The Thing I Hate About Biolabs

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Maelthra, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Maelthra

    Someone always deploys a Sunderer at ground level and the quick spawn system always chooses the Sunderer instead of the main spawn room...
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  2. Pfundi

    Saw that pic of VS and thougt: "Lets guess. He hates Scat MAXes, doesnt he?"
    But btt: Yeah, thats f*cking annoying. Same when your squad leader pulls a ESF to counter enemy air farm and you click fast deploy and spawn at the warpgate...
  3. Prudentia

    sooooo much this
    i also hate when i'm attacking and want to abuse the jumppads to drift C4 tanks around the biolab and it just constantly spawns me below the jumppads
  4. FnkyTwn

    Really? That's what you hate about Biolabs?

    This is what I hate about Biolabs:

  5. Maelthra

    Hating Scat Maxes in a Biolab is a universally accepted truth. I was hoping to bring up something that wasn't quite as blatantly obvious ;)
  6. KirthGersen

    Why to hate scatmaxes at Biolabs? You better USE THEM there:p
  7. The Rogue Wolf

    What we need is a way to set a spawn point as our preferred one.
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  8. Dreez

    I dont' get the point why TR and VS hates Scatmax's in Biolabs. All you need is 2 people going suicidal with rocketlaunchers,
    1 shot each and the Max is down... what's the big problem?. I play Max alot and VS and TR seems to have no problems killing
    Max's if they got put some effort into it.
  9. ShineOut

    The thing I hate about biofarms is the impossible push with out a max crash.
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  10. Tankcrusher

    Pretty much, Or an insane nanite-grinder of people in excess of the defenders. Biolabs are still impressively hard to take from determined farm- er fighters....yeah.
  11. MrCynical

    I think it's just because their own Maxs don't have shotguns, so it seems 'overpowered' (even though Blueshifts - to give a VS example - have their own distinct advantages).

    Still, even as someone who likes a bit of farming now and then, I just can't stand biolab fights at all.
  12. Some1

    If the new interlink bases are anything like the old ones you will learn to love biolabs pretty quick.
  13. Pokebreaker

    People actually use Auto-Spawn? Interesting.
  14. Mxiter

    That's why C4 and AT mines exists.

    I'm generally against TKing and have below the average TKing stats (only in one side badly, i'm TKed a lot due to my agressive playsyle) but destroying friendly sunderers deployed at stupid location (under biolabs/ behid the spawn roos when cap point is at the opposite ect...) is the only one I support.

    I prefer blowing up a terribly located last sundy on a base that let people being stupidly farmed during hours, same for bad located sundy that ruins battle flow.

    If people are unable to think or being smart, you have to do it for them and "maybe" they'll learn.
  15. ScrapyardBob

    Biolabs need to be reworked to pull in control points from the surrounding bases - only 2 of 5 capture points should be inside the dome proper. The rest of the capture points should lie in what are currently called satellite bases. Defenders should get to spawn at both the main dome, and the satellite bases, and each location should have both a SCU gen + SCU shield gen.

    Biolabs would still be defendable, but not trivially so like they are today. Defenders would be forced to leave the dome in order to keep control of the base, but holing up in the dome would allow them to delay the capture until they get reinforcements.

    Plus it would spread the fight out over a 500-750m area instead of the 100m shoebox of the main dome.
  16. Movoza

    So go to the map screen, and nearly always you can still spawn quickly at the spawnroom. The Sundy below should not be a problem if you put in 2 clicks more to your preferred location, resulting in no time loss. The Sundy below gives a few extra options that should not be overlooked. Although not very handy during a large part of the attack, it is a prime fall back location when the SCU goes down.
  17. Liewec123

    usually i just blow them up, but last time i decided to be polite and ask them to undeploy,
    i actually had people defending the person that is adding extra downtime to 100+ people.
    i had an outfit threaten to repeatedly spawn camp me if i saved them from the downtime and destroyed the sunderer.

    my advice, blow them up on sight.
    if enough players do it then people will get the point that we don't want to trade our time to give them 3xp.

    to those people that park ammo sundys or repair sundys down there (which are actually useful for the tanks)
    don't deploy and you'll be safe. ;)

    not really, if the scu goes down then the biolab is pretty much lost, there will be 40+ people in the spawn room spraying their guns at the teleporter, spawning at the useless sunderer and teleporting up will just bring insta-death.
  18. FateJH

    The effectiveness of the suicidal with rocket launchers approach is based around those few milliseconds of exposure to the MAX and getting behind is a luxury. For the other twos' MAXes, it is reasonable to survive a few milliseconds of frontal exposure, even if they're expending both arms, which is the window for using your launcher. It is not reasonable to apply the same approach to an NC MAX unless you catch it reloading (a good MAX will have learned to juggle that).

    The only Biolab rooms that offer any realistic expectation using rockets against NC MAXes as a foresight rather than reactionary are the banana building and the generator room building because the whole of the room is not in the MAX's effective killzone from the door frame.
  19. JonboyX

    Ha. I remember when attacking sunderers used to get deployed underneath, and every newbie then had to footzerg to a teleporter outlying base... assuming they realised that was how to get in, of course.
  20. SirCuitous

    Am I the only person who is against nerfing a building just because it's hard to cap? There need to at least be a few places that are super hard to capture; it makes it worth something when you finally do.