The Scout rifle Directive is a slap in the face

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  1. Mrasap

    Seriously, the reward for the scout rifle directive is a battle rifle? So you need to auraxium several scout rifles on your infiltrator, only to find out you can't use the reward on your favorite class.

    The scout rifles are already the least utilized weapons, with the scout rifle directive SOE basically confirms that they are worthless. I understand that the battle rifles are in an even worse position, however, that shouldn't mean scout rifle enthusiasts should suffer for it.
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  2. Regpuppy

    The very least, they could just allow the infiltrator to use battle rifles as well. Because that's where the majority of the work for the thing is being done.

    Not like they don't have scout rifles that function similarly, so I don't see any reason not to.
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  3. Erendil

    I have the converse issue. The Eidolon is may favorite weapon in the game. I have 3x more kills with it than any other weapon. But only 6% of my play time is as an infil. So in order to get the Directive weapon I want for my Engie/HA, I have to play a class that I'm normally not even interested in playing and use weapons that I'll probably never pick up again afterwards.

    I do appreciate though that they at least were thinking of those of us who like scout/battle rifles and gave us a Directive to go for.

    However, IMO they should have given a separate Directive for each weapon class. Even though there's only one Battle Rifle per faction, they could have just set the req'd # of kills higher to achieve the Directive. Say 5500 kills or so (or about 5 Auraxiums worth).

    You know how many characters DA's site says have more than 5500 battle rifle kills in the entire game?

    Nine. And I play two of them. :p

    So it's not like they'd be handing out Directive Battle Rifles left and right if they gave them their own Directive. That'd make both infils and BR marksmen happy. :cool:
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  4. Fellgnome

    The whole directive system is stupid. It just makes people play in ways they don't care for to access the guns they do want.

    Unlike auraxiums, some of these are going to be upgrades for certain players, not just a neat medal kind of thing with some bonus certs. So they're going to grind them out.

    Luckily, most of them are bad.
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  5. Ronin Oni

    #1: Scout rifles are FAAAR from "useless" If you think so, fine, don't use them, but they're the best short to mid range option for Infils.

    #2: As to the WHY of the matter:
    • The Infiltrator weapon reward is a BASR. The SMG reward is also largely considered an "Infil" weapon
    • Vandaal itself is quite Battle Rifleish.
    • "Playstyle" usage for BR's and Scouts are largely the same. Firing control is quite different, but range strengths are similar
    • There are almost no BR options, so an aurax BR gives more option there. It's also available to more characters than just infil who, as noted, baasically already gets 2 aurax rewards
    • So, while it's not a perfect match, there's not enough Scout rifles nor Battle Rifles for their own rewards, so this is simply the best compromise.
    #3: You don't have to do it if you don't want to. Just do the Infil and SMG rewards then FFS.
  6. Ripshaft

    I personally do not see how a directive for scout rifles, that can only be completed by using scout rifles, a weapon usable only by the infiltrator, rewarding a battle rifle, a weapon that is not a scout rifle and cannot be used by an infiltrator is anything resembling a slap in the face.

    Punch in the dick perhaps, but slap in the face? I think not.
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  7. Mrasap

    I am very sorry to hear you have misinterpret my post. I state that is the least utilized weapon and I concluded from the scout rifle directive that SOE thinks it is worthless. I'm sorry if you do not appreciate, or perhaps not comprehend, a hyperbole. Personally, I find it intriguing that you use a hyperbole yourself, with your statement that the SMG reward is an infil weapon. May I also remind you that engineers have access to the directive for the engineer class, SMG, shotgun and carbine?

    Lastly, I agree with you that battle rifles are in a dire position as well. However, concluding from the previous feedback from Erendil, I do not agree with you that this is the best compromise. In fact, neither battle rifle nor scout rifle enthusiasts have any use to this directive. My post is a call for attention so that we could have a compromise that both battle rifle and scout rifle enthusiasts can enjoy. There is no need to be so hostile.
  8. Ronin Oni

    Engineers don't use SMG's.

    Engineers MIGHT use a shotgun. It's relatively rare. Shotguns are typically only used by LA and occasionally by HA.

    The only classes to use SMG besides Infil are LA and HA... and most of these are NC because they have the best.

    I know SMG is an all class weapon. I'm not a twit. Don't be inane and act like Infil isn't BY FAR the biggest user of SMG's though. Why is this? I dunno, maybe because Carbines are basically pure upgrades? Just use your factions highest RoF carbine and you're better off. Same with AR's for Medics. HA's can get some use out of SMG's cause their LMG hipfire sucks, but it's mostly only NC who do this.

