The Rebel Scum [RSNC]

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by SlipreeGypsy, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. SlipreeGypsy


    [RSNC] is an active planetside 2 community on Briggs (New Conglomerate) formed on August 6th 2013. We take pride in being a highly skilled, organised outfit focused on self-improvement. If this sounds like your kind of outfit and have experience in FPS feel free to drop a recruitment application on our forums at (we do not look at these forums often so please apply on our website).

    Teamspeak address:

    In-game contacts: TheUltimateChing, Dcol2, GoatsCheese

    Oh and one more thing: Kebabs are the staple food of the outfit. You must like them.
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  2. Fallbreaker

    We're one of the most active outfit's on Briggs NC half-platoons on off-peak time, Full-platoon+ on On-peak time. Weekly meetings of 50+ members. We play serious ops, and sometimes we just have a laugh. We play other games together as well :D
    This is THE NC outfit you want to be apart of.
  3. UNSCSpartan051

  4. UNSCSpartan051

    If you do sign up, an offering must be given to the twin deitys Ching and XinniX. Then you must convert to Chinnixism.
  5. UNSCSpartan051

    Bump for glory.
  6. exohkay

    I've seen you guys around quite a bit. Competent players, good outfit.

    Too bad you're rebel scum. Don't consider joining them, just TK those traitors on sight.


  7. TheFullCologne

    dammit! dont encourage the nc to teamkill even more frequently!
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  8. SlipreeGypsy

    300 Members reached! :D
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  9. Fallbreaker

    Bumping for the rebellion!
  10. Tack

    Two of the largest outfits joined together to become even larger.

    This outfit is probably the last chance for massive platoon-based gameplay on the Briggs server. I'd recommend it to anyone who prefers hammers to needles.
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  11. TheFullCologne

  12. UNSCSpartan051

    What i have to say, is that who wouldnt prefer hammers to needles? Needles cant even poke through vanu spandex, a hammer would be a 1 hit KO :D. So make the right choice, pick hammers!!!!!
  13. Fallbreaker

    Bump for the rebellion!
  14. MadMaukh

    I do enjoy fighting you guys. Especially forcing you to retreat off assaulting various tech plants and or disrupting said Gal drops.
    Usually you never run into just one RSNC.
  15. UNSCSpartan051

    370 Rebel Scum kicking *** on the battlefield with 98% active within last thirty days. We've Grown by 70 members in just 12 Days, shows you whats to come !:eek:
  16. UNSCSpartan051

    We will be welcoming HDAA into The Rebel Scum Family this Friday, more reason for teh Space ***** and Scientologists to quiver, FREEDOM!
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  17. DobbsFelix

    We are glad to be part of this big family, and we hope more will join. This is for the win guys :)
  18. UNSCSpartan051

    #3 on Briggs with more than 96 members because IB is inactive
    #2 on Briggs with more than 192 members after SOGA
    #1 on Briggs with more than 384 members ... embers=384

    #2 Global for any outfit with min members of 384 ... embers=384

    Therefore I will tentatively say that RSNC is indeed one of the Best Large outfits on Briggs, and #1 for NC.
    We are also the 2nd Best large outfit in the World.
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  19. Kulantan

    Those links are broken (yes, I know I could replicate the results myself). Anyway, I will certainly say that RSNC are a) performing an important service for Briggs NC and b) better than Troll.
  20. UNSCSpartan051

    Sorry, my PC broke down, on iOS. Basically what I'm trying to say that RSNC is an outfit that has the muscle needed to do stuff while still havimg an overall high skill level, with only AG7 surpassing us in this aspect for NC.

    Currently we have an Infantry and Armor Division, working on the Air Wing, informally called Rouge Squadron.
    We regularly operate fireteams, teams of 6 men operating to support the main platoon(s). We might make a formal spec ops group just for this type of play. Working with 390 guys gives you these options. The more the merrier.

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