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  1. FROG55JON



    A cruel joke that needs to stop.
    Why so broke for so long.
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  2. PS2Freak


    so many biased angry players, using the striker crutch excuse to blame their lose - all because of striker. we have no lockons at all.. no no no.
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  3. Chipay

    Atleast ZOE requires aim and doesn't go through terrain :p
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  4. PS2Freak

  5. Konfuzfanten

    After playing Vanu for 22 ingame days i also thought the stirker was OP and broken...THEN i saw the light and switched to TR and now the strikers seems really underpowered, i mean i dont even get a free kill every time i fire it!?!

    In short:
    Buff the striker.
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  6. Chipay

    You mean like the first one the OP posted?
    The Striker obviously visually hits the mountain, yet it hits the harasser.
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  7. IronWarrior

    Visual bug, that's all.
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  8. Lagavulin

    I have the striker on my TR character, but have to say it's vastly overrated. Sure, it can have it's moments but it's a pain to get and hold a lock, by which time the target (unless stupid) has escaped. Don't get many kills with it - it does have the effect of frightening people though, due to all the (mostly mass hysteria) hype! I'll stick with the Phoenix thanks.
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  9. totalBimbo

    striker against armor isnt to bad...well not as bad as the vulcan which is also way OP. but id have to say the striker again enemy air is where it is most OP. small squads of TR at outlying bases where there might be 1 striker pub isnt that bad, but lets say during an alert where every TR and their mom's have that f-ing striker and vulcan is so freaking OP its just a joke. its to bad SOE devs fav the TR.
  10. IamDH

    It happens all the time.. and yes i have used one before
  11. gualty

    Funny Striker.
    I love it even if i seldom use it.

    One thing is for sure...there are vastly more Vanus and NCs that rants about it than TRs praising this supposed "killer game weapons".
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  12. IronWarrior

    Look, see how I fixed this.
  13. Kazzah

    The guy in the first video needs to USE one to see how it works. The shots only land if there is a trajectory capable of being plotted to the target regardless of whether the first one hits or not. Strikers now seem to fire at the top of vehicles rather than originally firing at the bottom of them which means they are harder for vehicles to lead into terrain but it is still possible in certain situations.
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  14. Spude

    Striker is pretty balanced atm but the stock rocket launcher wins over striker in bases / compunds. Striker is good ONLY at destroying vehicles in open areas, if you manage to lock on esf and start unloading rockets at him he will press Flare button and be gone.

    striker is bad for AA good for open area AV.
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  15. Konfuzfanten

    Yea the striker is situational weapon, but in those situations where its good its broken. If you got critical mass, 3 guys with strikers, you can stop an armor/air zerg.
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  16. KenDelta

    Again with the Striker being OP.
    Soe just remove the following items because the community keeps crying about them , oh I mean forumsiders keep crying about em :
    1. Strikers.
    2. Harassers.
    3. ZOE.
    Striker isn't op ,Strike does not pass terrain , Strike does not 1 clip anything except for Flashes , Striker can be countered using Flares and Smoke.
  17. Rayden78


    well as vanu i fight against TR and NC .. while a TR lock is nearly impossible to get rid of;
    NC Lockon rockets hit the ground, lock on gets easily interupted, lockon does not stay active while behind cover ...

    Always when i fight NC and they try to shoot me with rockets i think: Too bad you dont have the striker
  18. totalBimbo

    you troll :p lol

    next time keep my words the way they where.
  19. UberBonisseur

    Can we assume both ZOE and the Striker are broken in their own category and that they are not working in a pair when it comes to balance ?
  20. Gbank

    If we are going to not zerf the ZOE max.

    Then the Striker should remain the same.

    Seems fair to me.

    EDIT: The striker is incredibly glitched. And should be FIXED! Before being NERFED.
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