The Real Problem With Infiltrators

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Gray Olson, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Gray Olson

    So, after reading several threads, putting several hours into the game after release, and many more before, I think I've come up with WHY the infiltrator seems so useless right now. There are two main points:
    • Movement
    • Class-specific actions

    This, right here, is the main problem with infiltrators. In order to be effective, the infiltrator needs some way to move in a more efficient manner than his foes. I find that using the Light Assault as an "infiltrator" works SO MUCH better than the infiltrator when trying to, wait for it, infiltrate. This comes down to one thing: mobility. When playing LA, I have a means of getting where others don't expect me. This means that I can get the drop on people more easily, and avoid detection more easily if I want to. Now, I haven't devised a SOLUTION yet, but there needs to be some mechanic that allows the infiltrator to get on top of objects or just generally enhance their mobility.
    Class-specific actions
    This is a more minor gripe than movement, but still important nonetheless. The problem is that we need to be able to hack vehicles or something more important than just terminals. Maybe we can destroy shield gens more quickly than other classes, or maybe we can hack vehicles. I'm not sure of the perfect solution, but this is something that needs to be addressed.
  2. Sylvanicus


    I never really thought about the movement thing, but I think you're right. I've actually discovered as well that <100m it's better not to cloak. Most people will hear it and take a look. You're better off saving it for emergencies.

    And I agree that our class specific actions... are token actions at best. I don't feel like I have a roll to play on the battlefield other than killing people and all the other classes can do that. Everyone can spot, so I'm not much better than anyone else when it comes to spotting. Really long range sniping as all I can do that others can't, but with the right kit you can get pretty long range kills without a sniper rifle.
  3. Thanatar

    i bought a 12x scope for my bolt action and now I am certing into the medic gun. why? because i dont feel the need for more certs as an infiltrator (besides the ammo belt maybe) since "infiltrating" does not do much in this game. and for sniping all i need is a rifle and a scope *shrug*
  4. Believer

    Often as an infiltrator I find myself wishing I could steal enemy vehicles, it seems to me a very natural thing to be able to do. Also I can't imagine why the sidearm has no silencer, maybe a poison dart weapon that kills a target slowly unless they have a medic nearby or something, maybe xray glasses to see with walls, so many possibilities.

    Back on topic, it would be nice to be able to plant a device somewhere, then later be able to teleport to that spot.
  5. CaptainRobust

    It really does feel shallow, doesn't it? I agree, the Infiltrator needs a better reason to get close and dirty. Hacking terminals ( Something I've given up on doing, since my team tends to destroy them and me along with them ), while handy, doesn't really strike me as terribly useful. Being able to hack, say, an unguarded Sunderer, would be much better.

    Really, as of now, getting close is more for entertainment, since it really shows how no one in Planetside 2 looks up. Plus going on a rampage with your pistol never gets old.

    Just remember: I'm behind you.
  6. Sylvanicus

    I feel the same way. I may eventually get another gun but at 1000 certs, that's at about position 851 on my cert priorities list.
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  7. Skaylay


    Mby add a cert: use a device that lowers the gravity around an Infiltrator (like a gravity belt from some Amiga game) for a few secs allowing him to:
    - drop from high distances without harm,
    - jump high (rooftops of small buildings, hills)
    - not much sound while jumping/landing
    cons: can't steer like with LA:JP - need precision, xx sec CD on usage, adding little particle effect while jumping, can't be equipped with proximity mines; receives more % dmg while using the device.

    Class specific actions:

    Uber infiltrator spotting device - like the pistol like thingy - you point at enemy vehicle and it while being lased is visible for your team in a way: they see its glowing holo-like shape (squad can get notification of sth being lased) - with upgrade options like: add more dmg dealt to the target while lased; team can see the target even without clear field of vision; the target stays lased a few secs even if the Infiltrator drops the device.
    Could have special ammo, or recharge time.

    Vehicle hacking - I would be careful with this one, balance-issue. Mby infiltrators could hack unmanned vehicles making them for a "time: 2 mins" unable to use/function - no one can enter the vehicle, no one can spawn on a sunderer etc.
  8. Gray Olson

    I like these ideas. As far as movement, I almost think something where you can like "climb" steep surfaces for a certain distance. Not sure how practical that would be to implement at all, but something to think about. As far as vehicle hacking, I think that if a vehicle is parked then the inf should be able to hack it to their empire's control. However, an exception for AMS could be made so that if the inf was able to get close to it he could hack it and just basically make it useless, not bring it to his control.