The "real" reason why ZOE is OP.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RobotNinja, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. RobotNinja

    You can argue day and night about why ZOE is OP but here's the real reason. See if you can spot it:

    + Increased Speed (as fast or slightly faster than infantry) when activated
    + Increased Damage output when activated
    + Instant activation/deactivation
    - 30% reduced damage resistance

    + Partially blocks incoming damage as long as they are direct hits to shield
    - Shield coverage degenerates with damage taken
    - Massive speed debuff, slows down MAX
    - Requires recharge/charge time
    - Can't fire with shield up
    - Can't reload with shield up
    - Ability activation/deactivation delay

    + Increased ROF/velocity by 15-50% depending on weapon
    + Decreased reload time
    - Can't move
    - Limited forward aiming arc
    - Ability activation/deactivation delay
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  2. gigastar

    ZOE MAXs cannot outrun infantry.
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  3. Ryme

    Did they change Aegis? I could've swore I've seen youtube videos of Aegis users reloading.
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  4. Flapatax

    Oh my god really.
  5. RobotNinja

    That's funny, because at a full sprint/autorun behind a ZOE MAX a few feet in front of me, I couldn't catch up to him. I guess it must be server latency or maybe he was speedhacking...but you know...only a little.
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  6. Ryme

    The speed boost only allows them to run as fast as infantry. Which is why you can't catch him; he is as fast as you.
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  7. RobotNinja

    Unless it's changed, you have to be halfway through your reload when you activate the shield which basically amounts to a minor glitch/exploit. Once the shield is fully up, you cannot reload.
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  8. RobotNinja

    I just tested it again and I just ran past a medic who started out running straight and ahead of me at a full unbroken sprint.
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  9. Ryme

    Try it with a friend who has the same connection speed as you. I know in many online games latency does contribute a small bit. I've outrun and been outrun by people who're all supposed to be moving at the same speed before.
  10. StalkerGER

    what !?!?! sir i ask u a question ARE U BLIND ? or do u even know what a ZOE max is ?
  11. DashRendar

    Add to that list the fact that the Aegis sometimes causes your next reload to do no damage, so that amounts to an additional - for Aegis.
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  12. DashRendar

    I use ZOE too, but you have to admit, ZOE is too good. And by "too good" I mean that literally, there is just too much that's good about it that its weaknesses do not nearly account for its strengths. That's what the poster is trying to convey.
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  13. Phazaar

    Whilst I completely agree with the OP, I will point out that this type of argument is ********... Spot the better idea:

    World Peace:
    + No more war
    - Job losses in the armed forces
    - Job losses in tech fields previously supplying armed forces
    - No intervention in foreign politics, beyond recommendations and trade sanctions; a tyrant that doesn't break the 'world peace' rule is untouchable
    - Pageant contestants will actually need to think about their answer to 'If you could have one wish, what would it be?'
    - Technological advances previously collectively paid for by the public and spoils of war will now require private investment, amounting to increased retail prices owing to the need of suppliers to directly cover overheads
    - Reduced potential for imperialism, which when done 'properly' previously had an 'internationalising' privately owned assets of tremendous lasting value, amounting to a vastly increased standard of living reaching outward from the 'empire', at the cost of the standard of living of the sole owner and their dependents

    World War:
    + HUGE amounts of money to be made for generations after the conclusion of the war, both for the victor, and for any neutral parties that would care to invest
    + Public works programmes, stimulating local, national, and international economic growth
    + Non-existent unemployment
    + Renewed sense of patriotism and national pride
    + Leadership, duty and courage become core values in education
    -Loss of life
    -The chance of the bad guys winning
    -Economic/Cultural damage to large areas

    Not weighting your pros and cons list is never a good way to judge value or make a decision. To tie this back to my original statement and the OP though, the issue here is that the weighted pros and cons list still looks just as skewed to ZOE :/
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  14. FocusLight

    I have kept up with a full-speed running infantry zerg in a ZOE MAX on level 1 and 2. You can keep up with infantry.
  15. Morpholine

    Having been nerfed twice already, I'm convinced ZOE could do absolutely nothing besides making the Max glow pink, and the TR/NC whines would still flood the forum.
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  16. FocusLight

    They start reloading, then pop the shield up to protect themselves while reloading, then take it back down to shoot and start the next reload cycle.
  17. Bape

    You do know higby even confirmed ZOE is OP in that MLG stream and it will be getting a nerf hammer in the max balance pass about to come up any day now.
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  18. Morpholine


    I believe my point still stands, however.
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  19. Alizona

    Have not read thread past OP.

    Have played as a Vanu MAX just to see what all this "ZOE IS OP" shouting is about...

    And when I did, the one thing that surprised me was... wow - I can really just turn this ZOE thing on and off at will, over and over, without any cost or time limit or even any delay or anything?

    So without reading thread, this is my guess. Did I spot it, as soon as I tried a VS ZOE MAX?

    P.S. Since I didn't know the damage vulnerability goes up as a penalty, I died right away of course. lol The way people were talking, I thought it was some kinda "God mode" and I just walked right up firing on the first NC I saw and he shot me dead point-blank. I'm such a doofus at this game, eterna-noob. :)
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  20. deggy


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