The Reaver hitbix is so big -_-.

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    The Mosquito has a Very Streamline Vertical Design.

    The Scythe has a very Streamline Horizontal Design.

    The Reaver..... has a...... blocky brick that's easily hit design.
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  2. Xervous

    Yes, it is true that the reaver has a lot of things going against it right out of the gate, and that the scythe has a very favorable profile for hover fighting... If I say anything about the mossi its going to be how its my least favorite ESF because of underwhelming nose cannons (mossi needs a mild buff IMO)

    The only way you can deal with the reaver's barn door sized and shaped hitbox is move, a lot. You have a larger afterburner tank than the other ESFs, so use it... though the recent nerf to hover mode AB consumption hurt the reaver a lot in this aspect.
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  3. Chubzdoomer

    Welcome to the Flying Brick!
  4. RenegadeHelios

    Honestly, the Reaver needs a revert to the older rotaries, or it needs a redesign in order to minimize the hitbox.

    It used to be that the Reaver had a faster TTK overall in order to compensate for the larger hitbox, but standardization screwed that all to heck. .-.
  5. nightbird

    Are you sure about this?

    Reaver is the hardest and most rewarding to fly of the three. The hitbox is a handicap, since you'll get hit more often than the other ESFs and by having the same hitpoints, it feels more fragile when receiving damage.
  6. Magicbullet141

    I love popping reavers out of the sky with my prowler, please hover some more. While you are at it, make sure you keep coming in on a shallow angle straight at me when trying to strafe me.
  7. Crayv

    I kinda wish they would give the ESFs more faction differences. Reavers get more health and they should retain their dive speed so it is actually meaningful, Mossies get their higher flight ceiling, Scythes get... whatever it is they are suppose to have. However it would mean that one of them would likely be flat out better at straight up dogfighting. Reavers would win at straight up fire exchanges, Scythes would likely win when maneuverability is involved, and Mossies would be kings at hit-and-runs and choosing their engagements.
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  8. Taemien

    Reason we can't buff Reaver nose cannons due to its hitbox is because hitbox means nothing if you get the jump on someone and one clip them. A health or armor buff wouldn't be a bad thing though.

    You have an extremely powerful afterburner and vertical trust.
    Reverse maneuver in a reaver is insane
    You can catch mosquito with afterburner
    Your gun does more damage

    Also unlike the scythe mthey don't fall to the ground when hovering vertically.
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  10. Deschain

    I think the Delorean dev team was hired when creating the Ps2 Reaver :).. Looks good, drives like a donkey with 3 legs.
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  11. Scr1nRusher

    Its just so dumb!

    I'm trying to get into flying but I feel like tis a vanguard with Dumbo ear wings.
  12. Wizz

  13. Kriegson


    That's a good one!

    But no seriously, guns do pretty much the same damage or difference its so utterly minuscule that it doesn't matter. We don't have stronger vertical thrust than anyone, this has been tested. Nearly the same as the mossie and the scythe is better due to how they float to begin with. Reverse manuver? Really?

    Haven't comparatively tested AB but I can say max is around 364. What is it for Mossie/scythe?
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  14. Wizz

    you're an idiot.
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  15. isaidhi3

    The scythe doesn't have better reverse maneuver because it floats to begin with. It descends when standing still just like the other ESFs.

    I just did the math for you. It takes precicely 2.00 seconds to kill an ESF with the vortek rotary (if you hit every shot) and it takes 2.45 seconds to kill an ESF with the hailstorm. That's a 22.5% increase in TTK. If you call that minuscule, you're an idiot.

    While true that the reaver is under performing, it DOES have things to compensate for the large hit box.
  16. Spadar

    Reavers haven't had a fuel capacity advantage for over a year now, unless they snuck it back in unannounced and no one spoke of it. Reavers have higher acceleration and top speed when it comes to vertical thrust without afterburners applied, but that's about it in regards to hover maneuvering.
  17. GoyoElGringo

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  18. Crayv

  19. GoyoElGringo

    Based on that chart, a scythe with anyhing other than racer has a better hover than a reaver with anything but racer. It's kind of odd, because the reaver hover feels so powerful. And even more odd, is a mossie is just below the scythe in terms of hover speed. There must be some other factor at play, because it feels like reaver>scythe>mossie when it comes to hover power.
  20. IamnotAmazing

    lol that's how I always die :p