront of you to everyone not you. Not great thing to have if you don't want to get spotted, imo.

    As to comment on sneaky...yes, I agree as well and that's how I adapted. However, other factions can just drop and forget, don't even have to think about positioning of their ant-infantry mines since they are very hard to spot.
  3. Breasley

    Hey mate. I run a very similar build to yours, and I recommend you add the sunderer AMS cert to your recommended certs. I would even go as far as to say it is a necessity. Having the ability to go behind enemy lines hack a terminal and spawn a sundy for your team makes you, as an infiltrator, a MASSIVE asset to your team.

    Overall, great guide. Just my 2-cents.

    Take care
    - Breasley
  4. BrB Stove Exploded

    I dont know where you get your info from but Silencers DO NOT lower damage. So what your saying is not true.

    Again as i said, normally i would not use it on any other weapon, but for the shadow its perfect. Try it before you knock it, its obvious your pretty ignorant to what they actually do. Who cares if someone your shooting at sees what direction you are lol? The point is his friends DONT.

    This is an infiltrating build guys, not stand back and snipe from 1000 meters. Read please.
  5. medbot544

    Have tried it, I notice a dps loss personally; I perform much worse using it. Maybe it's just a bug or something. Also the accuracy difference past med range is very very noticable. Stock, SOAS I can almost snipe with it. Using a silencer, forget about it.

    Maybe it's in my head but actually using a silencer makes me play worse. So yea, I don't find suppressors worth the investment.

    p.s. can you please refrain from personal attacks? Thanks.
  6. BrB Stove Exploded

    This is also an Excellent tip and dont know why I didnt think of it before.

    Things to add to the list of things you should cert:

    *AMS for sundy.

    *Shield Bypass For Sundy.

    *Squad becon.

    * Colored Smoke.
  7. BrB Stove Exploded

    Silencers do not cause your weapon to lose DPS or damage per bullet. They onlt effect velocity.
  8. gunshooter

    I tried it, I didn't like it. After you kill someone you can just cloak and reposition anyway.
  9. BrB Stove Exploded

    Ok everything you are saying goes against this Build. I understand you think what your saying is correct, but for this build its not.

    If you shoot at someone behind enemy lines, IE, in an enemy base with enemies around. You dont simply shoot someone then cloak and hope they dont come after you. Your simply betting on everyone being an idiot. Dont get me wrong a lot of people are, but guess what a lot of people have common sense as well.

    The silencer keeps you from being spotted and maximizes your killing/infiltrating time. Its very obvious you play Infi as a sniper. This build is for actually Infiltrating...
  10. gunshooter

    Um. No, i've never sniped on Infiltrator, I have about 500 kills playing it as a CQC class. No doubt i've played it more than you considering my first purchase in this game was the SOAS-20 and it's my most played class by a huge amount.

    You pick someone off, then you cloak and reposition. You can do this in the middle of an enemy base just fine. The dots on the map only show where you shot from, they don't show where you went, or what class you are, or anything remotely important.

    Giving up killing power past close range is NOT worth what is basically a placebo effect.
  11. BrB Stove Exploded

    What power? The silencer does not effect bullet damage. Again everything you say doesnt make sense nor apply. Its clear you do no real infiltrating.

    Also I have 1000+ kills from playing infiltrator exclusively. Do i get a cookie?
  12. gunshooter

    Wait lol I just reread the OP. You're advocating using the semi auto scout rifle in point blank combat and saying that you can outdamage HA's with it through their shield.

    I didn't realize you were this dumb, sorry. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, which was wrong of me.
  13. BrB Stove Exploded

    ^ Gets called out on posting mis-information. Gets upset. This coming from the kid who thinks silencers lowers weapon damage...

    You mad brah?

    Heres come of gunshooters advanced tips:

    Shoot gun

    Run behind something.

    Shoot gun again.
  14. gunshooter

    There's no misinformation at all, the silencer reduces bullet damage and does basically nothing in return for it.

    FYI, the Shadow is the name of your Full-auto scout rifle. The shadow is an 8 bullet kill with body shots, not 3. You might want to make some more sense because it sounds like everything you've posted thus far is just total theory. I have played CQC Infil more than you and probably more than anyone here, fyi.

    "U mad brah?" lol. Internet memes ftw!! I love the cat cheezburger :)
  15. gunshooter

    Other than the fact that it says right there on the tooltip that it reduces damage, it doesn't.

    Can you post a screenshot of your kills with the "Shadow," which is apparently a 3 shot kill?
  16. gunshooter

    I should know better than to reply to a meme spouting 14 year old, but:


    Do you know what the word "effectiveness" means? Do you see how it says "effectiveness" as seperate from "velocity?"

    This reminds me of how the Shadow kills people with 3 body shots.

  17. BrB Stove Exploded

    Again. They are talking about velocity. Go test it for yourself on an ally. Shoot them with and with out the silencer. It has ZERO effect on damage. Just bullet drop.

    This has been CONFIRMED multiple times.

    Go look it up or do a google search. Your are wrong. Im done talking about stupid things with stupid people...

    And for arguments same if you read wtf it says,

    Reduces bullet velocity and effectiveness AT RANGE. Meaning its effectiveness to shoot further is reduced...BY VELOCITY. WHICH MEANS AIM HIGHER.
  18. gunshooter

    They are talking about velocity... that must be why "effectiveness" is listed seperately. I've tested it btw, past close range it requires 9 bullets to kill instead of 8.

    U mad brah?

  19. gunshooter

    Is english your first language?
  20. BrB Stove Exploded

    You guys are clueless lol. Silencer DO NOT LOWER BULLET DAMAGE.

    Where has all the intelligence gone....

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