The State Of The Sovereignty

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  1. Sebyos

    Humm I agree on some points and disagree on others.

    Saron was good, but it got nerfed so hard. Now I play with the Enforcer in the VR training and I feel bad... It has such velocity and damage it's much better than the Saron.

    Accuracy is allright honestly, but the no bullet drop is and will always be a useless perf. I would honestly trade it for something else maybe velocity.

    Agility is fine tough. Magrider is back and better. It has good strafe accelaration and top speed especially with Rival 3.

    I feel like ZOE will be pretty good if they allow us to turn it on and off on demand like on test servers which will allow skilled player to turn it off when abut to take damage like when you see a rocket coming your way. The agility given is considerable, you even strafe faster than infantry which respects the agility theme.

    Since all new AV Max weapons seem to be about long range with their velocity and low bullet drop. The Vortex is the best for that role in my opinion. It's still pretty doll and boring, but oh well.
  2. CupBoy

    Man, you'd think that after they "nerfed the VS nearly into the ground" you would notice a great dip in their collective performance. You guys are doing a great job keeping up with the other factions and overcoming your status as the "underdog".

    I'm sorry about your Lasher, though. That thing is.. I don't know.
  3. Bankrotas

    But the lasher feels best out of their whole arsenal only weapon that feels as good shooting is the Lancer.
  4. Flag

    Going by the numbers I have available, they should both hit for 1 500 damage(direct hits).
    Splash is different, where the enforcer has 1 000 and the saron has 750.

    Shell/bullet/whatever velocity is:
    Enforcer: 300
    Saron: 250
    While not a deal breaker, when coupled with the Magrider main gun being turret-less, mounted really low and having the worst velocity/damage output of all the MBTs, that's when it feels like a prejudiced balancing point.

    And then there's the awfull up/down angles on the Magrider's main gun and the saron. It's awful.
    Whaaat, the lasher actually has a kinda unique use, choke point death field. I do wish it'd lash targets it just flies past, but it's not a useless weapon. It does, however, require squad+ sized coordination to make it shine/work well.
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  5. Sebyos

    Sadly I think it's worse than tha. We may have the same damage, but we have less velocity and a fire delay that makes it hard to shoot at range. I honestly think the Enforcer is better.
  6. Flag

    My point was that while I don't like the slow shots from the saron, alone it would be tolerable.
    It's just that there's no other real advantage to the magrider that makes up for it, whereas the Prowler has the damage output, which gets even better with anchor mode. And the vanguard has the high alpha hit and does more damage over time than the mag.
  7. CupBoy

    Maybe. I'm sure it's a nice weapon. It just appears to underperform compared to the TR/NC HA special weapons (MCG and Jackhammer).

    Overall, however, we're all doing fine. Except for the ongoing war thing, of course.
  8. Flag

    The thing with the lasher is that it scales better with numbers and coordination than a lot of other weapons do. Much like the lancer. Past a "critical" number, both of them sort of take the top spot at their respective roles, death field for the lasher, ground vehicle/lib/galaxy(not ESF) sniping for the lancer.
    But because of this requirement to make them shine, a lot of players don't use, or own either because they're not that great alone.
  9. Myka

    We did notice exactly that - active VS populations on most servers dropped very low. On Miller (one of the more populated servers), it was under 30% even at peak time for quite a while. The damage degradation change helped a little, and we're now slightly more even - but still low compared to the other two.

    As regards the Lasher, you're right, it can be a bit underwhelming. It's balanced for squad use, as many of the VS empire-specific weapons seem to be*. It lacks power when used solo, and it would be nice if direct hits to infantry did a bit more damage so you didn't find yourself wishing you had an LMG whenever a close range battle occurs. That said, in groups it can be very useful, but the preponderance of allied chumps who seem intent on running into the shots or hugging doorways you're trying to suppress makes it annoying as hell to all but experienced users.

    Lasher needs very little tweaking, mostly in terms of reducing or removing the splash damage to friendlies to make it not quite so massively frustrating to use. Direct hits should still count as friendly fire, but not the splash. Damage vs MAX is fine, damage vs infantry could use a little more oomph on a direct hit, and the splash could be widened a little, but that's about it. Oh and the bizarre COF that makes the thing more accurate when hipfired. No idea what the deal is there.

    New animation is cool as **** though. There's that at least. Hopefully the Jackhammer will get some love soon too, as I know most people hate that almost as much!

    * I'm not entirely sure this is a good thing, and may be another area where VS get the short end of the stick. The Striker sure as hell isn't balanced for squad use, for example. 'Balanced for squad use' when it comes to VS usually translates to 'better nerf the **** outta this'. ;)
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  10. Flag

    I agree with most of this.
    Especially the very weak-sauce damage of direct lasher hits.
    And I don't know for sure how it is for TR and NC, but damn the lasher weapon locks more players than any other weapon, I think. :|

    It's remarkable, really. As you say*, people act like moths around those glowy balls. They mill around like confused creatures in need of guidance, but the bright light prevents any sense from taking a hold. :p

    *Not your exact words, but hey, I'm certain you agree. :p
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  11. CupBoy

    I said performance, not population.
  12. Phrygen

    stopped reading there honestly. Vanu does very well on mattherson. In fact they are dominating.

    If you don't like your faction, switch. The balance is relatively fine.

    Edit: though a quick glance showed a secton on bullet drop? You realize that "useless" perks means vanu are the only faction with usable Battle rifles even after the buff?
  13. VanuSovereignty

    VS also has the north warpgate...

    Anyway, VS are pretty much fine, and the serpent got a buff this patch! :)
  14. Van Dax

    right it also means we have usable semi auto snipers, see any of those used by BR30+ infiltrators?
  15. Flag

    I've used the VS BR(not the other two unfortunately) a fair amount since it was adjusted last time, and my experience with it was that yes, the first shot is quite easy to land(sort of, the bullet velocity isn't amazing). Follow-up shots on the other hand, are not great. It has a really annoying diagonal recoil pattern, which has the effect of either under-compensating or over-compensating for it on the player side. I asked around among some VS and this is more or less agreed upon.

    I'm curious about how it will be post patch. It really comes down to how the compensator will end up affecting it.
    If the reduction will end up as less than it is today, then I personally don't see much reason to keep using it, if I'm honest.
  16. Patrician

    Now there's a suprise, a VS player supporting a post by a VS player. :)
  17. Haba

    SOE is creatively bankrupt, as evidenced by the latest updates. I'd love to see something interesting for all the factions. But instead we got more shotguns, more fly-by-wire and more chargeable pea shooters lasers...
  18. WetPatch

    Charge up weapons, they work well on TV shows and Films where they obliterate Aulduran and Star Cruisers .

    They don't work well on FPS where they charge up and do **** damage.
  19. Scrab6

    just another VS cry for more power. You just wont notice how powerfull you are, when you not won all battle where you go, you inmediatelly start crying for buff, and actually most of time you get it (or the opposit faction get nerfed). The Sharon was, is, and gona be the most powerfull secondary tank weapon. The magrider, is still the most maneuverable vechicle, therefor the hardest ground target. Scithe is the most maneuverable air vechicle, + it got the best hover ability, and hardest hitting guns (to kill a Prowler you need 4 photonshots, from Reaver 6 and from Mossy 16). Your weapons has no bulletdrop, they are the fastest fireing ones, with minimal recoil and COF, + the best combination of attachments. BTW nov you got a new siut skin wit full body camo, try to check the TR infiltrators how visible they are compered to yours:
    Just for clearing things, you basicli got AV gun which act like the new TR/NC roketlanchers, so you need only pay/cert for one.
  20. Van Dax

    sigh another troll