The Rebel Scum [RSNC]

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by SlipreeGypsy, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Greyfrog

    Good luck to lipstick squadron :)
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  2. mblades

    Good luck RSNC I will say its nice seeing you and ag7 participating in alerts more so then vanu recently (yes i know vanu trolls are normally not in the mood for said alert)

    But still hope you guys are there to save NC and make them a force to reckon with. Of course hope nc troll dont take too many potential recruits from you:p
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  3. UNSCSpartan051

    Tis for the rebellion!
  4. Booticus

    Nice job holding Andvari as long as you did last night during the alert :D that was frustrating as all hell to take!
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  5. Fallbreaker

    Check out our new logo :D Designed by SydGooi, Rebel Scum veteran.

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  6. Mcponington

    That is a really nice logo, I was pretty inactive when you guys first formed but as I'm slowly getting back into the game I have seen some really impressive battles from your outfit.
  7. SlipreeGypsy

    The ewoks shall be remembered!
  8. Afifikas

    Whatever you guys (and AG7 and whatever NC outfits) did during the Amerish Tech Plant alert today, it was awesome. Whoever said NC is weak and that TR is dominate Briggs is plain wrong.

    Keep it up yo.

    Lots of love,
    A TR.

    P.S I hope Commissar NotBob will not execute me for being "friendly" with rebels.
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  9. UNSCSpartan051

  10. UNSCSpartan051

    Our new teamspeak adress
    Feel Free to come on and play with us!
  11. Afifikas

    I wish to lodge a formal complaint against your member MykeMichail and his Galaxy! Time and time again during a capture Esamir alert, your outfit member refused to act in a professional and appropriate manner while piloting his Galaxy!

    He refused to fly in a stoic, standard, and decent manner while attacking Old Harbor. I engaged him with my Skyguard and to my horror, he tried to stomp my gallant NS-issue Lightning Skyguard into the ice seas of Esamir using his Galaxy! Shocked at his callous, unprofessional behaviour I ran around the place like a rat, all the while being chased by your member and repeated Bulldog shells!

    I politely asked MykeMichail to stop trying to crush my Skyguard by randomly firing into the skies and into his Galaxy while reversing and making donuts on the ice, but he refused to do so and instead defied the laws of gravity by flinging his skywhale all over the place in his attempt to land on me. Why? There's plenty of flat ice surface around my Skyguard!

    One of your outfit's Reaver attempted to assist me (or I think he was since he was between me and the Galaxy) but in my flustered state of trying to ward off MykeMichail's fat flying skywhale belching Bulldog shells at me, I am afraid I accidentally filled the Reaver with at least 1/2 a clip of 40mm flak. I believe the poor Reaver survived it.

    Only after persistent and polite 40mm flak was given to the fat flying Skywhale did your outfit member leave me in peace to continue my meditation on finding the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.

    When I tried to approach him to seek an explanation for his behaviour, he was flying away towards Everett Supply and despite my attempts to draw his attention by politely sending a clip of 40mm flak into his skywhale, he refused to acknowledge my Skyguard! Such manners! I chased after his skywhale only to see it blow up in the far distance. I did not get to seek an explanation on why he flew his Skywhale in such a reckless manner, and promptly charged a blue-gold Lightning tank which was chasing me.

    That said: congrats on winning the alert. delicious 70% XP bonus for being underpop.

    Note: Yes, I am bored. VS and NC are fighting each other in Tawrich as I am typing this and TR is basically ghostcapping VS all the way to Hvar. And ghostcapping = boring.
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  12. UNSCSpartan051

    10/10 would read again.
  13. MykeMichail

    Yarrrr thar she be! The white whale!

    Was fun chasing you around.


    I blew up cause a Reaver cut into me and it totally make sense that a low speed collision should make my 30 tonne galaxy suddenly pitch 90 degrees down.
  14. nitrushammer321

    To be honest I haven't seen you guys as much, but I congratulate you guys on becoming a successful outfit. I'll see you guys on the battlefield!
  15. nitrushammer321

    To be honest I haven't seen you guys as much, but I congratulate you guys on becoming a successful outfit. I'll see you guys on the battlefield!
  16. UNSCSpartan051

    Look more closely bro, We're the second largest NC outfit after TR0L. If it's the lack of Pub Platoons, then it's because we are focusing on training more.
  17. Afifikas

    RSNC not on the battlefields? Is it now safe to wander out in my Skyguard without the threat of getting stomped by a Skywhale? How's North WG treating the NC?
  18. SlipreeGypsy

    The great plains of Indar are quite a sight!

    Forth faction has not been as prominent lately, but now it's the matter of people getting to the alerts and not staying on indar.
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  19. Shuay

    BUMP - Be a scum, rebel against tyranny NC
  20. Rougey

    And profit.

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