The proper way to hit BR 100

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phrygen, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Phrygen

    Found this during downtime
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  2. lesserbob
  3. Alizona

    Ok, this is gonna be painful to admit, but I'm a level 70 Vanu and I have no idea what this video is showing us. Can someone please explain? He leaves his scythe, shoots someone as he's falling to his death, then falls onto his scythe and re-enters it? Waaaat?

    Also... on a related note... if I play every day without any boosts or premium subscription, and I earn 100 certs every day, how many days months years before I reach level 100? I'm just about to reach level 71 as soon as this downtime is done.
  4. Jonesing25

  5. Astriania

    He hops out, noscopes a rocket into the mossie chasing him and gets the kill, then gets back in the scythe. It's awesome and an incredible way to hit BR100.
  6. Syrathin

    There are moments that occur in games where you just have to accept that you've hit a high point you're never going to hit again, I'm guessing this was that.
  7. Alizona

    Oh so he was on the ground then? Okay, that makes it easier to comprehend. Either my eyesight is poor (it is) or I didn't resize the youtube (I didn't) or I'm just clueless (most likely). LOL
  8. Astriania

    No no, he was in the air, you can hop out for a sec and get back in while in the air.
  9. Ronin Oni

    You know you can jump out and repair your ESF midflight too?

    Same trick. Put ESF into a roll and jump out while flying at the right angle and you get a couple seconds of flight alongside your ESF.

    I haven't gotten it down yet though :p Need to hit VR to get it down reliably but I never spend any time there :p
  10. Akeita

    It is possible, for once I bail my reaver and use the Piston to deny it
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  11. Brayton

    Reminds of the other day when I accidently jumped out of reaver, and arc'd it just right to somehow blow up an anchored down prowler.
  12. Alizona

    Like I said... it would be embarassing to admit I've played this game for 70 levels and still don't know basic things.

    This baffles me, every time I accidently eject from my scythe I die pretty quickly with no hint that I can reenter my plane somehow. :)

    Thanks for the tips on "rolling" to try this trick guys! I have read that I should be binding keys to the "roll" command but I haven't done that. Guess it's time to experiment.
  13. nooblet91698

    No, if you know FPS's, maybe you understand this move is called a rendezook. It involves jumping out of a jet, and rocketing another aircraft, then getting back inside your aircraft and fly away safely.
  14. nooblet91698

    It's because if you jump out, gravity pulls you down faster than your aircraft. That's why you have to roll your scythe in midair so you can jump out safely..
  15. NinjaTurtle

    Can you just imagine the ecstatic screaming and laughing that was going on behind the keyboard. I'd have died from lack of oxygen.

    Why do I get the feeling that when I eventually reach that rank it will be doing something really mundane like xp from a recon dart :eek:
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  16. nooblet91698

    Hey you took ToastFaceIsKing's video of his Br100 Joshino. It was featured on Planetside 2's Facebook page
  17. nooblet91698

    Well he won't really do that screaming. His YouTube channel has dozens of videos of rendezooks using every launcher in the game. He purposely avoided earning XP to capture this video of a rendezook.
  18. Brayton

    Or another time where I suicide charged my sundy into the side of a prowler, and got out just as it blew up and killed the prowler in the processor and took the A point of an putlier(sp?).
  19. Ronin Oni

    now that's just dirty
  20. YerMama

    That dude just won PS2.