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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Scroffel5, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Scroffel5

    I for one like the Railjack. I know that a lot of people don't like it for that .2 second delay, but I feel like it helps you out a lot. When all the ESSR's were released, to me, 2 of them had something in common. The Firing Type. With the Phaseshift, you could charge it for a bolt shot that 1HSKed. If you didn't charge, BOOM, ya had semi auto. With the Trap, you had Semi Auto and Burst. However, with the Railjack, you just had something that was part of the weapon, high damage and high velocity. I know that it was gonna have a shotgun mode, but it was removed.

    I suggest that the Railjack have another firemode, like the rest of the ESSR's. It nice to have that damage and be able to 1HSK any infil from any range, unlike every other snipe, but that comes down to your sniping skill and if you can hit that, whereas the Phaseshift and Trap have something extra. The Railjack just feels like a sniper to me, but the other ESSR's feel like they are more special. Maybe if the ESSR's could have lower sight optics too, but don't perform as well as close range snipers such as the SAS-R, that'd be nice too. I just want something for close range for the Railjack, because it inevitably happens 9/10 of the time.

    Feel free to reply and give suggestions and feelback!

    Scroffel AKA TetsuyiWST
  2. Scroffel5

    Comment below about the Railjack or any other ESSR that needs a buff in your opinion, and explain why.
  3. Ven Moonwall

    Having played and auraxed several of the sniper rifles that were available before the railjack was released, I have grown to be incredibly reliant on the ability to quickly pop out of cover fire around and immediately start moving. being able to snap shot is a skill you develop over time while using the normal bolt action snipers. Because of this I find that the .2 delay on the railjack absolutely debilitating.

    When it was first on the PTS the railjack had an alt fire that was a low damage fletchette with damage to heavy vehicles. However, because higby was a cruel god, this was removed and instead it was given the .2 delay and "high velocity and damage." IMO they should just rework the Railjack and give it an actual gimick like the other snipers from the set have. Trap is basically a Repeater with range, Phaseshift has infinite ammo and two fire modes (charged and semi auto). Why not give the Railjack the piercing ability since that is now a thing they can do and seems more NCish?
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  4. Scroffel5

    Yeah ikr? Everything else has another firemode, yet the Railjack's was taken away. The Trap and the Phaseshift do more. They give you an assist for more situations. Yet, the Railjack's ability is ONLY HELPFUL if you can snipe. I love my Railjack. I just want something more for it, because other than it having the ability to 1HSK from any range, it is just like any other sniper. It only banks on the fact that you can snipe, which the Trap and Phaseshift help you out if you miss. I would love to have the ability to shoot down infantry in close range or be able to deal damage to vehicles, like when it was first released, it had another fire mode.
  5. Scroffel5

    I'm just hoping that if we can get enough comments on this that the Railjack and other guns who are basically carbon copies of each other, ones that are supposed to be special, get a buff.
  6. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Between the TRAP, the Phaseshift and the Railjack, the Railjack is by far the worst of the three. For two reasons:

    The first is that the Railjack doesn't bring anything unique to the table as you said. The Phaseshift is the blend of a T1 Bolt Action and a T1 Semi-Auto with no ammunition restrictions. The TRAP is a closet-Yumi with no burst delay blended with the SABR-13. The Railjack is just another Bolt Action whose only unique features are eclipsed by its penalties.

    The second is related to the first. The Railjack is blessed with higher velocity and higher damage, neither of which come into play in any significant manner except in some niche instances. The delay sees to it that putting that power onto a target is more difficult and more inconsistent than with a 650m/s rifle while achieving broadly the same results. As pointed out above it also makes this rifle completely contrary to every other Bolt Action in the game, so any muscle memory you may already have for sniping is worse than useless.

    The only ranges where the Railjack will outperform a T3 sniper like the Longshot places you so far away from combat as to be essentially useless. The ability to counter-snipe at any distance is purely academic, a sniper foolish enough to stand completely still long enough for your bullet to travel 300+ meters to him after the firing delay was no threat to anyone.

    In my opinion you could get rid of the delay entirely and it would still be only marginally more threatening than any other bolt action. It certainly wouldn't change the way I fight against the NC. If you wanted to go crazy and change everything I guess you could nix the delay, make it single-shot and then give it a secondary fire mode that fires the same ammo as the Archer.
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  7. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Then you want to change the entire infiltrator arsenal. Basically the only difference between the Infiltrators for all three factions are the pistols, the mines, and the sounds your cloak makes.
  8. Scroffel5

    No, I don't mean change every gun for an infiltrator that are copies. I mean change guns that are supposed to be special, but just are basically a copy of another gun.

