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  1. totalBimbo

    flares only drop the first rocket the other 4 still hit not to mention they will follow you well past render distance. also cant see where the striker is coming from unless your within infantry render distance. and forget trying to hide behind mountains/cover cause they will still hit you.
  2. totalBimbo

    exactly what he said = striker broken

    it would be a different story if all 3 factions got the striker and had to deal with it that way. i know lots of people who have quit playing NC VS and started playing TR due to this stupid launcher/vulcan/minigun or they have just stopped playing the game. now the thing i see the most of is outfit members and other NC guys saying $%#@ this after fighting the TR during an alert to go fight VS since they dont have the fisher price ages 1 to 16 striker.
  3. KAHR-Alpha

    I've shot hundreds of striker clips, I've yet to see that happen even once. What I've seen though is people firing their flare on my screen after a few missiles hit them, so I'm guessing there's a latency issue behind that.
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  4. Kazzah

    Me too, flares stop my shots dead in their tracks. Additionally I will lose my lock on the vehicle and be unable to fire assuming I have shots left in the clip.
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  5. Konfuzfanten

    Might be, i have been on both ends of the striker and yes i have noticed the same. My striker missiles doesnt seem to go though flares, BUT later that day i switch to vanu and do some gunning in a lib with my pilot, and we flare and 100% guaranteed we will take 1-2 more hits after the flare is deployed. Either its lag or the striker simply doesnt show a hit mark, yet still hits.

    Have to test it, with my crew.

    did test the striker vs smoke on tanks, and if the striker missiles are in the air and you do not move your tank the striker missiles will still hit though the smoke.
  6. Rebelgb

    WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! Stop talking about sh^t you obviously have no idea about. I use the Striker daily and flares drop ALL rockets in flight, EVERY ONE of them.
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  7. Dvine

    Its ok buddy we know you love it, dont get angry its gonna get nerfed anyway with the next non hotfix update.

    Enoy while it lasts! :D
  8. NB88

    Delta, chek the vids first.
    The striker is a bit stronger then the phoenix and lancer, but before that subject is touched and investigated the bugs should be fixed. By fixing the bugs that are now in place, alot of grieving about the striker should go away (prolly not all because some people just live to be trolls).
  9. Toxah

    The Striker is a weapon like ...

    Is at the Striker also a nice Button? ... hey TR Guys .. u need to push him!!
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  10. GSZenith

    have yet to have my striker doing still very useful thing :(
    right, gonna play 1hour of nothing but striker play and see if i can get my 2 strikers to cheat.

    (although 1 did cheat a few days ago hitting a lolpodder after he flared.

    cos he kept hovering at the same spot and the 2 rockets already away just kept flying forward :rolleyes:)
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  11. Yonasu

    I'm all for removing zoe, i hardly use it anymore cause you just get oneshotted. Striker is a weird joke from soe, it's amazing how that can still be active and that the vulcan got a buff. really weird.
  12. qwertyqwerty

    I has deleted this game more then two weeks and how I see - I has done right thing.
    This game have sooooo many not balanced things.
    What reaction soe?
    Nothing. Week updates and always NEW ITEMS for money sure.
  13. Aleios1

    Try being on the receiving end in a reaver and then come say that. Flares only block the first damn missile. The rest seem to hit no matter what crazy crap you do. I have racer 3 and I use external afterburner tanks and that is still not enough to outrun the rest of the ****** missiles. It goes through terrain, I don't care if you fools think that it doesn't. Once you are locked by a striker you might as well eject and hope the ground doesn't kill you. It is broken and due to the nature of the game it can be abused to high hell forcing there to be no more bloody air in an area at all.
  14. Takoita

    Nah, that's what TRAC-5S aspires to be.
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  15. Nyetimber

    Try being on the receiving end of a reaver rocket podding you into the ground. Every time I _have_ to switch to heavy and use striker because there is 3+ ESF shooting rockets from above as soon as I get out of the spawn. And if they have no idea how to fly or use flares or repair themselves, I can even get a kill!
    So, if you're a flying ********* that farms infantry - I don't see how is it op that infantry can fight back.
    (Also, flares don't destroy rockets - rockets keep flying in the straight line. Have you tried moving out of their way?)
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  16. LynxFury

    Often deploy flares and still get hit while flying a reaver. And yes they often hit no matter how deep pilots dive behind cover.
  17. KenDelta

    I believe I have enough experience with all 3 weapons. Striker is strong it's undenyable , it's almost impossible to dodge because the rockets are programmed just like the Annihilator , but the moment ALL vehicles clear out the striker is as useless as a gun without ammo while Lancer and Pheonix can still be a threat , Phoenix having the ability to 1 hit Mana'd turrets and Lancer having the ability to snipe Maxes.
    The only bug that is there is the rendering bug , as I stated before in another post "Striker missiles ACTUALLY follow and disappears due to rendering problems , same with AV turrets , basic lock-ons , lancers and vortex from extreme ranges(+300-400meters).
  18. Rebelgb

    Well then my characters must have some strange anomaly that ***** them when using the Striker because I use it all the time and Reavers get away from all 5 of my in air rockets with ONE use of the flair....... I'll see if I can video it today.
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  19. Rebelgb

    Unless the visual on my end just isnt showing the hits yet you are seeing them recorded as damage on your end. Considering some of the other visual bugs in this game it is possible I suppose....
  20. Aleios1

    Rocket pods are available to all factions and ALL factions do what you described. The striker rockets don't keep flying in a straight line they still track you. How do I know? I never fly in the bloody straight line. That leads to getting killed nice a quick.

    Rebelgb, the flares sometimes block them all and sometimes they just block the first rocket. If it isn't showing up on your end then that just shows how screwed that damn weapon really is.