The sad fate of planetside 2.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by eduarddato12, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. eduarddato12

    Game is still indarside
    BF4 got a good chunk of players
    No content for month (dont you dare to say those lazy camos to milk more money out of this dying game), not even a well deserved ZOE nerf
    Many players admit they are just waiting for a better game to come long
    Game is dying, experiencing a surge of players due to 2x XP, which SOE servers sheet themselves.

    Not even individual class voicelines, which is piss easy to do, is not done, how lazy is that? People did voicemods themselves under 6 hours. I personally made a World of tanks voice mod. It took me 1 day. How hard it is to say reloading in a mic and make it deeper via a program? Not hard because everytime my max says needing repairs my speakers are gonna have a heart attack, it sounds like a 13 year old teenager at a dentists office.

    Harassers, i dont care about their weapons, a buggy cannot take mulitple hits from a tank, a war machine of raep ; and get away. I saw the joke of a nerf they are getting.

    ZOE.I just refuse to fight the vanu. TR constantly stomps on the poor NC and i actually feel bad. As TR, im looking at the map and a lot of outfits just refuse to fight the vanu. ZOE can be used as a fear factor now. I remember we had a platoon of 12 (No maxes) and 9 of my platoon mates ran from 1 ZOE (there were probably 50 behind it thats how vanu fight) but still, a platoon shouldnot be afraid of ZOE.
    When is the last time you saw an NC max or a TR max lonewolf from base to base?

    New content. Who am i kidding. PS1 had 3 times more effort and content than this, despite having terrible gun mechanics. They dont even bother using the flames they already made, its just camo and more camo to get the cash out of you and me.

    How did all of it go wrong?
    How are the devs so incompetent? Are they stupid or they stopped caring? Im still questioning that.

    Im not angry at ZOE, not even the 200 ping lag or half of the gameplay being camping other spawns, im angry how such a great game, with so much potential that is easily achieved, goes down the ****ter. Im angry about the fact how easily this **** can be fixed and its not, and SOE is just milking this already famined cow.
    also 96%. People will get what im talking about
    My rant is over so go ahead and flame me, but the truth is still the truth, like it or not.
    And no, i want this game to succeed because PS1 was a great game, but not like this.
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  2. eduarddato12

  3. IamDH

    ZOE & harassers are getting nerfed.

    Content wasnt coming due to OMFG but the ESF and other updates are on PTS already so they should come sooner or later.
  4. eduarddato12

    Fixed that for ya
  5. IamDH

    Changed? Really??....
  6. Nocturnal7x

    We haven't had content in 5 months. Maybe the PDW counts but not really.

    Hossin should have been out 5 months ago, OMFG should have been DONE 12 months ago.

    We should have intercontinental lattice and cont locking now.

    It all wen't wrong because the dev team has a lack of direction and poor design decisions from beta they had to remove and replace (hex system).

    If SOE had done lattice from the start (like they were told) and optimized the game before launch (which they should have done) this game would be in a much better place and SOE would be making a lot more money.
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  7. eduarddato12

    Oh yeah, 1 more thing to add.

    Devs never listen to their player base
  8. Ash87

    Well, there is no point in debating with you, so okay then :)
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  9. travbrad

    On Connery we experienced a surge of players from OMFG, then another surge when double XP happened. Last night there were queues for both Indar and Esamir.

    Yes the game will continue to lose more players over time though, as 99.9% of games ever made have.

    I would like to see Hossin as much as anybody, but I'm also glad they optimized the game first because Hossin ran slower than any other continent when I played it on the PTS.
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  10. Pirbi

    I think I've read a post similar to Op's once a week for the months I've been playing. I think some just get tired of the game and feel everyone else should join them in that thought. Not that there aren't some valid points there. There are some aspects that get old. But fighting "op" crap is fun.
  11. Mr_Giggles

    That's what we call selective reading. Guy see's only what he wants to see.
  12. eduarddato12

    Those 99.9% of games didnot lose it as fast. The people just know SOE will leave this game like a dead child in the middle of a desert
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  13. phreec

    Not to come off as a fanboy but SOE has listened a fair deal to us players. Crawl back under the rock you came from.
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  14. TheFencer0

    Such flame. So anger. Very confuse. Much silly.

    I agree, the game is still Indarside, but only because it what people are familiar with, and the servers are not full to the brim. Soon enough lattice (and continental lattice) will add more variety, and people will be lots of places.

    BF4 got a good chunk of players. No, wait, come back... Don't go... Seriously? I don't miss those players at all. Coincidentally, did you notice a sudden drop in TR population, while the NC population has remained relatively stable?

    We didn't get content for a month, because they spent a month giving everyone a ton of frames. They said that. Why do people not freaking listen? Relax, realize that a more stable game is better than a game with a bunch of buggy content.

    ZOE is bad, I admit. Its nerf it coming. The VS will cry. But the TR have plenty on your side that needs balancing, and don't pretend that isn't the case. The Devs know otherwise.

    Your friends might be waiting for a better game. I'm just waiting for this game to get better (which it is).

    The game is losing players, yes. But that's what happens to, you know, every game. Please name one that has a larger player base than it did when it first started (or, if you find that to hard, the same player base)?

  15. UberBonisseur

    You can't be elitist in a shallow game.
  16. Hatesphere

    because Devs just grow on trees am I right?
  17. eduarddato12

    Muh cancer meme
    >Team fortress 2
    I would rather have the BF4 population than vanu. And are you implying bf4 is a bad game?
  18. L1ttlebear

    one of the coolest "deal with it" gifs that I have ever seen :D
  19. eduarddato12

    Well since anyone that knows anything about sounds for example, yes, they do grow on trees. And with the competitive job market these days im sure there will be plenty of people to do the work
  20. daniel696

    The problem with the others games and planetside 2, is that planetside 2 was supposed to be the game that has things that the others don't have, but the game have suffered so many problems and delays, that we are about to lose this opportunity in the market.
    Weather, a example of that. Watch the begginig of the video and see the sandstorm, stuff that should be in planetside 2.
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