The Terran Alliance (TTA) - an Alliance of TR Outfits

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  1. Lepalose


    The Terran Alliance (TTA) is a group of strategic minded outfits that enjoy bringing the best in game moments to each outfit and their members. We accomplish this through our cooperation, communication and coordination.

    Our alliance has run successful Joint Operations in Planetside games for over 10 years, bringing together outfits of all sizes to move forward our objective.

    Want to be part of the bigger plan, the bigger victories? Join up with one of our active member outfits listed below, or get your own outfit signed up today!

    TTA Active Members

    Our most active member outfits work closely together in all Joint Operations, sticking to TTA's plan of victory through cooperation, communication and coordination.

    [AFX] AfTeRsHoX
    [CIK] BDog's Communication is Key
    [CASR] Caesar's Spirit- Recruiting
    [DL3G] Dread Legion - Recruiting
    [LIEG] Liege - Recruiting
    [MERC] Mercenaries - Recruiting
    [OP4] The Opposition Force - Recruiting
    [TRG] The Republican Guard
    [TXR] Total Recoil- Recruiting

    TTA Confederate Members

    Often you will find our confederate members also participating in Joint Operations. This group of TTA outfits works in collaboration with TTA Active Members.

    [AOU] AOU
    [DMTD] Demented
    [XDSX] Dark Skyes
    [GUBB] Gummy Bear Brigade
    [NEON] NeonGrind
    [QOQ] Quality Over Quantity
    [SN] Sol Navy
    [TIIP] The Impact
    [WNx] Warrior Nation

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    Is a blast playing with all our alliance mates. And the TTA air wing has had resounding success these past few weeks during our ops.
  3. Church41349

    We (Warrior Nation) have just recently started playing with the TTA and so far I can already tell you its a great group of outfits to work with
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  4. VampireCrono

    TTA is fantastic. the level of teamwork and dedicated found in TTA is extremely satisfying. IRONFIST, as well as myself, look forward to more joint ops in the future.
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  5. Church41349

    A bump for the TTA cause we are part of it and just so you know man Warrior Nation's tag is [WNx] not [WNXX] just sayin
  6. Chanfan

    Bumping for the TTA!

    Always looking for new pilots to join us within the TTA. Be part of the most effective and feared air wing on the server.
  8. SaphyreWinds

    Despite the diversity of the many outfits included in TTA, I can attest to one thing that unifies all of them: their dedication to ensuring TR victory through efficient coordination, and organization. Not many alliances I know of have executed this to perfection AND persevered through the trials that Planetside has wrought on the masses and their outfits.

    For that, I tip my hat to TTA.
  9. Church41349

    Another bump for the TTA from Warrior Nation
  10. SNAFUS

    Had another outstanding showing from the TTA air wing tonight. Look forward to our new squadron make up were going to implement next week.
  11. Goiiath

    Liege's first official op with The Terran Alliance: Despite a lack of enemies as we overran esamir, the alert changed it to one of the best cooperative operations Liege has been apart of. Great job on the alert guys, 3 continent locks and 5 tech plants.
  12. Lepalose

    Updated list to add our new TTA members, Dread Legion [DL3G], Liege [Liege], and Quality over Quantity [QOQ]
  13. SNAFUS

    TTA air wing had another successful week of dominating air space.
  14. Pattyfathead1

    Yes. It still exists, and running like clockwork.
  15. Taemien

    I'm guessing this is dead in the water? Been playing TR lately and noticing that all the 'Active' and Confederate outkits with all their online members could not field even half a platoon, even during Primetime hours.

    Is there any initiative going right now to reboot something similar? Right now most outfits can't field even a full squad, and despite the population advantage, it seems the TR loses more territory than it gains.
  16. Pattyfathead1

    Yeah, its pretty well dead at this point. We still run at the same times, and our Teamspeak is open to whoever wants to participate. But at this point, its basically just MERC out there. Check out their thread if you are interested in TR action.