The Real Reason for (insert faction here) is OP threads

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  1. IamnotAmazing

    plz nerf nc n vs we all know they r the OPist
  2. Jalek

    I like the idea of finding ways to deal with even game balance issues, but when ZOE was dominant, VS population on US servers blew up as well. Overpop is the best force multiplier, regardless of other factors.
  3. a-koo-chee-moya

    So your saying that 2 weapons and one useless cosmetic theme makes a faction good?
  4. Zotamedu

    Then I would like to add the glorious spandex-clad Vanu butts to the list. They are totally OP and need a nerf.
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  5. a-koo-chee-moya

    Actually this goes waaay waaay back to the second imperative of life, finding a mate. Every organism must beleive that it is the best possible mate, and thus, the best possible of its species. Doubt would significantly lower its chances of finding a mate. Thus, the chest-beating commences.
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  6. a-koo-chee-moya

    333 rpm is around half the average, with the damage only being 1 third as high. Also, it doesn't matter how splash you have, that group waaay out DPSs you. If your talking about using Lasher in groups, Jackhammer is good in groups as well, and shines in solo play.
  7. libbmaster




    Correction OP, the real reason for such threads is demonstrated here.

    It's all in persepctive.
  8. a-koo-chee-moya

    So every balance ever made was instigated by a troll???
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  9. AdmiralArcher

    in the end its a joke...that not many of you seem to get
  10. Pacster3

    Yeah, I think Vanu should go back to blaming other factions for being OP(like vanguard-shield, scatmax, 2shot-prowler, pounders, fractures, jackhammer, chaingun...there are plenty of OP things in the other factions) ,...cause currently the other factions are blaming VS for ridiculous reasons(the real reason is "we get beaten, so they got to have an advantage...somewhere") just to distract from themselves.

    All I can say: If you think you got it bad: I got no problem to switch magrider for vanguard or prowler. I will do with a jackhammer or chaingun for the lasher. I can deal with having harder punch weapons or more ammo instead of whatever vanu faction trait shall be(go figure...). I will miss the fun toys...yes...but you will cry even harder cause you gonna get ripped apart even more.

    PS: ZOE was not nerfed, it was KILLED.
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  11. DorianOmega

    This thread needs to be a sticky, its so obviously true it hurts.
  12. Irrelevant--

    You're kinda proving his point.
    Group A and group B (who hate each other) are agreeing that group C is over-preforming by a considerable margin. Group C's response is "Nah ah".
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  13. NC_agent00kevin


    People dont like losing.
  14. libbmaster

    Every balance ever made was instigated by some one who thought that there side was UP and the other OP.

    Some times this matches up with reality. Most of the time it does not.

    While your ego hypothesis is true in some cases, I would pin the majority of the blame on the "grass is greener syndrome".

    People only have weapons from their faction to use, and are only killed by weapons from other factions (in normal scenarios).

    Since the human mind is conditioned to remember negative experiences more clearly, people always recall all the times their weapons failed them, and all the times the other side's weapons destroyed them.

    Thus, they assume there side is UP, and the other OP.
  15. a-koo-chee-moya

    I don't know, Its hard to tell who's just raging and who's making a joke. I apologize if too many rage posts have made yours seem like one.
  16. DatVanuMan

    ZOE was not killed, it was OBLITERATED. ABUSED. Then executed by the ways of SOE's giant nerf hammer.
  17. a-koo-chee-moya

    Yeah, ZOE was OP, but of course, it is now useless for anything besides dodging that one dumbfire from 100m out.
  18. DatVanuMan

    TR is OP because:
    Faster reload on a two-shot cannon.
    Faster vehicle speeds while having the same armor as the VS. Prowler is ALWAYS better than either tank, and #1 goes with this.
    Lynx. Sure, give it a faster reload despite having a much higher RoF and more bullets. Why not?
    Banshee. I HATE THIS THING>:[

    NC is OP because:
    You lose shield. Technically not OP, but needs a change. NOT A NERF;)
    Raven. Honestly, this is the only weapon the NC has that is BROKEN, not OP.
    Titan AP.
    RailJack. This is not OP, it is simply OVERUSED, which means that two shots on the leg from 200 meters away will end you. Still not OP.
    The NC is definitely the most unique faction. Varying models, excluding the Rebel and Mag-Shot, best audio, best LMG (SAW. I'd take the Polaris, Flare, or SAW over the crappy Orion any day of the week), and simply the most unique models. They actually stick to the low RoF yet high damage trait, although it needs improvement.

    VS is OP because:
    Phaseshift. My opinion, it is my favorite SR in the game. I love it SO much:3
    PPA. Really, everyone says it's broken, while it is in fact the only USEFUL AI weapon.
    Lancer. Love it SO much.
    Lasher. Perfect for disco parties, a privilege other factions can not enjoy.

    Pretty much all. To sum it all up, I hate TR, NC needs a buff, and I main the absolutely ununique VS.
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  19. DatVanuMan

    ZOE was the only reason I'd pull a MAX. I loved it dearly. And then the nerfs came... You know what happened next. I mean, reducing speed was enough, but giving it a timer, making you half an inch faster than a ScatMAX, limiting the already terrible damage bonus range were simply way too painful. It was good when it was good, I'll miss that piece of historic VS art<:'(
  20. AdmiralArcher

    yeah...mine was just satire