    Take Automatic Scout Rifles for instance. What distinguishes each one from the other? Literally nothing, but they are supposed to all be that way. There are only 4 in the game, 1 for each faction and 1 that is the NSX Tomoe. They are all the same to be balanced. However with empire specific weapons that are supposed to have a trait to it, something supposed to be special, like all the ESSR's, they shouldn't feel like a copy. They should feel unique, like how the new battle rifles are.
  9. That_One_Kane_Guy

    But none of the ESSRs are a copy of each other, or of any gun for that matter. The closest would be the Railjack, but even it in all of it's craptastic uselessness is different from any other Bolt Action rifle in the game. The ESSRs are certainly more different from each other than the new Battle Rifles are, at any rate.
  10. Scroffel5

    "that are supposed to be special, like all the ESSR's." I would say they are all special, but the Railjack feels more like a copy of a sniper. The Phaseshift and TRAP are the special that I was talking about. The Railjack is special, yes, but to a degree.
  11. That_One_Kane_Guy

    The ESSRs are unique in the sense that they offer capability that no other weapons offer. The TRAP is a direct competitor to Carbines and some Assault Rifles with its medium range damage and accuracy. The Phaseshift gives you huge medium range versatility and the ability to kill multiple people very quickly. The Railjack gives you better long range performance than any weapon in the game.

    The problem is that the first two focus on combat performance where combat is most prevalent, and their drawbacks aren't detrimental to the playstyle of the class they are used on. The Railjack falls flat because it is a contradiction of ideas and ends up being rather average since it's supposed strengths are only apparent at ranges where a tiny fraction of combat takes place, and to get those strengths it sacrifices performance at the ranges where your "regular" choices are just better, hence the 'copy' feel.

    Personally I'd like to see them drop the delay altogether, that by itself would make it stand out from its competition. Give it a magazine size of '1' and allow it to damage vehicles and MAXs like the Archer. Boom. Done. Put it on the test server a couple months and let people try it out.
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  12. Scroffel5

    Yes. Was that the point you were trying to make, because if it was, I agree. Except for the part about making the Railjack like the Archer. Then while the infils on VS or TR have their ESSR that is still pretty much a sniper (the TRAP being somewhat kind of like a sniper) the Infils on the NC side get a sniper that can do damage to vehicles and MAX's from range. IMO, the delay helps you to snipe when people start zig-zagging. If I don't get a headshot and I get a body shot, its easier to follow up with that delay, except for when they stand still and I immediately take a shot, then I miss because they react slower and faster (kinda confusing) than I do.

    While the TRAP and Phaseshift work better in close to mid range where combat typically is, the Railjack is better suited for long ranges. The Phaseshift particularly can go into long range, so its more versatile than the Railjack is, because the Railjack cannot go into close range and have as good results UNLESS YOU ARE A GOOD SNIPER, which is the problem. The Railjack rewards good SNIPING, not necessarily good SHOOTING. With the TRAP and Phaseshift, you still have a sniper, but a sniper that can do more. You are given a compensation when you miss, while with the Railjack, you have to hit your shots more often because of it being basically just another sniper. A cool sniper, but just a sniper.
  13. Scroffel5

    From what I heard, in the test server, the Railjack was supposed to have a pump action fire mode that was a 2 shot kill as its secondary firemode, but it was scrapped because the community whined about it for no good reason. They should bring a secondary fire-mode to the Railjack, otherwise it is just another sniper with the highest muzzle velocity in-game. If they don't want to give it a fire-mode, why not give it an attachment that is in the barrel or rail slot that gives it another mode, such as the newer Empire Specific guns have?

    I want the Railjack to be as special as the other ESSRs, not just a special gun to NC but just a special weapon. The other ESSRs help you even when you aren't a good sniper. The Trap-M1 (if you want to call it a sniper) has been buffed and is now distinct between the 3-round burst and 2-round and is versatile. The Phaseshift has infinite ammo and was also buffed in some way that I don't remember, but it has a Bolt Action bullet basically and a semi auto one, so that if you get into closer ranges or miss the head with the bolt action mode, you can compensate in close range. However, the Railjack is only useful as a sniper. When you get into other situations or closer ranges, it relies on you being a good sniper to take that enemy down or you switching to your sidearm.
  14. Scroffel5

    Also Devs, the Railjack has a glitch. If you shoot and immediately cloak, your bullet does 0 damage and it still says you have 4/4 shots in your mag. It's because of the delay. Can you fix that?

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