The Rebel Scum [RSNC]

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by SlipreeGypsy, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Fallbreaker

    Rule #3?
    We will be and we're getting there :)
  2. equinub

    Shouldn't be difficult, flood of new NC players atm.
  3. SlipreeGypsy

    "You rebel scum"
  4. Ghosty Sier

    Hey, was interested in joining your outfit. I started playing the game recently, and I feel the game would be a lot more enjoyable in a group. I'm 14 and my in game name is 'GhostySier'. I'm BR 12, and enjoy most classes except for Heavy Assault, who I tend to avoid unless something needs blowing up. I would consider my skill level below average, if that. I can only get on during the weekends, around 12-6PM in the afternoon and 11PM-2AM at night, which includes Friday night but not Sunday night. I have a mic, and although I wouldn't call it the best, not by a long shot, it gets the job done.

    I hope to hear a reply from you soon, looking forward to being a part of a good outfit.
  5. Kn1fey

    Hi Ghosty jump on our TeamSpeak, details on first post and Talk to Ching, GoatsCheese, Fallbreaker or Passrules and one of them should be able to assist you.
  6. SlipreeGypsy

    Hey Ghosty!

    We will be more than happy to have you onboard RSNC. Simply hop in our teamspeak and drop me a message (I'm AFK a lot of the time, so be patient and I'll get back to you :p) or one of the other leaders as Kn1fey mentioned.

    Or you can sign up to our forums @ and post in the recruitment section of RSNC.
  7. meaturama

    Can I join please?
  8. X Falcolm X

    Hi guys, i recently started playing about two weeks ago and am interested in joining Rebel Scum. I am BR 7 or 8 i think and mainly play engineer. I much rather prefer playing in groups than playing lone wolf. I will be very active over the next 2 weeks because of holidays but after that i'll only get on over the weekend. I do have a mic, quite new, i havn't really used the mic yet but it's a logitech G230 headset. I usually play TR mostly but only because im in a squad (RDBK) so ill be on about 50/50 on each team.

    I look forward to hearing from you so i can join. What teamspeak do I install because ive never had it before? I have windows 7 64bit.

    I'm interested in joining.
    If I can get my game to work again in the next few days

    P.s. Am BR. 17 and my age is 14. I mainly play either infiltrator, engineer or heavy assault
  10. SlipreeGypsy

    @X Falcolm X
    Just install the teamspeak 3 client off their website (we've provided the link in the original post to the teamspeak download mirror). We're pretty strict on multi-faction players, however as long as you regularly play on NC and progress your ranks it will be fine.

    Hop on our teamspeak when you get the chance, try and contact myself (Goatscheese) or Theultimateching directly through the teamspeak server, otherwise get in touch with people in our planetside 2 channels and they'll let you know what you need to do.

    We look forward to playing with both of you in the future :)
  11. meaturama

    Why u no reply 2 me? I don't have an outfit and want 2 join reble scum.
  12. TheFullCologne

  13. SlipreeGypsy

  14. TheFullCologne

  15. meaturama

    Can I join rebel scem?
  16. SafetyDance

  17. XinniX

    Pretty please.
  18. RagestubZ

    Hi.... was looking to rejoin Rebel Scum..... been away for a while and am back playing PS2 again and would like to rejoin the outfit... Dont really want to join any other outfit that are on the server
  19. BlueberryMuffin

  20. TheFullCologne

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