The reality about Oshur

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  1. Ikarius77

    20:30 Atlantic time, Friday.

    Emerald total population : +1000

    Primary Continent : Hossin
    Secondary Continent : Oshur

    Faction Queue for every faction : +50

    Literally i have to look for another game to play because no one is playing on the secondary continent (not a single +12 battle on map) even with this pop.
  2. Botji

    Its also very common to see Oshur stay as the off-continent/secondary for the entire duration of the server prime time, then when it gets late and the pop is reduced so only one continent is open = Oshur = almost every one leaves, even if they would have otherwise played for a bit more if it was some other continent.
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  3. Nogrim313

    just logged in indar and esamir with population queues, oshur open... i logged off and am going to go play something else.
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  4. melioa

    there is no need for wait times or the stupid faction balance BS. Member wait time said 1 minute 14 seconds for Indar.....12 minutes later i am able to log into Indar.....oh, and there was NO why the ******* wait times? Member**** is a waste of time.
    and as for Oshur, they need to swallow their pride and see it is a failed map and just scrap it, just like they did with Arena.
  5. Twin Suns

    It would be nice if it was filled with Fauna and Flora. A “No go zone” of mega beasts that take an army to slay, deadly plants and such. Earning certs or whatever. Only Outfits are able to hunt. No fighting among factions either. The Outfits can only take one form of basic vehicle spawn. Once it’s destroyed and all the outfit’s members die. It’s over and the Outfit is out of the map. Put a limit if you have to until you figure out how to send waves of deadly things of them. Risk with reward. Might as well do something with it.

  6. Liewec123

    Unfortunately this is what happens when a guy with no game development experience
    inexplicably becomes the dude in control of a multi-million dollar game.

    We're all at the mercy of his terrible ideas, terrible continent redesigns, island maps, CTF etc.
    There is noone above him to smack him round the face and tell him 'no'.
    It doesn't matter what we the players want, only what HE wants to shove into the game matters.
    Who cares if it kills primetime and ruins the game, Wrel wants it to be there, so it's there.
    And he will never go back on a bad decision, or even so much as admit it.
    He'll just stumble on to making the next massive game-killing change.
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  7. AntDX316

    A lot of the devs put their heart into making Planetside Arena and Oshur most likely.

    Personally I feel bad when people either as a joke or not say bad things about the devs decisions and Wrel. Imo I think too much is going on with Oshur, too many bases connected. The first Oshur launch was done right at least on Emerald it was. Maybe having a land warpgate would make a big difference. The slow driving of regular vehicles, other vehicles having to traverse while underwater is bad imo. I'm not sure who's idea was it (most likely other Outfit Leaders who the devs trust over the people who didn't make the dev trust group) to do certain bad updates. Still though, whatever they choose to do, I play and Lead whoever I'm with to try to win the alert. I don't like Oshur the most because too many bases are connected. You have to watch, hope, and/or go to the bases to try and stop a 5 or less person contest. It's so tedious.

    There was a period of a few years that cont lock alerts were removed. I honestly was trying to give my outfit away to other Leaders towards the tail end of that. The hives and VP weren't really as much fun.

    I used to say how Planetside: Arena was such a bad decision, etc. when it came out. I didn't really know how "devving" really worked back then. I didn't know how much effort and costs it takes but for whatevers sake, they should at least go over things before developing than just developing deep and realize most people don't like it. I really liked the first version of Oshur because of the bridge battles but the latest version is really difficult to enjoy, for me the too many connected bases for backcapturing prevention.

    I still think the Koltyr map needs to be in map circulation.

    I mean, if I could give any advice it would be the awareness of what people who usually play Planetside 2 want that is: (I'm not thinking too deep just writing it quick without proof reading/drafting)
    -No lag
    -Massive scale high-play FPS battlefield
    -Ability to fly aircraft, drive tanks, etc.
    -Ability to communicate in channels or directly to people easily
    -The teamwork of being with other people for a collective result
    -Construction (there are people who like to do that the Most)
    -Auraxing weapons for directives or just for stats
    -Something to do that gets instant rewards and consequences
    -Easy respawns without dying being a huge issue of getting back into battle
    -Probably more but I'm tired of thinking about more

    Basically it's all about purpose and I think the reason why don't like Oshur is because it makes their purpose drive thirst quench harder to get. If the new developments can make it easier people would have no problem playing.

    Maybe adding more things to the game like how Overwatch and Destiny does it. Maybe add drops and chests like Battle Royale but those things could ruin the game who knows. I don't play those games but I've tried them.

    More abilities, more things that could make the action better, making use of the tietary fire action button would improve the gameplay as long as it doesn't increase the server lag. The server lag ruins the game.

    We don't need more maps unless the development for that is free but as long as it's not harder to get the purpose quench fix to happen.
  8. AntDX316

    edit: I think the game is good how it is but indeed Oshur could use an overhaul somehow. If it gets too complicated it can ruin the game but who knows.

    I think the new CTF is cool but you won't really see me most of the time trying to solo cap a base like that lmao.
  9. BloodyPuma

    Oshur delenda est.

    I would happily write "why" for a 20th time, but it would be more then a devs did to counter our issues with Oshur.
  10. Westphilly0

    I’m a simple dude, I played mostly during off hours due to reasons

    I see oshur? I logout

    Oh What’s this? I see Oshur one too many times during off hours? *I delete the game*

    That along with a myriad of other issues that was just the icing on the cake, no reason to keep PS2 if I barely play it I got better things to do or play

    I haven’t played since august and I have absolutely no urge to play it like other games
  11. OneShadowWarrior

    Oshur is the best art work they have brought to the game to date, just like Esamir’s shattered warp gate. It’s spectacular to look at, but you can’t do anything else.

    They didn’t learn from Esamir, Shattered WG should have been dead center with traditional bases. The problem is, they designed capture points with construction bases and they simply don’t work. This was carried into Oshur, no one likes the construction base capture points, underwater fights or seasposts. They need to rethink the battle flow mechanics with better traditional bases and throw out what doesn’t work.

    The underwater fights are to flaky because it doesn’t showcase all the combat elements of the game, they were better off throwing bio labs underwater at this rate.