The Tale of the Striker. A short story.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Valerye, May 20, 2013.

  1. Rogueghost

    I dislike the striker, I wish the Tr got something more creative then an annihilator on steroids.
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  2. Fned

    They don't do that so much anymore. I usually get hit with all five rockets these days. I don't think they actually clip, someone on another thread was saying they're better at navigating terrain now.
  3. Zakuak

    Nice story but it's laced with misinformation IMO.

    Striker does not connect with any of its 5 rockets if the pilot deploys flares, if your are hardly moving then maybe one or two will follow through and hit, not because they are still locked but due to trajectory and the fact the pilot wasn't moving much (if at all).

    Striker rockets do not clip terrain or structures, the rocket might get lucky once in a blue moon and make it through a cluster of tree branches but I've never seen one waltz its way through any terrain or structure.

    It is in my experience fielding this weapon to say the above is not true. I am no expert and I can only call upon my experience, if indeed the weapon is pulling off some of these antics then no doubt it needs to be addressed.
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  4. KAHR-Alpha

    Guess what, it's exactly the same for TR pilots, only fools fly without flares over NC or VS space, just like before.
  5. LonelyTerran

    Annihilator and the G2A launcher
  6. Nobalification

    Go as NC/TR soldier fight against VS soldiers on 300 meters which gets u same dmg as u fight only on 5 meters but your army not :/
  7. SgtBreastroker

    Learn to read.
  8. Jadith

    Not a great pilot, and i always bring flares. However, I always try to hold my flares until the last second, to avoid the cooldown as much as possible.

    As soon as you see a lock attempt, bug out. Get behind cover or afterburner out of range. You will find this is the best way to avoid the lock-ons. If you know they have lock-ons, then use one run to find a target, bug out, then use a second run to shoot at the target starting from as long a range as you can.

    If they do get a successful lock, then what you need to do is fly close to the ground and weave through obstacles. Use your afterburners to get a bit more time, as necessary. The rockets are not great at maneuvering, so this usually works.

    When you do use your flares, remember to juke afterwards. The rockets will continue flying in a straight path after your flares, and can still damage you. If you turn sharply after a flare, they will most likely not touch you.

    I am VS and have not been flying very long. I find lock-on rockets are not nearly as threatening as the damn rotary gun. That thing has killed me mountains of times more than any lock-on rocket. I just be flying along, then, suddenly, I'm at 25% health and nothing I can really do about it. Too little left to put up a fight and too little left to run away, usually I just hug a mountain and get it over with.
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  9. SClaw

    You can outrun a lock. Unless you're hovering at ground level like a tool. And if you're just passing by, why aren't you flying above render at 800+? No locks up there from the ground.
  10. Teegeeack

    Actually it's not. I see more TR pilots with scout radar than any other faction.
  11. McJackson

    I've never seen Striker rockets keep a lock after flares... But I have seen plenty of Striker rockets still hit ESFs after they've popped flares, since the rockets predict the flight path and continue on that path even when they lose lock. You know what helps with rockets that predict flight paths? Don't fly predictably. The change of getting hit is even more probable if you wait until the last second to pop the flares.
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  12. Shaggath

    Fact hitted two time with one direction and afterburner is not realistic you are out of range of another lock, lock range on striker are little then other lock-on.
    So be locked two time with one reload is not realistic cool story bro.

    Reality you take the first fire and try to make your badass to kill them but you loose, less greedy you can do something.
  13. loleator

    You can't possibly try to make ground units defend themselves with dumbires against aircraft just because you can kill a bad hovering pilot once in a while.

    All pilots the same... I think lock ons and flak are up and Im a pilot myself.
  14. Holomang

    You can say anything you want, doesn't make it true.

    It's fairly obvious OP doesn't have a clue how to fly against AA by reading his post.

    Just another hovering lolpodder that wants nerfs instead of improving their play.
  15. HeadshotVictim

    NC here!
    I would like to use the Airhammer, since it is my faction specific ESF weapon.
    I have to get really close to anything to deal damage.

    Against VS there is a chance.
    Against TR it is just suicide... I CAN'T shoot at greater distances! I can't! I have to get close enough for people with dumb-fire rockets being ale to hit me.
    I need so much time closing in on a target, that the lock-ons can be fired or be relocked-on after using flares!

    Please tell me ow to use my faction sepcific ESF weapon! I really ask you my beloved TR enemies! Give me advice on how to use a weapon that's effective range is at 25m, while the Striker is effective at 500m?
  16. Kapernum

    Here are some facts for everyone to enjoy.

    - It has an amazing/bugged tracking system, trying to use the terrain is often a waste of time and you'll be better off trying to outrun it.
    - Because of it's range outrunning it often a waste of time.
    - Can lock-on if you're only just behind objects/terrain.
    - Leaves an ESF at 20% (I believe) health.
    - Sometimes hits even if you've flared, regardless of your flying path.
    - Every TR has one because of it's AV and AA capabilites.

    Basically it's like flying against a pre-nerf anni but it does more damage and have better tracking. An honest TR pilot could surely understand where the complaint comes from if they used to fly during that time. I don't expect the same sympathy from infantry and tank players.

    Here are some tips how to deal with it.
    - Give it respect, it's a buffed pre-nerf Anni.
    - Use flares.
    - Fly extremely low.
    - If there's a lone Striker that is bugging you and you can't locate him but you know he's close, let him fire and follow the hit detection alert or the smoke trail/missile that will hopefully render.
  17. Algernon

    because burster maxes don't exist, or you know the plethora of other g2a launchers in the game.
  18. EvilKoala

    Nice story. It follows the convention of other "based on a true story" movies; taking an event that actually happened and exaggerating the details to make it more compelling.

    The striker doesn't clip through terrain, it flys around it if it can. Often times it will fly into some other terrain trying to avoid some terrain in its path and explode (or fly into your buddies face that was standing next to you). Also, it doesn't lock past 500m, and the missiles disappear past 600m. Also, flares work quite well.
  19. DrStrangeLug

    Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest considering some of the corner-cut coding this game has (e.g. flash grenades that flash through walls).

    Flares are supposed to work by attracting the missiles towards them and away from their launchng aircraft. But I suspect all this game does it break the lock and let missile carry on flying the way they were going.
  20. EvilKoala

    Use it against enemy ESFs... like its designed for..?