The sensor gun has less ammo now?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by m44v, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. m44v

    Didn't the sensor gun had 3 shoots?
  2. Kommon

    I can only assume they lowered it from 3 after beta ended. You can still cert it out to increase its range, time between pings, and ammo count.
  3. LLancaster

    Since we're on the subject, can someone explain to me what exactly the sensor dart is meant to do? I can tag a vehicle with one and all that happens is the mini-map animation ping moves about. And tagging it onto any other surface doesn't seem to do anything than a nice blue ping on my mini-map.

    Is this a bug? It's been like this for me since beta so I have no idea what it's actually meant to do.
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  4. Kommon

    Well in beta, I had it up to level four and it seemed like it was giving my faction sensor coverage wherever I shot the dart in about a 30' or 40' radius. With it at level one now, I can't seem place one in just the right spot to help anyone. Plus, without it upgraded, the dart fades away rather quickly. Shooting vehicles with it seems pointless also, as you can just spot it yourself using Q. As long as it's in your field of vision, your faction will know where it is.
  5. medbot544

    2 shots, three shots, 100 shots...wouldn't make this item worth using at least from what I see. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to waste perks on this thing; it does not even spot people most the time anyways.
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  6. iller

    I've shot it into small hallways and rooms where I knew there were enemies hiding and it still didn't do anything.

    Pretty sure it's broken.
  7. blzbug

    It has been broken since beta, imo. It frequently fails to detect people that are standing right next to it. I bugged it a few times during beta. I know the basic code works. The Scout Radar on the Flash should work the same way as the sensor dart. The Scout Radar kicks much azz and lights up opponents like a christmas tree. The sensor dart, not so much.
  8. Wobberjockey

    i've had it seem to work more often than not, but it seems to leave ghosts on the minimap and i'm looking for enemies i've already slain
  9. Yutty

    I really wish we didn't have it. I always switch to it by accident when rolling my mice wheel.
  10. pnkdth

    It is an unreliable tool, which more often than not will distract you than help you.
  11. m44v

    I use it, it shows enemies in the minimap, but only if they are moving afaik. It can be of help when you are entering a building, my main gripe with it is that the ping sound can be heard by enemies and that looking at the minimap is so distracting, it would be much better if the "pings" where shown in the HUD.

    bind mouseup to the pistol, bind mousedown to the sniper rifle. Use the numbers to switch to your other stuff.
  12. iEatGlue

    That's my experience as well. It's a wannabe motion sensor.
  13. yama

    Tested it multiple times, in the open, under a full moon, up wind..with only a single target present.....
    Putting my hands on the monitor is a more reliable tool to scan for enemies.