[Suggestion] The T9A "Butcher" needs a buff.

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  1. Nepas77

    After 3 months of farming kills I finally got the butcher. But after a few hundred kills, I can't help but feel that I was awarded with a shiny disappointment. I know that auraxium weapons are not meant to be better than their counterparts but the butcher's performance seems like a downgrade.

    If you compare recoil between T9A Butcher: (http://planetside.wikia.com/wiki/T9A_"Butcher") and the T9 Carv: (http://planetside.wikia.com/wiki/T9_CARV) it is not that different. However, due to the increased fire rate of butcher, the recoil is more uncontrollable than the Carv. In addition, you can't add forward grip to the butcher which heavily affects the butchers performance.

    It's also worth noting that the increased fire rate should've lessen the time to kill but in reality the difference between the Butcher and Carv is unnoticeable even with the 0.5 increased hip-fire accuracy.

    What really bothers me is that the Butcher is significantly weaker than the auraxium LMGs that the NC and VS offers. The Godsaw not only get an option to damage heavy air-crafts and vehicles, it also has preinstalled forward grip, compensator and high velocity ammo. The Betelgeuse retains the accuracy of Orion VS54 while getting infinite ammo. The Butcher only gets a preinstalled soft-point which is literally useless for an LMG and the fire rate which ironically hindered the Butcher's performance.

    Devs, please fix this, seriously.

  2. Campagne

    Well the GODSAW would be pretty useless without all the fixings as the base GaussSAW is. The alternative firing mode is basically completely useless as well do to the pathetic damage it deals, though that may come to change with the armour & resistances changes.

    The Betelgeuse is actually slightly worse in some small way I think, but everyone cares more about the unlimited ammo.

    Basically none of the directive weapons are all that great anyway, at least they're mostly still decent.
  3. LordKrelas

    Directive LMGs seem to do less or near equal to one specific ES weapon usually.
    The NC Godsaw's alternative fire mode halves damage to infantry... and you don't have enough ammo in general let alone to actually do more than scratch a tank.
    With the reduced ammo, a Gauss Saw is often said to do just as well, or better due to having less time reloading.

    But I can say, the Butcher likely does need a hand-grip, as beyond short to CQC range it turns from a monster to a missing-machine.
    However, seriously the Godsaw ain't all that much better or near it - Near identical to a Gauss Saw, unless firing hella far away.
    There is a reason the Beteleguese, which I can never spell, has better results.

    It's the trick where you switch from & back to it, preventing a reload at all, unless they fixed that, for the unlimited Ammunition.
    It also has the VS's fire-rate & damage mixed with High accuracy.

    The only reason I ever care about Bullet-drop, is also with the thing: Less variables to calculate while aiming at a moving target, aided by a moderate fire-rate, allowing easier-to-land hits with less adjustments.

    yeah, butcher likely needs the Grip.
    But the Godsaw's alt mode is comical.
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  4. Gundem

    The Betelgeuse lacks a forward grip compared to the Orion. It's actually fairly significant all things considered, and in any competitive scenario good players will absolutely prefer the Orion.

    The Betelgeuse literally trades potential against skilled players for the ability to farm ****ters with impunity.
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  5. Nepas77

    Yeah but despite the lack of optional forward grip the infinite ammo never affected the Betelgeuse's performance negatively. High fire rate =/= better performance. I would trade the 0.5 accuracy and magazine capacity for more control.
  6. Nepas77

    Like I said the Butcher is under-powered compare to other factions auraxium LMGs. Don't forget the fact that the default Godsaw is BETTER than the Gauss Saw without any attachments.
  7. Campagne

    That's like saying The Executive sidearm is better than the Magshot when the latter is out of ammo. This is of course easily rectified by the player's actions.
  8. LaughingDead

    Moral of the story, 95% of the directive weapons are for show, generally suck compared to competitive weapons and are only worth it when you're bored of regular weapons.

    They did say that directive weapons were going to be changed to have more tactical applications like godsaw being able to plink vehicles in a group, personally I've used it to kill armored vehicles and keep my rocket reserves up since I'm using ammo printer to sustain dps when dps is not 100% needed. (Ammo printer OP).
  9. LordKrelas

    No, it actually isn't.

    The God-saw loses a bit of its ammunition supply, which lets the Gauss Saw deal more damage over a longer period of time with less of the dangerous-as-all-hell 5-second reload time.

    The advantage of the God-saw beyond the comic alt-fire, is a longer effective range than the Gauss Saw - With less bullets to use it.
  10. Nepas77

    Are you for real?

    Dude, go back to wiki and check the stats AGAIN.

    The Godsaw has less magazine, yes, but they it also gained reduced reload time. The Gauss Saw gets 7.5 seconds. Like seriously, how can you have missed this?

    Go back to this:

  11. Nepas77

    I guess I was just hopeful that the directive weapons will be actually worth the effort of getting it. I guess there's really no need for me to invest more time in this game. I was hoping to auraxium the carbine too.

    Anyways, I guess I'm done with this thread.
  12. Rydenan

    The Butcher is the highest DPS, lowest-TTK LMG in the game. Bar none.
    As if that's not enough, it has soft-point ammo, which extends its damage range and broadens the user's advantage in medium-range combat.
    And as if that's not enough, you rarely have to reload it. Which, as any Betelgeuse user will tell you, is a huge advantage in hectic combat.

    In what universe is that "underpowered"?
  13. LordKrelas

    Is the wiki page actually accurate?
    As I don't check the wiki, I check the bloody guns in the game.

    As well, 5 seconds, let alone 7 seconds is very-very-dead land.
    Less bullets, is less bullets, when every single shot bloody counts, and both have the same damage potential.
    Minus the whole extended min-damage distance, which you'll barely use.
  14. entity009

    I regularly encounter butcher users who can land 50+% headshot rate with the thing past 50m. It drives me crazy because i know the thing is about like trying to fire the serpent, lynx or gd7f at range.

    I am constantly told that they achieve this by "feathering" the trigger. I dont see how any amount of trigger discipline can bring the weapons vibrations into the 50% headshot range outside of 10m. You just cant pro-away random horrizontal shift.
  15. NubCannon

    All the direcives, with the exception of the godsaw and the VS ones (and of course the snipers which are all the same (but not really 30m/s velocity buff is hardly useful)) are not at all worth the grind, and here is why i think so.
    The directive weapons were intended to benefit from what you've learned by auraxiuming 5 similar types of weapons, for example the SMG directive weapon
    Armastice teaches you that ammo goes faster than you think.
    Hailstorm teaches you that positioning is key for SMG kills
    NS7 teaches you that sometimes you can stretch the range of an SMG
    MKV teaches you that if you cant land headshots by leading and predicting your target, you're gonna have a bad time

    All of these above weapons benefit significantly from the hipfire accuracy, and the ability to suppress them (with the exception of the NS7 which (to me) has always seemed to perform the same regardless)

    however upon learning these things the shuriken is dumped into your lap. It is essentially the Armastice, with extended magazines and HVA, which gives it an impressive range for the SMG class, but the high fire rate, and moderate damage characteristic of smgs lends to CQC where the beneficial attachment, the suppressor is neglected.
  16. BadCoding

    I'd like it if directive weapons were just weapon patterns that could be modified with a whole range of mods, not just the generic 0-4, to really adjust every value of the weapon to have access to one fully customizable weapon that stays balanced by trading off values depending on the mods installed.

    I don't like the though of crappy directive weapons that aren't worth a damn or only mediocre. Game systems and mechanics should work. Useless or garbage things shouldn't be in the game and either be altered or removed.