    I don't need to be hostile, but I like to be... I'm also trying to smash through some pretty thick skulls here and it seems I may need to apply even more force.
  9. Mrasap

    It seems you are only arguing for the sake of arguing. This is a moot argument to begin with and completely surpasses the point of this thread.

    But thanks for bumping my post.
  10. Spazmodian

    I'm in a similar way, I've double auraxiumed the Warden. I mostly have only used a slug shotgun as a battle rifle besides the Warden. I don't play anything besides Engineer except to shoot the Phoenix and to heal myself.

    The easiest solution, and most profitable for SOE, is to eliminate the battle rifle category and move the existing battle rifles into the scout rifle category and then Engineer/HA/Medic all pick up the scout rifles and Infils pick up the battle rifles and the directive can stay the same. There is nothing role defining about the scout rifles to the Infil, and they have SASR/BASR anyways.

    I would like to use the Vandal. I'm not going to play an Infil to do so.
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  11. Ronin Oni

    This thread is moot ;)

    I thought the point of arguing was always the arguing.

    Your welcome. Again. ;)
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  12. Erendil

    Yes that would be another perfectly reasonable option.

    My only concern though is that doing so could very well drive Battle Rifles to extinction. The ES Semi-auto Scouts are superior to the Battle Rifles since they both have near-identical CoF characteristics, effective range, and TTKs. But ES Scouts recoil is straight up - making them more controllable during high RoF - and they have higher alpha damage which gives them 2-headshot kills at any range. And the Vandal of course has the .75x ADS movement.
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  13. DatVanuMan

    Battle rifles are amazing. The Eidolon is pretty good, man;)
    It's just that it's like the Phaseshift, it's a weapon that most people will hate but that some people will swear by because they know how to use the weapon:D
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  14. Spazmodian

    Possible. Though what does it say if the battle rifles are so easily eclipsed by a rifle that is used even less? One way to further define a niche for the battle rifles is to push their projectile velocity out farther. Only a few sniper rifles are faster, but they're all around 600 m/s. Push the battle rifles out to 700m/s and that would be a distinct advantage over the scout rifles.
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  15. Erendil

    Amazingly FUN, yes (see my Sig :D ). They're intrinsically good weapons when used in their element (75-150m). They're just a little lacking within the context of the PS2 battlefield since most firefights take place within 75m where they are at a disadvantage vs bullet hoses, and outside that range they are outclassed by snipers. Plus their skill floor is a little too high to be attractive/effective for the casual player (which isn't necessarily a bad thing ;) ).

    I just think they need some tweaks to make them a little more user-friendly. And Semi-auto Scouts are like Battle Rifles, only better. :p Given a choice I think most people would choose them over the BRs.

    A muzzle velocity increase would be nice, but they don't quite have the accuracy to take full advantage of it. They have the ADS CoF of a CQC automatic (.1). So that needs to be tightened to at least .03 to benefit from a muzzle velocity increase. And the recoil pull to the right makes it too hard for most people to maintain accurate long range shots at anywhere near its max ROF, so the angle should be changed to 0 (straight up).

    Do that plus the MV increase and I think BRs would stand out on their own.
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  16. Sunflash

    Suddenly I feel like the only Infil that uses a scout rifle... D:
  17. LapsedPacifist

    I absolutely love my SA and automatic scout rifle, and can't wait to try out the vandal. I absolutely hate battle rifles though and agree 100% that the directive reward is ridiculous in its current state.
    This is by no means the first thread about this issue, so hopefully SOE will take note and do something about it.
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  18. Xebov

    Both Scout and Battle Rifles are rarely used and i dont like it too. However, the moment tehy designed this Directive players asked for putting both weapon types into one group so Infiltrators/HA/Engineer and Medic could use Scout and Battle Rifles. He made the promise to tell it the designers. Honestly i dont think that it will every change sicne Semi Auto weapons dont get used often and have issues with the net ticks etc so i dont think that the Dev Team even cares about it, its now 2 months ago and nothing happens.
  19. TraatAdmiral

    The Vandal is beautiful. I used to love my SOAS, but I've barely touched it since I got the Vandal--it's exactly what I wanted out of a scout rifle. I've barely used the SA scouts, but my problem with the SOAS was that while it's great in close-medium it doesn't have the accuracy to reliably kill people in longer-range field engagements--it's a step above the SMGs in terms of range, but I still routinely encounter people who are too far away to kill. That doesn't happen with the Vandal, and it hipfires surprisingly well too. Probably my favorite gun in all of Planetside.
  20. 7 Drunk Midgets

    The Vandal is truly great. I felt so inaccurate with the SOAS when I first picked it up (probably due to my terrible aim) and didn't feel as if I could reliably kill with it, so those extra rounds in the Vandal make a world of difference for me. And that reload though...