The Trap does one thing well

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  1. sustainedfire

    Performance wise, im not impressed yet- but the sound of the Trap is pretty darn good.

    It should be a baseline for a weapons sound revamp on the TR weaponry.

    I know you're in the mood, to record new game sounds.... the voice packs are pretty evident of this statement.

    Please go through and give the TR weapons a bit of love in the sound department.
  2. M2_Bradley

    I kinda wish they would give the TR more love in the aesthetics department...Every weapon(or most of them) that they have are based either of the TRAC-5,T1 Cycler,Or CARV frame.Heck,even the Barrage(a shotgun) looks exactly like the Cycler.
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  3. Bankrotas

    Gotta say, your Barrage sounds better than any NC shotgun atm.
  4. MasonSTL

    I was getting beat up a bit by the TRAP at medium range today! That think seems like fun for sure, but seems odd as a sniper.
  5. Halcyon

    Yes it does. It warns my wallet.
  6. eldarfalcongravtank

    i always thought TR lmgs and NC shotguns had the best gun sounds in the game. but if they revamped all firearms sounds to make them more authentic, that would be cool though
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  7. Kunavi

    The Trap indeed does 1 thing well so to speak and that's actually killing. Which is what every other weapon does better, just saying. Even the Inquisitor does the same thing "Well".

    TR... Found in TRash, TRoll, TRap, TRagedy and even TRay. Enough said.
  8. Dragonblood

    well, maybe they called it trap for a reason. It doesnt feel like a sniper. You have to sneak into range or camp, in order to burst your enemy down.
    A precise burst shot gun will always be weird.
  9. squarebug

    no the voice packs were available a long time ago.
  10. DrTeeth

    The TRAP is not meant to be a sniper rifle, and shouldn't be compared against such weapons. It is a burst-fire scout rifle. Does that mean it's good? No it's freaking terrible, but let's at least judge it for what it is. To be competitive against the alternatives (scout rifles, semis, PDW), let alone shielded heavies with LMGS, it needs a major reduction in recoil, and balanced recoil (straight up). It also needs improvements to DPM, ammo reserve, stand-move ADS CoF and needs to be given the proper 200-167 damage tier.
  11. Archiadus

    I guess it's wrong to compare an ''Empire Specific Sniper Rifle'' to other Sniper Rifles.
  12. salembeats

    Get headshots and score the 2x damage multiplier. That's how I got the Auraxium:

    It's a high-skill-ceiling weapon because it doesn't do enough DPS at any range if you're not landing headshots.
    However, since it's classified as a sniper (and thus gets the 2x headshot multiplier rather than 1.5x, etc.), it does great damage if you can hit em in the face.

    The burst modes also make it easier to land "at least something" on moving distant targets -- especially useful if you know that your target is injured and is about to reach cover.

    I'll put together a highlights video when I have some spare time.

    It's a good gun.
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  13. Bullborn

    I use it as a silenced slug shotgun for close quarter combat, but I don't think that's the use the devs intended for it...
  14. Shinrah

    It´s more like the M14 in BFBC2 with 4x scope. It packs enough punch to kill in a few hits but it isn´t really useable for longrange sniping. I used it like a CQC-Medium range weapon during trial yesterday and you have quite a decent TTK along with a decent clipsize. I havn´t really tried other TR semi auto´s before so I can´t say wether those are better for that kind of play but the TRAP seems to have a reasonable niche.
  15. Kurohagane

    Anyone got a video of it firing while not being disturbed by fighting or whatever? "trap" is such a generic word, you either don't get the thing you searched for or you get 2 month old videos of it.
  16. DrTeeth

    Grats on the Auraxium! I'd have to disagree with your assessment though. Firstly, all weapons except shotguns and crossbows get a 2x multiplier on headshots. Secondly, for "high-skill-ceiling" to be a positive, the weapon has to actually reward the skilled users over and above comparable weapons and the TRAP simply does not. For your particular playstyle with it (foregrip, 4x) you would be doing better with the KSR-35 or HSR-1 imo. Even the SOAS is a more reliable weapon, particularly at < 40 meters.

    As it stands right now, the TRAP is under-tuned, with too many downsides to be competitive with the alternatives.
  17. Andrea SKye

    TRAP only has one thing wrong with it, and that is the description. Its not a sniper rifle, its a scout rifle.

    Use it as a scout rifle, and its great, I love it.
  18. salembeats


    I'll have to take your word on that -- I had read that the multipliers vary from weapon to weapon, but I have to admit that I never actually took the time to test it out and check the math (since it doesn't really affect playstyle -- you always go for headshots since they always do more damage). Perhaps this had been the case at some point, and I had been reading outdated information.

    Yes, I've auraxiumed both of those other weapons you suggested as well. You're right that the HSR, KSR, and TRAP are all suited toward similar engagement ranges/scenarios.
    For me, the TRAP stands out particularly when engaging moving targets who are skilled at dodging. In these scenarios, some very slight bullet spread sometimes seems be a blessing in disguise.

    I got the medal with the crossbow, said it was fine, and it got buffed anyway.
    Maybe the same will happen with the TRAP, who knows?
  19. Thor04

    Yeah that annoys me so much sometime I mess up and I think I use cycler but then i try to shoot guy 40m away with barrage XD