The shattered stupidity

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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    I was looking forward to the campaign. I was hoping a nice storyline, timed events, NPCs etc in a RPGFPS style (not that I prefer that over PS2, that's another issue).

    So I met Foster at the Sanctuary, get an useless implant that eats up a valuable slot and Esamir: off I go.

    First chore, go to the shattered warpgate (Duh! Who would have thought about that!).

    Problem is I am at the opposite side of the map. I begin to see some stupidity in all of this. I have to cross enemy territory whereas the other faction just walk outside their base to go there. Whatever.

    The more I think about this the less I like. So I go Stalker and it happens exactly what I was concerned about.

    A pilgrimage of players of all factions are walking there. Some fighting each other some running some ignoring others.

    And from above like vultures countless ESFs looking for helpless infantry and cheesy kills.

    Great. At least when we were looking for pumpkins we respected each other.

    Avoiding fights I finally reach the warpgate.

    I have to examine a plant.

    I look left and right. I can see a poor VS med who is looking for a plant as well. What's the point?

    How such "quests" have a place in a war zone? It is beyond me.

    I decide to not kill the poor Medic who is still looking for a ******* plant, I watch for a few more seconds the pilgrims arriving (some getting killed along the way) and I click redeploy.

    Campaign ended. And people have to pay certs for this?

    Let's warp to Indar the TI Alloy where the great meat grinder is waiting. At least there is some fun there.
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  2. JustGotSuspended

    there's always some trolls out there, but this time the devs encourage killing others in their mission! So although I do get mad when I avoid a guy and he starts shooting me, or there's pro pilots vulturing around anything that moves, this time it's not just their fault, it's the devs for encouraging it!

    Yeah the missions are so boring and pointless. Recovering abandoned vehicles is kinda cool I guess...until you have to drive them back to your wg.

    Plant mission so far is the most cancerous, the amount of plants the devs are asking to recover is so unreasonable, given the fact they are scare and mostly spawn inside objects - Oh, and the fact there's dudes and automated bases shooting at anyone they notice.

    Not really fun, and you gotta hop back and forth from esamir to sanctuary to then realize there's a 30 minute queue on esamir and then it locks before you can get back so then that's at least 5 hours before you'll be able to continue your missions so you might as well alt f4 or just play the game....yeah not fun at all
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  3. FLHuk

    You're trying to do something in the first few days of a new patch. Everyone and his dog will be there if nothing else to farm, myself included.

    I shall give this at least a few "hotfix" patches before even thinking about touching it. So far it's VERY unlikely I will ever go near this laughable content!
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  4. JustGotSuspended

    there is other stuff to farm, it's just no skilled donkeys prefer getting ez kills or just trolling people in the hopes of feeding on salt. That said, I can't blame them entirely, and the devs encourage them.
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  5. Liewec123

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news...
    But Wrel ruined central Indar too.
    (Most notably he deleted the rock-bridge.)
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  6. UltimaRecon

    Its just very out of place. They keep saying how missions are for "bonus EXP". How the hell can it be considered bonus EXP when the EXP is utter **** and requires you to go away from combat to do some odd chores that don't connect to the regular game play loop?
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  7. DarkStarAnubis

    If you need xp/certs go play Medic in a Biolab. You'll get in 10 minutes far more of what you would get from collecting plants (and with far less risks on top).
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  8. JustGotSuspended


    The base needed more places of entry and good spawn placements.

    Instead he deletes the only one there was.

    Yeah, ofc there's no more never ending fights at TI, you can't even start one now! He cured the splinter by removing the hand
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  9. JustGotSuspended

    I never thought I'd say this...

    but daily ribbons were better.

    More aligned with the game, actually achievable without boring yourself to death doing something that has 0 place in the game, and there were ribbons for every playstyle.

    Sure, xp wasn't phenomenal either, but compared to the current missions....
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  10. Foxassassin

    I pointed that out in a sperate thread. The campaign missions are incentivising being the absolute worse person a player can be. It's like these missions were designed to bring out the worse and vilest of the community.
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  11. JustGotSuspended

    I guess the only players who can stand wrel's updates are a reflection of him
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  12. Twin Suns

    I'm that "Scarecrow" out in the field...protecting my crops. Honestly, the sheer hate that comes from it is hilarious . Stalking the gatherers is fun. ;). Because right now it's hard vets getting taken. :)
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  13. Liewec123

    absolutely perfect analogy of how he operates as a dev.
    like a brain surgeon with a chainsaw, clueless and inept.
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  14. FLHuk

    haha I love the "You're not playing the game the skilled way!" reply, grats sir :)
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  15. RexBlack

    Oh look you are salivating about Wrel again.
  16. Liewec123

    i'll stop pointing out the dumb s%%t he's doing when he stops doing dumb s%%t, k?
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  17. RexBlack

    That’s pretty sad. You should stop as it makes you look quite foolish. I think to most people your constant hate boner for Wrel is a bit of a joke. You even do it on Reddit. It’s a game and he is a Person, you should bear that in mind.
  18. icufos

    What the!:eek:

    Not been long on the forum but I cannot miss the slight empathy you appear to have for him.
    It hurts me greatly.

    I mean, what is that all about?.... No, I don't want an explanation.

    WREL's my hero.
    He's brought new energy to a dying game.
    His ideas frankly are genius.
    I played last night, looked around Esamir and said, I'm in heaven.

    Absolutely love everything that's been done.

    Oh, and of course I forgive you. Love and peace.
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  19. Wadelma

    What I don't get is the damn storm. In a game of large scale battles, on a map arguably best suited for vehicle gameplay... they add a mechanic that punishes you for said large scale battles that made the game epic and known. It boggles my mind. I suppose it's to shake up sunderer clumps but my god is it annoying even with discounts to have your vehicle explode every other minute. Guess I'm the odd one out who liked the big tugs of war in lanes, as samey as they sometimes got :c

    The whole "let's add missions in a region that doesn't contribute anything to the map" is just annoying as well with such a large pop fighting over nothing but tedious missions... but you can't blame them, because alerts are all utterly meaningless There's no reason to try to fight for the map anymore so you do what's best for you. GG, the entire map is now pointless, and alerts pointless across all the maps. I love the change in location for the E gate but the gameplay decisions are stunningly bad imo.
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  20. JustGotSuspended

    I mean cherry picking non-combatants or maiming cancerous broken playstyles like 1hk infil or a2g stomper don't really scream fun or skill.

    But whatever floats your boat I guess
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