The Striker is dead!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Chinchy, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. exLupo

    It is known.
  2. Herby20

    It was changed a month or two after the VR came out. And it isn't that specific building asset. A bunch of things in the VR have very weird collision boxes. There are quite a few tricks I would do in a Mossy there that I can't do anymore because of said wonky collision boxes. One was flying through the building past all the shooting ranges.
  3. teks

    striker nerf, awesome
  4. Adeon

    This is just an invisible wall in VR.
  5. Chinchy

    I know I am just scaring the less informed :)
  6. Baleur

    Scaring? Before watching the video i was getting ready to write "About damn time"
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  7. XCtreetrunk

    ****, I got all excited to see that the striker finally got the nerf it deserves, only to find out the OP is an idiot...
  8. Daikar

    They are fixing the striker thou, no more relocks, no more flying through terrain and buildings and on top of that the new lockons mechanic will require you to maintain your aim at the target until all rockets hit the target.
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