[Suggestion] The triage skill is sooo useless

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by gagle, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. DocteurVK

    All I'll say is the meme in my Signature:rolleyes:

    Anyway, this ability could clearly get some love and be revamped a little to be usefull more than only in vehicles (passive buffs in a small area around the medic could be interesting, but would have to not stack if many medics are close to each other...
  2. IamnotAmazing

    I know right! I have flashlights on all my guns it really keeps me stealthy and helps me see at night, not like there is a scope for that or anything :)
  3. Steveru

    So just so we're clear, you heal people NEAR the vehicle you're IN, right? Not like, a passive area heal around you ON FOOT at all times? Because then, yeah. But honestly though, why the hell did you get Triage.

    No way you fully certed it, right? You're just trying to make a point, right? Please tell me you didn't do that.
  4. Alchonis

    Ahh this is so typical...

    Triage is great, if you ever do a lot of outfit ops then it is awesome because you will do a lot of travelling around in transport vehicles and anything that speeds it up is brilliant, no more healing before embarking.

    Also heres a bit of wisdom for you guys... It works on MAX suits in the vehicle with the medic.
  5. Robert Patrician

    I'm actually against the deployable healthkit, because it will 'automate' the medic process. Who needs to have a medic gun or area heal when you can just plunk one of these down near a battle and go AFK until it expires for lots of easy experience. If we do get deployable health stations, I'd like to see them cost significant infantry resources so that they're not scattered all over the battlefield as common as ammo packs.
  6. WTSherman

    At the very least, I still think vehicles with Triage medics inside should have a little medic cross displayed next to their health bar. Just so people can look at it and go "Oh hey, I can stop calling for a medic and get in the sundy now."