The Real Reason for (insert faction here) is OP threads

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  1. Kanil

    Yet your most used pistol (the MagShot) has an exact clone in the VS arsenal: the Manticore. Why is it adequate on your NC character, but no good on the VS one?
  2. a-koo-chee-moya

    They are only responses to the ____ is OP threads started by the other factions.
  3. a-koo-chee-moya

    ? I always thought the Desperado/Repeater were the best? We were going to get that with the Spiker, but the delay between bursts is insane.
  4. nubery

    So you covered one spectrum of why these balance threads exist. Admittedly a large portion of them, too, but by no means has this game ever been free of balance issues.
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  5. LibertyRevolution

    The manticore is a worse version of the magshot and you have to spend certs/cash to get it..
    The magshot is my most used pistol on my NC as it was the only pistol I ever had.

    TR I use the repeater, and I just picked up the AMP.
    Both are pocket SMG, the AMP just means I can hold mouse 1 instead of clicking it.

    I am using an underboss on my VS right now..
    The VS ES pistols are just worse versions of other factions pistols..
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  6. Celenor

    Didn't you already reply yesterday lol?
  7. KnightCole

    And they will move on to the next weapon that kills them....
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  8. a-koo-chee-moya

    Yeah, but you know humans and ideas.
  9. Lividicus!

    ZOE was completely OP in every way. It needed a nerf badly. The population of VS went up massively after ZOE was released. I play on Connery, and I'm sure plenty of players can vouch that there were at times a 60% or more VS population. The striker was also in desperate need of balancing. Like a boss likes to believe his opinion is the only one that is correct, and makes ridiculous statements such as "the ZOE and Striker were both balanced".

    Bottom line, no Developer is perfect, occasionally there is going to be too much damage on an item or too much mobility, etc. It does happen. It is very highly unlikely that people are in a "Nerf VS" mood simply because their "EGO" is too big. If that were the case than there would NEVER be any other type of nerf thread. Instead, we see nerf threads come and go with the weapons. TR has been hated for the stiker, NC for the hacksaw, and VS now for the PPA and ridiculously difficult to see camo.

    OP, get over yourself. It's no surprise that you'd make a thread, being a VS player, stating that "everyone just wants to pick on me"
  10. KnightCole

    Yeah, ZoE was OP. It got real damn tiring walking into every fight against VS, winning the first round, winning the second round, winning the third round and then its 12 of 14 players pulling ZoE...any attempts to kill them were met with them chasing you down and punching you in the nutz cuz ZoE removed the one weakness of MAX suits...speed. Get in a bigger fight and you always saw like 4-6 ZoEs standing around the points and crap...couldnt face VS without seeing glowing lobsters everywhere....

    Its not unlike how now, you cant face VS without seeing 12 Scythes, 3 guys in Harassers, several Mags, some snipers on the hills and w/e else they decided to bring.
  11. Kanil

    The only differences between the Manticore and MagShot (and I mean literally the only) difference is 50m/s velocity in exchange for no bullet drop. You could argue that it makes it worse, but only by an extremely small, virtually irrelevant amount.

    Clearly, if the MagShot is workable enough that it's not worth your certs to replace, then the Manticore is probably also reasonably workable and not awful, you see?

    VS ES pistols are just clones of NC pistols, one gets somewhat better RoF, one gets somewhat worse RoF, and the last one is identical. If VS pistols are bad, I don't see how you can argue that NC pistols are good. If VS and NC pistols are both bad, maybe the problem is the TR pistols are too good?
  12. LibertyRevolution

    The Magshot is workable because it is free, you have to buy the manticore.
    Since I had to buy a pistol for my VS, I chose the underboss as I can use across faction.

    NC have the desperado...
    The stock TX1-Repeater is my favorite pistol in the game, just spam click left mouse and it is a pocket SMG.
    The AMP pistol is a 21 shot full auto pocket SMG.

    So yes, the TR have the best pistols.
  13. Dracorean

    Most if not all OP posts are just about faction specific stuff, apparently the concept of balance and uniqueness doesn't get through to allot of people as to balance a weapon, just make it the same as the others, to make a gun unique, give it some 'good traits' in expense to other average or below average ones.

    To balance a game or a weapon in a game, having slight advantages can be used to balance them out. Like Lancer is an inaccurate suppressive fire gun, it fires slow and its projectile travels slow. Chain gun has a spool up time. Jackhammer is only good at close range. These heavy weapons have slight advantages but only in CQC and choke point fights. Long range combat makes them avoidable.

    Now another way OP posts can be created is simply that, people want something similar to what the person they are fighting has, that or make it weaker. Rarely does one say that the weapon they are using is pretty OP. If they do then that's pretty OP and could use tweaking. Now remind you this is only for faction specific stuff. Things like the liberator or harasser in the past were quite powerful in their own way and many agreed to it.

    Though considering the two reasons aside from common 'frustration' (Which I'm leaving out because feelings are personal problems.) you either want a gun that is the same (Balance), or a gun that can do something no others can (Uniqueness) and asking for a unique weapon to be tweaked one needs to look at the pros and cons of the weapon. Take the ZoE ability, at one time the ability was able to be constantly active and able to turn off. Other abilities were limited, either by HP or movement, as well as speed and view direction, the ZoE on the other hand increased how much damage you took for speed and fire rate. So now they gave it the ability that it goes off automatically.
  14. a-koo-chee-moya

    Oh no, VS has vehicles!!! Its not like we couldn't bring our own and do the EXACT SAME THING.
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  15. a-koo-chee-moya

    Well yeah, cuz everyone is picking on me. If there weren't any "For the love of God VS MAX is OP" threads or "maggy can float and dodge its OP" threads, I wouldn't have to say anything. You most likely don't have any moral high ground when your faction was nerfed either. I at least put some thought into my thread, unlike most of the Nerf VS ones. Link me to some of the good ones.
  16. Lamat

    This is a big problem, and I'm sure the devs know, and that's a good reason for them to not read these forums. You have to wade through SO much trash to find something of real value that could improve the game.

    I think faction-wise, the game has never been so well balanced. And I say that from the bottom of my IWIN-shield.

    Egos will blame faction balance for their loss, if they can't easily do that, it's a hacker.

    What players really need to learn is situational awareness, not just in your character's immediate area, but the map. Should you even be trying to fight there right now? Are you playing too aggressive and reckless? Are you in a group? Are you not in an organized group and yet fighting players who are organized? Are you fighting against a reknown enemy Outfit?
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  17. Lamat

    That's weird. I could sware VS started all those too.