[Suggestion] The TR HA does not have the best LMG in any catagory...

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by IberianHusky, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Gutseen

    Do u even hitreg?
    when it comes to +96 fights, game net code goes bananas, so at some point u'll se orion spammers wapring left right.
    NS15 has an advantage of 0.75, but VERY skill based if u go 1 on 1 without cover, cuz it's the slowest killing auto-rifle (its NOT an lmg by any standarts)
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  2. Kociboss

    LOL@ people downplaying 0.75 ADS xD
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  3. Gazatron

    I think its used less because there are other 0.75 ads weapons, with higher fire rates. The lower fire rate means its deadly accurate however, so mediocre/skilled players can do well/very well with it in CQC.
  4. Gazatron

    Please dont give me a 125 dmg LMG. The fire rate doesnt justify it. The TORQ lacks dps except for very close ranges (10m or less).

    I've found that adding HVA over SPA made it better because the bullet got to its target faster.
  5. Corezer

    I fixed you post to make you look intelligent
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  6. TheKhopesh

    ^ This.
  7. Takoita

    Can't claim to be a good player, but, from my experience:

    - CARV, MSW-R and TMG-50 are good.

    - CARV-S is... okay; needs forward grip and all that jazz to make the jitter workable, option of mounting either laser sight or extended magazines is basically gathering dust for all good it does, IMHO; its rate of fire is the gun's saving grace.

    - Rhino needs work. Shakes too much for a weapon that is supposed to be the 'precision' option, IMHO. Same as with CARV-S above, the extended magazines option is unaffordable. Lower rate of fire combined with the 143 damage profile is the final nail in the coffin.

    - Don't have much experience with Bull yet. VR practice suggests it's better than Rhino if only because of much better bullet velocity and reload speed. Recoil pattern seems easier to counter too.

    Or, at least, that's what I think.
  8. _itg

    The Bull and Rhino have exactly the same recoil, but the Bull can equip a compensator, and the Rhino can equip an advanced forward grip. The Bull also has a better moving CoF and better hipfire.
  9. Zoobe

    LOL at people downplaying CARV and 100 round mags.
  10. Peasnriz

    I like the TMG-50 a lot, once you get used to the high verticle recoil.
    I do think there is an issue here with the TR lmgs and to a lesser extent NC's and this is reflected in faction choice for serversmash teams and also the number of threads on this forum about it.
  11. NubCannon

    i love me some MSWR but i wish it could equip a compensater. i keep running out of mouse space
    beginning to get up on that carv-s headshotting action.
  12. FieldMarshall

    I think a lot of people who dont value .75 ADS thinks its main value is enemies missing more shots when you ADAD.
    However, after auraxing five NS15M's i believe the main advantage i saw in.75 ADS was corner peeking, especially when you add lag compensation, and being able to peak back behind cover faster so you dont die.
  13. Chazt

    Last I checked the T-9 carv and the MSW-R have the exact same damage model as the Orion but with better velocity at the cost of some very minor accuracy differences. So with this in mind is it really appropriate to act as if the TR are severely hindered by comparison in cqc when you have the exact same ttk?

    I guess it would also be looked down upon to bring up the fact the Carv has double the ammo capacity of the other two? The only thing I find to be a game changer amongst these weapons is the .75 ads speed.
  14. Shocky

    no one is forcing you to play TR, if you think the VS or NC guns suit your play-style then go play the other factions who the hell cares.
  15. DarkStarII

    The Orion and Betelgeuse have lost their 0.75x movement speed multiplier, the only LMG which has it is the NS-15M.
  16. Lord_Avatar

    MSW-R. Top knotch CQC LMG. Superior to the Orion due to SPA, tied with the Anchor due to the latter's 3 headshot kill potential.
  17. Lord_Avatar

    No it doesn't. It has decent DPS (around 0.49 theoretical) and is very accurate to boot.
  18. SupaFlea

    I rarely go HA, as my ability to hand recoil is horrible, I basically act like a HA but in a LA body. If the game had supper long times between deaths and each death mattered ALOT then id say its worth looking in to the change, you cant really decide which weapons are best if everyones health lvls are always different. 98% of HA tap their panic button no matter if they would be fighting a HA or a pigeon so its down to TTK on full health HA with the extra sheild and go from there, There isnt a huge difference in weapons and life or death is decided by who lands the most headshots. Right now ive handed in my gonads to be a infil smg cause im lvling the Hailstorm and even if i sneak up on a HA land the first 6 shots many have turned around and out gunned me with a slower firing weapon.

    Those situations and situations like it with LMG's may change with slightly different stats but its the ability to get the best out of your weapon that dettermins the victor when it comes down to it. If you make a slight change to our LMG's the only people to really benefit are the people already skilled in getting in the weapons, and making the gap between newbies and vets even bigger

    I dunno how good our Auraxim weapon is for LMG but i see godsaws and beetlejuices than any of our Auraximed weapons, if anyone they need to be looked at to make the time spent with ordinary weapons worth it,
  19. JonnyBlue

    Wow TR LMGs are great imho the Rhino and the Bull are super accurate the MSW great for CQC and the CARV is a great all-rounder.

    The Bull has to be my one of my favourite guns in the game even over 100m left click and hold and you don't even lose accuracy no burst fire just prolonged killing.

    And like I said before in another thread lots of kills come about from surprise and situational awareness even the crap guns can get kills.