The Rebel Scum [RSNC]

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by SlipreeGypsy, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Bulltahr

    Rebel Scum has been kicking my **** lately, you guys have some good players/squads around lately.:)
  2. CaptainThirsty91

    Gotta give props to RSNC, and Chinngy especially
  3. TheFullCologne

  4. Fallbreaker

    Talks happening with Arma 3 Clan ATR. Even if we don't merge we'll be doing more cross-clan, cross-game gaming very soon :)
  5. TheUltimateChing

  6. ArticNorth

    Rebel Scum are awesome, very coordinated and great bunch of guys. Highly recommended!

    Hopefully I'll be back on in the near future, until then continue the good fight!
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  7. Kn1fey

    We miss you Artic, come back soon.
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  8. Skizzik_NZ

    Been running in RSNC platoons when there are no IB on and the platoons have always been full with good command overwatch. Good outfit to choose.
  9. Syntakx

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  10. DevDevBooday

    Damn Rebel Scum! Good on you guys for organising the mindless cluster**** that was NC
  11. XinniX

    Haha, thanks. All part of the fun of this game. Shooting face with random people.
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  12. Fallbreaker

    The Rebel Scum is now apart of the Borderline Tactical Network!
    We have a large dedicated Arma 3 division, a growing clan for Star Citizen, called Orion Cartel, we have a Minecraft FTB server running, and have a regular online DnD game going on (run by AusGrizzly).
    Join today! New website (under construction):
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  13. Fallbreaker

    Our new website has been updated greatly check it out!
  14. Maurtrick

    I'd love to join this outfit ;o You can find me in-game as Maurtrick. I've been around in the game since Alpha and I've been looking for a good Outfit to join for a while now that I've gotten back into Planetside 2. I won't be here for the next week, but when I come back, would it be possible for me to join?
  15. RHYS4190

    send Dylan23 a invite, by the way are there any old members of the 41st with you still or have they all gone to heaven............or hell

    wait I see fall breaker funny iv never killed you before on my TR alt iv killed the ultimate ching before but iv never run into you before you must be a very lucky individual
  16. SlipreeGypsy

    Hey guys, hop on our teamspeak when you get a chance and we'll sort out your invites. Good to see you back Dylan.

  17. Jacabon Mere

    I was running in one of your public squads earlier today and rather enjoyed it. I'm fairly casual player 1 - 2 hours 3 or 4 nights a week sort of availability. Pretty bad at the game (K:D), I usually run engineer and rather enjoy the support role.

    I'm 25, have headset and TS and am from Sydney.

    Am chilling on your TS at the moment.
  18. SlipreeGypsy

    Happy to have you aboard! Good to see you enjoy support roles (we never cared about K/D XD)

    Hopefully an admin gave you the invites/teamspeak groups, but if not ill make sure I'll get onto it when you log back in.
  19. Jacabon Mere

    Someone gave me access and I was able to jump in one of the squads.
  20. equinub

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