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    Loyalty Until Death, Strength in Unity.

    Welcome to the TR Miller Recruitment Thread. This is a list of outfits on TR Miller who elect to have their details shown here for ease of recruitment.


    Q) I want to join one of these outfits!
    A) Good plan soldier! Please follow the links provided by the outfit you're interested in, either to the outfit's website or their own recruitment thread, and read how to apply there.

    Q) My outfit isn't listed!
    A) Well, that wont do! Private message me your outfit details by copying someone else’s outfit below, edit it to match your outfit details, and pm me. Having people reply on our old thread for edits quickly got impossible to maintain and was borderline spamming. I may miss in-game messages, what with all the teamwork going on .

    Q) Why isn't this stickied!
    A) Unfortuantely sticking such threads is against the Forum Policies, as I was informed by Margaret "Luperza" Krohn | @MargaretKrohn

    Q) Why aren’t the outfits in alphabetical order? What order are they added in?
    A) The “I add them as they come” order. Alphabetical encourages people to edit their tags to bump themselves in the listings.

    Q) Aren’t you in Elysium Drop Troops? Isn’t that biased?
    A) Full disclosure, yes I am an old woodman EDT officer. For this reason EDT has specifically not been added first despite being the first outfit to present their details. The purpose of this thread is to promote fewer, better populated, and tighter-knit outfits rather than hundreds of 5 man outfits running around un-coordinated. We want you in an outfit that's right for you. As EDT work with other outfits, it's not really our concern who you join. One Empire. Loyalty Until Death, Strength in Unity.

    The outfits will appear with this format
    [CLAN TAG] Outfit name | Website | Recruitment Post


    [ELME] Elementary Beginnings| | no recruitment post given.

    [FU] The Freelancers Union | |

    [BRTD] Better Red Than Dead | |

    [208] 208th Strike Regiment | |

    [GOON] Goon Brigade |

    [SNGE] Sanguine Enforcers | |

    [???] Space Britannia | |

    [TGx2] Tactical Gaming | |

    [MoX] Malevolents of Xibalba | |

    [SBT] Sabertooth Gaming | |

    [iECP] Iron Eclipse | | https://forums.daybreakgames.comps2...clipse-recruiting-empire-first-always.210595/

    [54e] Red Lynx | |

    [MIT] Men In Turrets | |

    [EDT] Elysium Drop Troops | | Currently not active in PS2, playing other games.

    Deutsch / German

    [Rnx] Ruffnex | |

    [???] Thelyn Ennor | |

    [GZC] Gamez-clan | |

    [PAWK] Pro At Work | |

    [VAN] Vantablack | |

    Español / Spanish

    [???] Escuadrón de las Sombras | n/a |ñoles-en-el-servidor-miller.149011/page-2

    Pусский / Russian

    [???] Red October | |

    Italiano / Italian

    [EI] Esercito Italiano | |

    Czech + Slovak / český + Slovenský

    [BoA] Bohemia of Auraxis |

    French / Francais

    [6RECO] 6 - RECO | |
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    Added [FU] The Freelancers Union at the request of Mordus.
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    Nice work Torsion.
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    Good hub thread, damn! Goon brigade tag is [GOON] Btw!
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    [GOON] tag updated as per Frozn's request.
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    [54e] Red Lynx added at the request of Fondas
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    Can I just ask whether goon has any connection to goon in eve?
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    Ofc you can and, no we don't :)
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    Nice thread here, helps keep things organised. Tactical Gaming appreciates the work! :)
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    [MIT] added at the request of Beastman.
    [VAN] added at the request of DrBash00
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    [ELME] Elementary Beginnings at the request of England3942 , updated ruffnex at the request if Nekron

    The broken links due to switching to Daybreak have been noted. I'll fix them this weekend. Outfits, if you want to help me out post your new recruitment thread links in reply please :)